Level 3 HND BTECH Business Operation


In today's world the importance of Business Environment is there as because it involves the study of external and internal aspect which has an great affect on the organization productivity and performance both. Although, various company is such which relate to emerging in the marketplace by having an some motives like various firms has an motive of earning money in great way too (Shenkar, Luo and Chi, 2014). Hotel Hillside is such which is having an number of association in service industry and has various branches in many countries and working in international boundaries.

Therefore, Report is such which lead to highlight the various business in somewhere having an emerging in global market with their way of running their business entity that has an different element such as: balance sheet, profit and loss account with hence forth. Roles of HR team and other has member which develop in an organization that has an outline in this project in great manner.

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Task 1

1.1 Different types of public and private organization in UK.

UK is a country who is having various companies in which objectives are there that is having an difference in between each other and also having an different aspects as well. Private industry is that which emerge out in market with proper facility for the entire public without having an discrimination in society (Storey, 2016). Moreover there are some public associations which is described below as:

  • British petroleum.
  • Burberry group Plc
  • Rolls Royce

Basically, these are those company which is busy in offering the best quality in public association which do fulfil requirement in effective manner. Moreover. In contrary to this, various private firm is there who emerge in marketplace for gaining great maximum profit for bringing satisfaction in customer needed things. Generally, few of those are as:

  • River Island
  • Merlin Entertainment
  • 2 Sisters food group

Hence, various private and public sector companies are those which identified different thing in market place which has an purposes that has an reason establishment which has different size, scope and structure in great way.

1.2 Different Structure in business and reason for several variation.

Public and private company are considered as having difference in between their structure which is somewhere having differ in the several aspect and somehow the customer oriented enterprise is controlled governing bodies in great manner even though profitable association is such which is run by the single member in great way (Ward, J., 2016).

Difference in between the various organization on basis of structure as:

Private organization: This firm is such which is classified in various sections and they are as:

  • Director: Private firm has one director and he/she is the person who is liable for managing all the day to day operation in great way.
  • Company secretary: They are those who are liable for the administrative matters and these person has liability to act on behalf of director. Apart from this they also do maintain the official books, register and so on.
  • Shareholder: Entity is also having an number of shareholder which has, investor, employees and also supplies so on.
  • Registered office: Firm is such which need to have a different office that address various thing within the borders of England and Wales.

Illustration 1: Organizational structure
(Source: Organizational structure, 2018)

Public sector: Even though, business entity are those that already company that will fall under the category which is being controlled and may be run by governing bodies that has liability of different members which are limited (Dunning, 2014). Moreover, minimum worth is something that share the around £55,000 that is being issued for having before the registration process as PLC.

Illustration 2: Surbhi
(Source: Surbhi, 2015)

The above structure is such which state that and also help in understanding that both the organization are somewhere distinct in various ways and has private companies which are also controlled by individual that are regulated with governing bodies.

1.3 Impact of local and global environment on selected business.

Different norms and protocols are those which has an major impact on the organization as because it is somewhere considered as the important for the firm entity that needs to have terms and condition in great way which does design different thing in between enterprise strategies (Doppelt, 2017). Generally, external and internal environment is having an effective influence on Hillside Hotel as because they also involve expansion in current business in various numerous regions too for gaining the maximum benefit for having an satisfaction in consumer needs. Moreover, global economic environment is that which affect the Hillside Hotel which change the currency rate and also have profit level too.

Task 2

2.1 Importance of accounting in business success.

Management accounting is such which is considered as impact on the company performance as because fund is such that is vital for the every corporate industry and with business operation which help in gaining the use of various fund too. Moreover, in fact there are number of facts that are identified that normally accounting is highly mandatory is there for the business success that describe:

  • Control loss: Expenses and expenditure are those which are recorded by finance department that also help in handling and managing the different fund with appropriate way that is being resulted in regulating the extra loss too.
  • Prepare budget: According to this elements, various company is such which also focus on designing effective balance sheet and to have an plan with overcome to possibilities of having losses too.

2.2 Functions of HR department in business.

HR department of enterprise are such who is playing an important role in gaining the sales performance that recruit and appoint employees in order to fill the different position of association (Palattella and et. al., 2016). Normally, trying to work hard and managing the business activity which does help in organising the several entertainment programmes which do refresh the different minds of employees. Even though, some of the things are considered as the essential functions of HR team which do describe as:

  • Salary management staff.
  • Also responsible for calling up for the different programmes or sessions in which order to gain the performance of the staff member.
  • Thus, it also design the several motivational programmes.

