HR director Communication Strategy of Hazlitt's Hotel

Organization Selected : Hazlitt's
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This assessment will cover certain questions which are like - 

  1. Analyze the principles and purposes the HR director
  2. Evaluate the growth and management of HR and its directors.
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Communication is a very essential element in hotel industry. It helps in performing the basic functions of management such as planning, organizing, leading and controlling. As hotel industry is also known as service industry. Hence, the services are provided by the employees of the hotel. Hence, it plays a very crucial role in providing services to the customers as well. This report will discuss about the principles and purpose of communication strategy which is constructed by the HR director of Hazlitt's Hotel, London.

The respective hotel is a townhouse hotel which is located in London,UK. It is a 4 floor building with the total number of 30 rooms (Bovee and Courtland, 2012). The report will also discuss various characteristics which are required by the employees in order to be a good listener. Additionally, various strength and weakness of in written, as well as oral communication of the HR director of Hazlitt's will also be discussed.

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Explain and analyse the principles and purposes the HR director would need to consider in a communication strategy.

A communication strategy of Hazlitt's is a document which includes the details of the respective company's objectives and methods which are adapted by the hotel organisation to  practice strategies. It also helps in targeting and communicating with the customers by deciding what needs to be shared with the public. There are various principles and purposes which needs to be considered by HR director of Hazlitt's hotel's while constructing a communication strategy. Principles of communication stretagy are mentioned below:

  • Understanding the audience- The first and the foremost principle of communication strategy is to understand who to communicate. Hence, the targeted audience are the employees of Hazlitt's hotel (Adler and Elmhorst, 2012). So, the informations and communication should be in such mode which suites their backgrounds, interest, roles and personalities. This will help in making communication stretegy more effectively.
  • Clarity- In order to make an effective communication strategy, it is important to have a clear message. As, the employees of  Hazlitt's are from different set of backgrounds, there are chances of language barriers or difficuilty in understanding the content. This is why, the repsective organiation should follow ethical writing formats and adapt other easy way of communication such as giving presentations and organising various meetings in order to guide the employees (Louhiala-Salminen and Kankaanranta, 2011).

The purposes of communication strategy are given below:

  • Share Information- The key purpose of making a communication strategy is to share information about various subjects that need to be communicated with the employees of  Hazlitt's hotel. Also, it helps in educating and providing adequate knowledge about various issues and concerns. Hence, the HR director of the respective hotel should consider adequate information that needs to be conveyed to the employees (Hooker, 2012).
  • Changing beliefs- Communication strategy also helps in changing the belief and perspective of various matters. Therefore, the strategy should include such message which can help the employees of Hazlitt's hotel make their own informed decisions in order to provide better better services to the customers of the respective hotel (Locker and Kienzler, 2013).

Explain the general characteristics that participants at meetings must have to be  good listener and speakers.

In order to be a good listeners and speakers in the meeting, the participants should have some characteristics. These are mentioned below:

Good Listener

  • Concentration- It is one of the most important characteristics of a good listener. Concentration helps to listen and understand the message more efficiently. If the participants get diverted in the meeting of Hazlitt's hotel, it is important for them to refocus in order to understand the message that is being conveyed by the speaker (Bhatia and Bremner, 2012).
  • Body Language- It is important for the participants to have a right body language, as it reflects the attentiveness and the level of interest the member is paying in the meeting. For example, a proper eye contact, sitting forward slightly are some of the examples of a right body language. Furthermore, it also helps in paying attention to the speaker in the respective meeting.
  • Active Listening- It is consist of paying full attention to the speaker and asking questions  about the doubts in order to have a better understanding about the topic or the message (Brink and Costigan, 2015). Hence, the participants of the meeting of Hazlitt's should listen actively to the understand and ask questions about the doubts for the clarity.

Good Speaker

  • Clarity- In order to be a good speaker, it is important to have a clarity of speech which can be understand by everyone. The speaker should speak loud and clear in order to make all the participants of the meeting from the different backgrounds understand the message (Strengths of oral and written communication, 2018).
  • To the point- The speaker should take take about the speech that is being delivered. It should be professional and to the point. The speech should not be irrelevant from the topic that needs to be covered.
  • Interesting- The speech that is been delivered by the speaker should be delivered in an interesting and pleasing manner. This can help in motivating the participants to pay attention in the meeting and understand the speech or the message that is been conveyed in a better manner. Hence, in order to make speech interesting various elements can be included in the speech such as quotations, examples, stories, etc.
  • Ensuring participation of Audience- In order to be a good speaker, it is important to ensure that the participants are showing proper involvement in the meeting. Hence, the speaker can ask back questions in order to assure the participations of the members in the meeting of the respective hotel organisation (Guang and Trotter, 2012).

Evaluate your own strength and weaknesses in terms of communicating, both orally and in writing, in a business context.

Oral and written are the two methods of communication. However, I have certain strength and weaknesses in both the communication tools.

Oral Communication Strength and Weaknesses

Oral communication is a method which requires expressing information while speaking. I believe that it is one of my strength as I can talk to anyone on personal basis.  According to me, the oral communication is convenient in many way. For example, it saves time as it is quick and requires less time. Additionally, it provides me opportunities to receive feedback and discussions in a very less time. I believe that it is the best method when there is not enough time. I also believe that I have a positive and professional body language which is one of my asset in oral communication and helps in reflecting my confidence.

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However, there are many weaknesses in my oral communications. The oral communication requires confidence which is my main concern. I am not comfortable in speaking in front of large group of people and speaking in front of the class. Also, I believe that it is not convenient for long messages. The oral communication requires adequate knowledge about the subject which I seem to lack at certain times. According to me, it does not provide any record of what has been said and can be wrongly interpreted afterwards. A lot of concentration is required which is not an easy task for me to maintain for a long time. This is because any type of distraction and interruption can interfere the follow of speech which is not appropriate.

Written Communication Strength and Weaknesses

Written communication is a very convenient method for me. I have a good writing skills which helps me in my written samples. As written communication needs not to be done in front of people, I feel it provides me more confidence to deliver my message more efficiently. The written information helps in maintaining records which can further help me in assessing my performance and improve my skills further. Also, it is a favourable method when more points needs to be delivered because it is easy to write a lengthy message instead of speaking in front of large group of people.

However, there are many issues that I face in my written communication. According to me, it takes more time to write and convey the message and there are many hurdles which can take place. For example, there is no instant rectification because of which I cannot figure out if the written data is going in the right direction or not.


From the above report, it can be analysed that communication should be maintained between all the members of the company in order to the quality of the services. Also, the participants in the meeting of the company should have all the qualities that are required to be a good listener and a good speaker. They should practice more to enhance their written and oral skills.


From the above report, it can be concluded that communication plays a very important role in an organisation. Specifically, the hotel industry is highly dependant on a well versed communication structure which helps them in attaining high level of profits and providing quality services. There are many principles that needs to be considered while making a communication strategy such as understanding the audience, clarity,etc. Additionally, there are many purposes of communication such as sharing the information, changing beliefs, etc. The report also helps in understanding various qualities of a good listener such as concentration, body language, paraphrasing, etc. Furthermore, the qualities of a good speaker are clarity, interesting content, and many more.

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