In present era, organizations operate in the competitive environment due to which it has become difficult for firms to sustain in the market for longer period of time and is leading to decline in their overall efficiency level. Further, various decisions have to be taken by the management which are linked with the overall development and growth of company in market (Leach, 2011). Decisions have to be taken by top authorities of firm at strategic, tactical and operational level. Moreover, without analysing the market conditions, it is not possible for enterprise to take appropriate decisions and in turn, it acts as the hurdle in accomplishment of desired goals and objectives. For carrying out the present study, organization chosen is WM Morrison which operates in retail sector and is well known in the market for range of products which it offers to its target market. The basic aim of present research is to understand the consumer behaviour and attitude of people in relation with food discount survey and through this, business enterprise can take effective decisions. Various tasks have been covered in the study which involves plan for the collection of primary and secondary data, survey methodology etc.


1.1 Plan for collection of primary and secondary information

In order to obtain effective decisions, it is necessary to collect the information from both primary and secondary sources so that organization can easily enhance its performance in the market. Main mission of organization is to make it “Different and better than ever”. Main stress of management is on enhancing the efficiency, capturing the growth and driving the top line. Therefore, by considering both primary and secondary data, it is possible for firm to know the perception of consumers about food discount retailing (Smit and Trigeorgis, 2011).

Plan for collection of primary information

For collection of primary information, technique of online survey has been considered and well structured questionnaire has been designed with the help of which attitude and overall preferences of customers can be known in Greater London regarding food discount retailing. Due to this basic reason, collection of primary information is considered to be more effective and in turn, leads to the accomplishment of desired goals and objectives (Jankowicz, 2004).

Plan for collection of secondary data

For acquiring secondary information, various books, journals and online articles have been referred. Further, specific information has been taken from annual report of WM Morrison with the help of which effective decisions can be taken easily.

1.2 Survey methodology and sampling frame used

Survey methodology

For conducting survey in an effective manner, customers of WM Morrison have been selected who are living in Greater London. Main aim behind carrying out survey is to determine the behaviour of consumers and preferences towards food retailing by WM Morrison (Day, 2005). Further, for conducting online survey, email id of customers has been obtained who are living in Greater London. So, with the help of this survey methodology, it is possible to obtain effective primary information and it can support in accomplishing the aim of research as well.

Sampling frame

Sampling frame is associated with the selection of sample size from which data has to be collected (Greasley, 2004). For acquiring information, technique of simple random has been adopted where every individual is having equal chance of being selected for providing the information regarding food retailing. Sample size of 40 customers has been selected who are above the age group of 18 and are regarded as adult. Therefore, by considering customers of WM Morrison as the sample, it is possible to collect accurate and up to date information and effective business decisions can be taken easily.

1.3 Questionnaire for the survey

  1. Name
  2. Age
  • 18 to 25
  • 25 to 35
  • 35 to 45
  • 45 and above
  1. Gender
  • Male
  • Female
  1. Working status
  • Employed
  • Student
  • Businessmen
  1. Do you prefer to buy products from discount retailing shops by WM Morrison?
  • Yes
  • No
  1. How much distance you have to travel daily for purchasing products from discount stores?
  • 1-3 Km
  • 3-6 Km
  • >7 Km
  1. What are the factors that attract you towards product range of discount retailing?
  • Affordable price
  • Discount and promotional schemes
  • High quality
  1. How frequently do you purchase food products from discount food retailers?
  • Once in a week
  • Thrice in week
  • Daily
  1. How much amount do you spent on commodities offered by food discount retailers on single purchase?
  • <£300
  • £300-400
  • £400-500
  • £500
  1. In your view, which firm has the best discounted food retailer in UK?
  • Aldi
  • Asda
  • MW Morrison
  • Lidl
  1. From which source do you receive information regarding products and services of discounted food retailer of WM Morrison?
  • Social media
  • Print media
  • Website
  1. Does any type of improvement is required in the discounted products of WM Morrison?
  • Yes
  • No


For collection of primary along with secondary data appropriate tools have been adopted. Primary information has been obtained from the well designed questionnaire and main stress is on knowing the preference along with attitude of target market regarding food discount retailing. Through this information it is possible to accomplish overall aim of the study. Further, secondary information has been collected with the help of books, journals and online articles which is also effective for the research. Survey methodology has been employed where survey has been carried out in the market of Greater London. Sample size of 40 customers has been selected who are above the age group of 18 and are regarded as adult. By selecting customers of MW Morrison it is possible to know overall perception of customers regarding food discount retailing. Further, each and every question in the questionnaire focuses on the aim of the study and respondents have been asked different questions so as to know whether customers prefer to purchase products from food discount retailing stores or not.


2.1 Information for decision making by summarizing information




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