Business Expansion Plan of Duque Papetiers Gros

Organization Selected : Duque Papetiers Gros
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This assessment will cover - 

  1. Give the effective practises with which the growth and the management is aligned.
  2. What are the ways to manage the growth and the functionality?
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Every business in present times wants to operate beyond its boundaries be it at national or international level. This is effectively done with expanding business and its operation in another region or country. For this a thorough analysis of the markets place of that region required to be understood for effectively establishing the expansion plan. In the present report expansion plan for Duque Papetiers Gros a small stationary is analyzed which is currently operating in France and wants to expand its business in Germany. Along with this wholesale stationer market of Germany and internal operation analysis is also carried out for the business. In last section of the report advise is pretense to Donald on how it can improve reposes from consumers for questionnaires sent to them.




a. Presenting a brief overview of Stationary market in German

Stationary market is experiencing a growth at internationals level and this fact can not be denied that Germany's stationary market is one of the major l;leader in the world. This can be stated with the fact that along in 2015 the market have seen increment in sales by more than 70%.  According to the association of German Stationery Brands the total turnover of Germany’s stationery industry grew by about 3.5% between 2014 and 2015. This is the result of increasing domestic demand which grew by 2.5% as well as demand from abroad increased by 5%.

The stationary product brand of Germany have a  good reputation around the globe and this makes it a potential place for investments and business expansion. With increase in expatiation and the compilation also increase and this make Germany's stationary market more developed and wanted around the globe. The turnovers are changing immensely within the stationery retailing market. Two out of Germany’s three major pharmacy chains have taken stationery in their assortment and continually expanding their range of stationery products.

The number of retailer in Germany alone is 5500 rather the number of  wholesaler in Germany is only 2200 (Kristoufek, 2014). The gab between these two market players in more than double the reason for decreases in number of wholesaler in stationary markets in Germany is increment in mergers and acquisition. One of the major factor which is preventing the strong growth of  stationary industry in Germany is low birth rate and its effect on the number of pupils and first  grades who are sent to school. The player in the German industry are requires it adjusts the demands in new markets on a constant basis and need to improve the quality of their products and services to cope with the changing business environment.  It is essential for them to overcomes the challenges and to stay in the industry for a longer time.


a. Analysis of per capita spending on drawing and writing material  in Germany


The above bar graph reflects the total annual per capita spending power of a various nations in terms of million Euros.

From the above bar graph it can be interpreted that Switzerland is the nation having the highest per capita  spending on drawing and writing material at 35.5 million euros, after this comes Germany with a 35.2 (Ye,, 2014). This is the country whee penitential expansion is planned for Duque in wholesales stationary market. France comes at 4th position with a per capita spending of 28.3 million euros.  This can be seen from the above bar graph that spending power per person in Switzerland and Germany do not have much gap and it can be anticipated that Germany can lead its way to 1st position in near future.  Slovenia is at 20.4 and Italy is at 18.6. this can be articulated that both theses nations are far ways in this competition and it will take a long time form them to come to the level of top competitors in per capita spending power of a nation. The facts has been determined that by choosing Germany as potential place for business expansion is a great idea as it is a leading country in the graph and also above the France.


a. Assessment of total sales


From the table of representing the total calculation it can be interpreted that sales revenue to Duque is mainly from  printer cartridges, general office supplies, low cost printers, office furniture, shredders, paper base supplied, writing and drawing materials. Theses are the main articles sold by the business organisation  (Koo and Li, 2016). The sales figures for years 2015 to 2017 amounts to 165000, 182,000 and 178000, This totaled to 525000.  With this it can be interpreted that sales incensed in 2016 by 17000 and in 2017 it reduced by 4000. The % increase and decrease for both years is calculated at 10.30 and 2.20% respectively.  The hike in sales figures was mainly in low cost printers and writing and drawing material in 2016. The fall in sales figures in 2017 was in  printed cartridges and general office supplies.  With this it can be articulated  that sales for Duque incensed in year 216 by 10.30 5 but fell down by 2.2% in next year.


a.  Determination of outcomes of Pros and cons

Decision regarding expansion on Germany and Belgium


Marks out of 10


Marks out of 10

Increment in number on consumers


Increase in requirement of staff and employees


Enhancements in contribution in GDP


Lesser focus on domestic production and distribution


Attraction of skilled and  potential  talents


Increased needs of working capital


Growth in international business and professional relation


Diversification of  management


Total marks obtained


Total marks obtained







With this it can be interpreted that the pros are higher than the cons means positives outcomes ate more than negative outcome and states the fact that expansion decision in Belgium and Germany can be carried forward with.

b. International standards Duque needs to comply with

The wholesales stationary business organization Duque, after expanding its business operation in Germany must follower theses following international standards in order to avoid legal processing and builds up a image in international stationary market:

ISO 45001 Occupational health and safety:

This standard is related with ensuring healthy and safety of the workers at workplaces in  business organization.  Pleasant and environmental friendly occupational workplace weather must be provided to employees.