2.3 Key features of employment legislation.

Legal bodies are those who do play an important role which do prevent employees from exploitive activities and also protect different individuals from having misuse. In fact, employment laws is such which do play an major role in improving different performance of organization ans it also help in having an effective plans and policies for success staff.

  • Minimum wage act: It means, each and every member is having an minimum wages of workers which do follow different thing which fulfil basic needs and having an demand with appropriate way.
  • Health and safety: It is such which is vital for having an employees that has best services to have their orders in right prospect from different actions.

Task 3

3.1 Interpret information and data with profit and loss.

Profit and loss account is such which include financial statement of firm, although it also state firm's revenue and also earn income and involve different expenses which is looking forward to spend in business. The hillside Hotel is something who is growing their business in great way, whatever it is having an investing which also earn a good income in terms of expanses as well (Adjei and et. al., 2014). Generally in the year, 2017, it is needed to increase the business approximate 37 percent from having an prior result of year 2016. It is somewhere calculated in quarter or having an generally on fiscal year as well. Even though they have gained profit in 2017 as it also compare the previous year. It is such which invest in around 28000 hotel, which can have more then the 4,60,000 almost and it is somewhere which has offered the profit.

Task 4

4.1 Roles and other people in team.

As a leader, leader is such which direct their subordinate that what they have to do to attain the task. Moreover, if the company is having an issues then it should help them to reduce the obstacles in great way. Normally, leader is such which has competency that has to spend even different situation with the problems solving approaches in great manner as because they also need to personality that has to be followed by the other, team is such which lead to manage the work accordingly and also motivate colleagues which complete whole work within the specified time. Leader, is having several capabilities which motivate and also divide the work in team and also follow to finish the working in within time given. Normally, specific role in which team is having an manager of team, which they guided in with management and they have to guide the team in better manner which does manage the big tasks in various separate task in right context too.

4.2 Different thing which support the future training events.

There are various supporting theories for the future events that follows:

Describe stages of team development: There are various stages for the development, namely, storming and performing (Omar, Leach and March, 2014). Forming is such which refer to the members and also start the interaction regarding to work, storming means which put the questions through which assertion to implement in decision making in better manner. Define is such which also group the ideas from the team and also perform measured as confidence of the member of team and also adjourning mean group which will be dissolved completion of task.

  • Assess motivation theories: There are motivational theories which are putting of effort and also analyse the performance and also reward employees.
  • Different types of leadership style: There are various type of leadership as autocracy, who tells different and team what to do and how to do which shows some of the confidence in them. Normally, participative leadership is such which also promote the team members which also involve the decision making.

Task 5

5.1 Impact of customer service on business.

Customer services are that which does show the technique which does help the company for offering best facilities to distinct clients. Moreover, users are those who involve the important aspect for having an each business activity that has either small and large which products are finally which is consumed in better manner. However, is an enterprise is such which gets succeed in having provide services which desire with consumers, that is automatically gain the relation in between the firms and final one too (Gassmann, Frankenberger and Csik, 2014). Beside this, one thing is there which look forward to determine that Hillside hotel is such which do adopt the numerous strategy which does help in getting attention of millions of client and it also assist in maximizing firm sales as well profit too.

Normally, it also influence goodwill of company as because the modern technique is such which offer the services and also use attaining set objectives and target too which does satisfy the needs as soon as possible according to needs and demand.

5.2 Benefits of customer profiling to business.

Customer is such which is highly beneficial firm that has success in having number of ways that describe as:

  • Communication: It is involved as effective thing that is being determined in with company which does easily create the positive interaction with known consumers as compared regarding to other which gets succeed in having understanding too with their choice and preferences (Bernstein, 2015).
  • Minimize competition: Gathering information related to the client in organization which can easily go with string connection with different user which somewhere resulted into the competition level at the marketplace as well.


From above report, it can be summarized as which operate the business activity and it is not an easy task which does require better functioning, plans and strategy and it also control different chances of mistakes too. Moreover, several factor are there which needs to be considered as by organization which will run firm in an appropriate manner. In fact, Hillside Hotel is such which adopt the various norms and procedure which is used to enhance the performance. Along with this, highlight is having an various factor which is consider by an enterprise which do overcome the business problems which lead to attain the set objectives.


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