Business environment includes various influencing factors such as internal and external factors which may affect the business operation of an organisation irrespective of the matter whether private, public or voluntary. Internal factors includes employee's behaviour, technological capacity, poor management etc. which affects a lot to the business activities performed by different departments. On the other hand, external factors includes political conditions, economical situations, legal factors etc. which also affects huge to the sustainability and profitability of company. In order to deal with such factors, the management are wholly liable to make an effective decisions and plans so as to drive organisation towards growth and success (Bovee,  Thill and Raina, 2016). Nestle is a swizz company which deals in offering beverage and food products in wide variety is selected for the purpose of preparing this report. The project includes different types of organisation with their aims, size, scope and purposes. Impact of micro and macro environment on the business operation are also covered under this report. The project also summarises the PESTLE analysis along with their strengths and weaknesses.

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Interrelation between different organisational departments and their linkage with organisational objectives

There are different organisational department which are responsible to achieve desired goals and objectives through performing different business functions. With the support from such departments, an organisation can easily achieve growth and success within limited period of time. Such departments of Nestle includes marketing, production, human resource, operation etc. which perform according to the rules and standards formulated by management of Nestle. Therefore, the management also play an important role in growth and achieving competitive advantage. Through conducting research within an organisation, the managers of different departments are able to recognise the problems or issues which are faced by their employees so as to resolve them on time in order to provide them motivation and confidence to perform in right direction (KazCham, 2014).

Interrelation between functions of departments of Nestle:

Human resource department: This is main department of an organisation which plays an important role in achieving skilled and knowledgeable workforce through which maximum result will be achieved. Such department is liable to recruit new candidates as well as existing employees for the vacant job position. HR manager is responsible to make their workforce more strong and knowledgeable through providing training and development programs, performance appraisal, compensation etc.. It will help in bringing motivation and confidence thus the chances of achieving better result will be more. It always guaranteed that effective workforce ensures an organisation to achieve desired goals and objectives within pre-determined period of time.

Marketing department: This is the department which is held responsible to market their products and services in favour so as to achieve huge customer strengths. As Nestle produces quality food products in different range thus it is essential to communicate with customers regarding providing information about quality, price etc. of the products. This can be done through TV, newspapers, social media etc. which are important marketing tools in order to influence and attract large number of customers (Kolk, 2016).

Finance department: This is the department which is wholly liable to raise funds from different sources and after which allocate them to different areas of business after analysing the outcomes received in near future. As funds are needed by every organisation to execute business activities in an effective and efficient manner. Therefore, without getting support of such department, an organisation cannot able to meet customer needs and requirements thus may failed to achieve desired goals and objectives.

Production department: This is one of the important department which are liable to produce quality products through minimising wastage in production process.  Nestle offers quality food products which help in gaining trust and loyalty of customers among company's products thus it is important to manufacture standard quality of products at required quantity in order to meet market needs and demands. This will help in attaining stable position in competitive market for longer perio


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