ISO 31000 risk management:

Proper and effective measures must be applied in the organisation to determines the potential risk in business operation, with effective determination controlling techniques can be applied so that business to overcome or avoid a business risk.

ISO 9001 Quality management:

this standard Is mandatory to be followed by Duque in order to make sure that no harmful chemicals are used in production of any stationary products, the chemical which are used do effect health of people in short or long term in any way.

ISO 26000 - Social responsibility:

Every organisation be it domestic or international have a responsibility towards the society as it operates in it (Tao, Grand and Niu, 2017). Duque must ensure hat is have proper measures for recycling of the waste products and  used procure such products which are eco friendly and boi degradable that do nor harm environment in any case.

ISO 14000 family - Environmental management:

This standard provides practical tools for companies and organizations of all kinds looking to manage their environmental responsibilities. The other standards in the family focus on specific approaches such as audits, communications, labeling and life cycle analysis, as well as environmental challenges such as climate change.

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a. Calculation of monthly cost of  mortgage repayment



Amount in €

Period for repayment of mortgage

30 years


Amount of mortgage repayments

Total amount of mortgage

Total of discounting factor


Amount of month wise repayments

Amount of mortgage repayments/ 12

21215.85/12 = 1767.98


a. Calculation of  standard deviation

Null Hypothesis: (H0)

Between the mean value of expected and actual average order values, there is no statistical significant difference.

Alternative Hypothesis: (H1)

Between the mean value of expected and actual average order values, there is statistical significant difference.



Mean value of population


Average of all samples


Standard deviation


Z score assessment

(240-230)/ 43= 0.23


Basis for selection and rejection of the Hypothesis

When; p < 0.05 = Accept the alternative hypothesis as it is proved true.

When; p > 0.05 = Accept the null hypothesis as it is proved true.

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With the assessment of the data given it can be interpreted that for Z score value of P is determined as 0.23, this can be seen that this values is more than the standard limit of 0.05. With this it can be stated that here, null hypothesis is proved true and same is accepted, the fat is articulated that there is a significant difference between mean and actual average order values and both are moving in same direction.


a) Recommendation to Duque  on ways to improvises the responses as feedback from consumer

The questioner is sent to consumer through email on their personal mail is in month of December. This in not long time frame still a period of 31 days is a long duration which can result in wastage of times and resources (International Organization for Standardization, 2018). For this recommendation is made to make survey in three parts which will be bifurcated as pre, during and post services. In pre survey the expectation of consumer asked are services are provides to them the way they want.  When service are being provided by the business, a survey will be taking on how they find the services and what are the improvement and suggestions they recommend. Business will try to solve the quarries and implement suggestion in a time frame of 24 hours. A post service survey will also be taken in order to determine the responses of consumer oh how they like the services and products samples and to extent they like improvements in the quality of services and products of business.

b) Analysis of variables for consumer services, quality and prices, sales and staff and price value


From the above analysis of 4 different variables it can be stated that the highest mean vales is given by sales and staff which stats the fact the consumers are satisfies with sales services given to them. The lowest values is for price paid by consumers for products purchased. This reflects the fact that consumer are not satisfied with the prices charged for goods and articles of Duque (correlation Coefficient, 2018). There is an average response for consumer service and quality of product is  good for the prices of the products the reposed is not good. The standard deviation value is highest for sales staff and it is lowest for quality of the products. This means the quality of services is good but services are devastating form actual performance. The mode value is same at 4 for customer services and sales staff.


With completion of the above report on analysis of various data for Donald Duque and his business, it can be concluded that Duque Papetiers Gros can carry on with the expansion idea in Germany as the stationary market in Germany is flourishing day by day. At present the wholesale stationary market has been determined in a good operating and profitable condition.  The per capita spending on drawing\writing material by Germany stood on second position leading by Switzerland. With filling in table with pros and cons for determination of expansion of business in Germany and Belgium results have arrived to be positive. Suggestions have been made to Donald as slight diversification in chosen audience and Chanel of distribution of questioners the responses from public can be increased.

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