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Glenmore Hotel is a leading industry in hospitality and events sector. It believes that policy of diverse recruitment of expert staff is a key factor of success. But managing a team within cross-cultural leads to give a challenging role for management of a company (Bhatia, 2014). This report identifies the communication skills which already present in Glenmore Hotel. Further it highlights factors which lead to communication background and process for improvement also.

Analysis Section 1

Heading: Analysis of Good Practice


·It highlights points which shows an evidence of good practices in Glenmore Hotel

MB Paragraph 1:

·Topic Sentence 1: Policy of diverse recruitment is key success of business.

·Evidence: Glenmore gives employment to people that belongs to different background for getting their support in success of business.

MB Paragraph 2:

·Topic Sentence 2: Listening is considered as vital skill for intercultural communication

·Evidence: Max always keeps a pen and paper for making notes about orders given by seniors.

MB Paragraph 3:

·Topic Sentence 3: Empathy is vital for good communication

·Evidence: Jed an event staff concerns of respecting each other rather and make discussion about different items in menu with Max.

MB Paragraph 4:

·Topic Sentence 4: Including workers in decision-making activities

·Evidence: Jed reflects understanding skills by giving importance to make discussion about menu to Max.

MB Paragraph 5:

·Topic Sentence 5: Ask questions on a certain topic for developing innovative solutions.

·Evidence: Jasmine has shown the importance of skills by expecting questions from Helen’s side on task activities.


·Key communication factors concerns on good practices within Glenmore Hotel where every member work in systematic manner.

Analysis Section 2

Heading: Causes of Communication Background


·It describes causes which impact on intercultural communications.

MB Paragraph 1:

·Topic Sentence 1: High hierarchy leads to less communication between upper and lower management

·Evidence: Jed has disputed with Max who assists to make decisions about menu without discussion with Chef.

MB Paragraph 2:

·Topic Sentence 2: Attitude towards staff impact intercultural communication

·Evidence: Viven has mentioned that sales staff play vital role in identifying and meeting needs of customers. They sometime get late to arrival in meeting due to which they face rude or inappropriate behaviour of seniors over there.

MB Paragraph 3:

·Topic Sentence 3: Prejudge and racism affects relationship among co-workers

·Evidence: Viven has stated that Chinese people don't like to take services from black people. Due to this factor, Jasmine proves better than Viven in giving better services to customers.

MB Paragraph 4:

·Topic Sentence 4: Power and authority which a few person have leads to create barriers in effective communications

·Evidence: Jed and Max have authority to give commands to staff members in performing their duties. They never include perceptions of employees in decision making and develop proper interaction with them as well.

MB Paragraph 5:

·Topic Sentence 5: Individual identity impacts directly on cross-cultural communication

·Evidence: Jed is high-dedicated person and concerns on meeting target. While Viven focuses on creating changes to meet requirement of customers.

MB Paragraph 6:

·Topic Sentence 6: Occurrence of miscommunication due to different background

·Evidence: Jasmine has given instruction to Helen about what to do but rather than proper interaction and starts work impact on outcomes in negative manner.

MB Paragraph 7:

·Topic Sentence 7: Gap between departments create barriers in interaction of staff members

·Evidence: Jed is a typical rude and works in events staff department, Max is a chef and need information about what daily menu description and Helen focuses on personal strengths rather than on others.


·Ineffective communication within staff members impacts directly on cross-cultural management.

Analysis Section 3

Heading: Managing Improvements


MB Paragraph 1:

·Topic Sentence 1: Develop policies to overcome from communication barrier

MB Paragraph 2:

·Topic Sentence 2: Organise learning classes, induction classes for employees to reduce language gap among them

MB Paragraph 3:

·Topic Sentence 3: Engage staff members in group related activities to reduce communication barriers

MB Paragraph 4:

·Topic Sentence 4: Organise conference meeting and conferences with staff members and seniors


·To overcome from barriers within intercultural communication, a company needs to organise training, taking feedback and develop effective policies.

Analysis Section 1

MB Paragraph 1

Glenmore Hotel concerns on giving recruitment to diverse culture of employees and considered it as a key factor of business success. Through support of people having different skills and knowledge, it can gain high competitive advantage in business.

MB Paragraph 2

Listening refers to one of the effective skills which aid employees to follow instruction given by seniors. An example of good listening practices within Glenmore Hotel in this regard, is taking notepad all time with itself by an employee (Max). Through this process, various things such as remembering works and completing each activity within given predetermined time can be achieved.

MB Paragraph 3

According to opinion of Jackson (2014), it has evaluated that there are various good practices of communication skills presented in this company for effective cross-culture management. It includes transparency in communication, clarity and concision while speaking, listening to other and taking notes to remind what have to be done etc. These aspects reflect team members like Jed have skills to give instruction and make discussion with each other on specific topic in systematic manner.

MB Paragraph 4

To make important decisions in company about how to provide better services to customers, it is essential to include other staff members in decision-making activities. Jed used to discuss with other team members like Max and Helen about selection of menu on each day shows effective and ethical considerations in communication practices (Chaudhri, 2016).

