In today's world information system is used to collect all sorts of information that is required in an organisation to communicate it to others. It is an organised system which tells the various uses of the collected data and developing information from this data. This information is further used to produce results and to find out the answers to the required questions. It simply gives solutions to the ongoing problems that are happening currently. Information system is a group of components which interact with each other to produce relevant information. It is a system which are made up of people and computers which continuously work together to become a system which in the end produces result. It helps is decision making to find out the most appropriate solution to the given problem. It is the information and communication technology which can be used extensively to produce information. It supports the business processes and use it to overcome various reforms. It produces the relevant products and services which can be used by the companies. These are required now and then to produce the required results. It includes various components like software,hardware,data generation, various people who process this data, and a whole process. For a company the only way to find the solutions to a problem is by the information that is provided to the company. Without knowing the problems respective solutions can't be found out. It is seen that the information and data changes with time and respectively the ways to generate the information also changes.

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Task 1

1.1 There are various components that are related to the information system.

These are used to produce relevant information and these include

1. Hardware– It directly refers to the machines and various parts which are used to produce information. It includes the computer itself which is having various parts like CPU that is central processing unit,monitor,mouse etc. The CPU is everything and it manages all sorts of information which is required to bring out solutions. The hardware components also includes various input and output devices,storage systems,communication devices etc.(Olszak, C.M. and Ziemba, E., 2012)

2. Software– It refers to the computer programs which are used to generate useful information by giving proper instructions using the circuits within the hardware and make them work accordingly.

3. Data– These are the facts that are used to produce information. These are stored in the tapes or storage systems.

4. Procedures– It refers to the policies which govern the operation related to the computer system. Procedure are in simple language are related to people like software is related to hardware.

5. People– Any system,organisation needs people which are the main back bone. It is the most useful and successful element of the product. It influences the success or failure of any organisation because the quality of the employees of an organisation determines the output that the organisation will generate.(Olszak, C.M. and Ziemba,


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