MB Paragraph 5

In order to get solution of various problems related to customer satisfaction and more, make discussion with team members help in getting effective solutions. Jasmine has adopted such skills to influence team members towards achievement of business goals. It shows that such workers are able to resolve conflicts which may occur during conversation and performing group-related activities.

Closing paragraph

Glenmore Hotel has a diverse culture at workplace which reflects various strengths and weaknesses. There are various good practices run in this company such as listening to others, clarity and concision when speaking, including workers in group discussion, taking notes and asking questions etc.

Analysis Section 2

MB Paragraph 1

There are various factors present within internal environment which cause communication breakdown among team-members. It includes high hierarchy between junior and senior employees at workplace. It has seen by the example where Jed has disputed with Max who told to make decisions about menu for conference lunch without discussion with Chef. This would create conflicts and employee resistivity, if they are not involving in decision-making procedure.

MB Paragraph 2

Wrong attitude and don’t concern other work before making judgement also lead to create issues within workplace. It is shown by the example where Viven has though due to late arrival in business meeting, team members of sales department face rude behaviour of seniors at workplace. Without determining the reason behind this, seniors like Helen behaves inappropriately because workers like Viven was busy in meeting demand of customers (Steele and Plenty, 2015).

MB Paragraph 3

Racism and behave people on the basis of certain characteristics like colour, caste, linguistics and more, also develop conflicts among workers and breakdown communication in them as well (Rucker and et. al., 2014). Through opinion of Viven it has analysed that Chinese refused to take services from staff members who have dark complexion. Due to this factor, morale and confidence of such people goes down which further impact on performances too. Viven thinks that because of fair complexion, Jasmine gets chance to get satisfied customers and gain a better position within workplace too.

MB Paragraph 4

Giving authority to some persons also create various issues at workplace. It has shown by example where Jed and Max have authority to give commands to staff members in performing their duties. They never include perceptions of employees in decision making and develop proper interaction with them as well.

MB Paragraph 5

Individual identity also refers to create issues in developing effective interactions among team members. This is shown by example where Jed is high-dedicated person and concerns on meeting target and Viven focuses on creating changes to meet requirement of customers.

MB Paragraph 6

Miscommunication among members of different departments also impact on outcomes of business. Jasmine feels that Jed and Helen both are typical rude members who just give instructions to staff members rather than to discuss about necessities. This would tend to adversely affect on their performance and brings morale down also.

MB Paragraph 7

Having different skills gap between workers for performing roles and responsibilities also consider as communication factor which breakdown interaction among team-members. Expectation of Jasmine to get answers back from Helen or proper discussion on a certain task highlights the importance of communication skill. But not getting outcomes as per expectation often develop miscommunication in members in such a situation.

Closing paragraph

Culture plays an important role in getting competitive advantage by a company. Therefore, Glenmore Hotel has established cross-culture environment at workplace by giving recruitment to people of different background. This would help in getting creative and innovative solutions for giving best services to its customers. But due to various factors like skill gap, miscommunication, individual identity and more, leads to communication breakdown.

Analysis of Section 3

MB Paragraph 1

Due to improper communication and language gap between workers, managers of Glenmore Hotel face various problems in developing collaboration among team-members. Therefore, to overcome from this situation, its managers need to develop effective policies which reduce communication barriers among them (Bargiela-Chiappini and Nickerson, 2014).

MB Paragraph 2

By organising learning sessions where workers can grab knowledge of different languages help in make them able to understand demand of customers and meet the same in effective manner. Along with this, by giving induction program to new recruiters aid them to get familiar with new working environment. This would also help members in adjusting themselves with others who belong to different culture.

MB Paragraph 3

By enrolling workers in group-related activities also aid managers of Glenmore Hotel in developing effective relationship in them. It also helps staff members in sharing their knowledge, opinion and experience with each other which reduce culture them among them as well.

MB Paragraph 4

By conducting general meetings and conferences to make discussion with staff members for further improvement in customer services, help in generating equality and diversity at workplace. This would also aid to get innovative and amazing solutions for resolving customer related issues within business.

Closing paragraph

In order to develop effective communication at workplace and manage relationship among workers, it is necessary for Glenmore Hotel to organise training sessions. Moreover, by conducting some business meetings with staff members, managers can take feedback about issues others are facing etc. This will help in reducing barriers in effective communication as well.


It has concluded from this business report that to develop diverse-culture at workplace, managers of Glenmore Hotel has given jobs to workers of different classes and racism. In order to assist them to work together, its managers have applied various good practices of communications within workplace. It includes notepad writing, discussion within team members about changes in menu, informing and giving instruction to other staff members in what manner they have to perform etc. This would showcase that all workers perform their responsibilities in systematic manner. But due to some internal factors like power of certain people, wrong attitude, miscommunication among team team-members and more, create various issues in cross-culture management.


In order to overcome from above mentioned issues, it is recommended to management of Glenmore Hotel to formulate effective strategies. They should provide appropriate learning classes to workers where they can understand different languages. This would help in reducing language gap among team-members which have developed due to cross-culture environment at workplace. Furthermore, seniors are also need to identify reasons behind not getting right attitude of workers or outcomes as per desired before making any judgement. It will give opportunity to maintain positivity and improving team’s communication as well.


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