Health Care Promotion Program

Introduction to Health Care Promotion Program

The Health care promotion is strengthening the individual behaviour in order to live a healthy life and support from the social, economical, physical environment to develop healthy environment. The people who are educated about the health issues and its prevention are involved in utilization of insecticide treated net in home and built latrines in home. This helps in cleanliness of the society and also better healthy environment (Lewis, 2015). The Beyoundblue is promoting the health care system and also helping the transsexual, lesbian etc. to improve their mental health. This essay studies about the issues related to the mental health and health care promotional programmes.

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Evaluation of Beyondblue as a Health Promotion Program

Health Promotional Principles

The health care promotion is spreading awareness about the issues related to the health and how to prevent these health problem. The first health promotional conference was held in Ottawa, 1986. This conference launched its principles of the health promotion programme in Ottawa charter. This conference was more focused about defining the different determinants of health issues and how to resolve them at local, national and international level. This emphasis on the biomedical approach of dealing health related problems.

The various principles followed in the Ottawa charter of the health care programme are as follows

Build Health Public Policy

The promotional health programme is not only the responsibility of health care sector. Its boundaries goes beyond to a particular sector. This includes formulation of new policies in relation to increasing awareness about health issues of public. This focuses on the policy makers strategies in all different sectors to promote healthy environmental in the country (Eldredge, and, 2016). The policy motivates to development of health strategies in non-health sector. This results in involvement of all sectors in generating good healthy environment. These policies combines with the Legislation, fiscal measures, taxation. This health programme identifies the obstacles faced by the non-health sector in accepting health public policies.

Create supportive Environments

The health promotional programme develop a motivating environment that emphasis on the better healthy of the community and the people of countyr6y. These focuses on providing guidelines to the local, national and international communities to take care of societies, protect natural environment. The people preferences are changing with the time like work and leisure preferences, various food habits impact of the health of individual. So the external environment should provide awareness about the various products and practices to bring health environment in the organisation.

Strengthen Community Actions

This focuses on the building a strong community action that enhance the effects of the promotional programme in health sector and societies. The promotional programmes focusses on the empowerment of the communities to make their own decisions and stand independently in the society to make important decision and strategies related to the health problems to resolve these issues effectively (Bauman and Nutbeam, 2013). This helps in implementation of the healthy habits in the members of the different communities. The communities are able to reduce their waste, natural resources available in the society.

Develop Personal Skills

These focuses on developing human nature, behaviour according to the need of the healthy environment establishment in the country. This involves development of personal behaviour and skills in relation to managing own good health by practising different ways to mange health effectively. This includes education of health and developing various healthy habits in daily routine. Theses habits helps in resolving future health problems like chronic disease, injuries, mental health issues.

Reorient Health Services

It involves the reorientation of the roles of various sectors in developing health related strategies in all sectors. This involves integration of different sectors with the health sector in order to achieve better healthy environment (3 million Australians are living with anxiety or depression. 2016). The promotional scheme reorient the healthy services and engaged in developing various promotional plans top spread awareness and providing clinical suggestions to the issues related to health and better life. The health services are not only constrained to the physical health it involves emotional, mental and spiritual health of individual as well to live stress free life and motivates healthy environment in the country.

Moving into the Future

With helps oh the promotional health programme individual can [plan for better healthy future and ideas free life. This involve various plans developed by the promotional activities to enhance the awareness and methods to resolve problems related to the health that may occur in future. This involves moving to the future with overall development of all sectors and communities in order to bring healthy changes in the personal behaviour and routine life moving to healthy future.

The Primary Health Care Principles

According the WHO declaration Alma-Ata the primary health care is the basic and core policies of the organisation. This defines basic principal to enhance the health of individual and communities. This involves promotion of health programme and development of var8ious strategies to enhance healthy habits in individual; practices. In developing and developed countries the government and different private health care organisation are focusses ion providing basic and primary health care services to reduce the cost incurred in future chronic illness and providing a better healthy future to society (Korda and Itani, 2013).

The various principles of the primary health care that defines the different methods to basic health issues of the society are as follows


The accessibility defines the services that can be easily utilised by the individual in need. The primary health care services should be easily accessible by the person in need. These services should be available to all the citizens of the country irrespective of their caste, religion, age sex. The person should not be discriminated on the basis of their gender or age in utilisation of the basic and primary health care services. The government provides equal chances to utilise these basic facilities related to needs of family, community and irrespective of their capabilities to pay.

Appropriate Technology

The principles related to basic health care services should make use of new technological advancement according to the needs of person in the society (Garcia-Dominic, and, 2010). The technological implementation should be affordable, feasible and acceptable in the community.

Increased Emphasis on Health Promotion

According to the Ottwa charter the health of the person is related to shelter, education, food, income, resources, social justice etc. The increased emphasis on the promotional activities helps in development of better socio-economic conditions to bring healthy habits in daily routine life.

Inter Sectorial Collaboration

The basic health care services are not only related to the health care bodies. This involves collaboration of the government, international health care agencies and other private businesses to implement health related policies and enhance the healthy life of individual.

Public Participation

This helps in recognising the health issues at root level and resolve the problems related to the health of individual with participation of local communities, public to bring healthy life in society.

The Beyoundblue is continuously engaged ion development of various promotional activities in order to spread awareness about the discrimination, its ill effects on mental health and the ideas to resolve the problems. The Beyoundblue is involved in addressing various types of mental health issues in the countries. This is working of the people who are seeking for help and victims of the violence and abuse in the society. This is involved in resolving health issues like anxiety, depression, stress of victims like lesbian, gay, stigma mark, bisexual, transsexual, People There strategies are helpful in resolving local and regional socio-economical discrimination of pole at grass root level and helps in providing better health to individual (Secginli and Nahcivan, 2011). This works for the national priorities as well as to decreases the suicide rate of the indigenous and stigma mark of the society and community. The Beyondblue activities implement on the basis of promotional principles defined in Ottawa charter. These are involved in various types of activities to promote the community empowerment and personal skills in order to resolve health issues like depression and anxiety of the victim of violence and discrimination in society.

The inequality in health of the indigenous and non-indigenous people of society are the major issue in Australia. The Aboriginal and Torres strait Islander Citizens are facing discrimination in the society. Due to determination the people are highly demotivated, more level of anxiety and increased depression level that affects the mental health of the individual. The Beyoundblue is engaged in various health care promotional activities to help the indigenous and stigma people of the country. The Australia is facing large no. of mental health issue to their history development and development of indigenous people in the community. Along with the government bodies, local communities the Beyoundblue is engaged in providing support to these discriminated group of people of the society for their future better health.

The mental health of the individual is affected by the various aspects of external environment. The mental health is influenced by the social culture. The society discriminate the people according t the stigma mark i.e. the people are rejected by the society on the basis of their behaviour and nature. This results in anxiety and depression of the person (Neiger, and, 2012). The socio-economic conditions like opportunity restricted for a particular group, restriction in educational opportunity etc. leads to mental issues of health in person. The beyoudblue is continuously working for these stigma people in order to provide them healthy environment. The discrimination of stigma mark people on the basis of socio-economic condition results in loneliness, exposure to violence, higher stress and anxiety and depression. This increases the suicide rate in communities in the country (Byrne and, 2011). To prevent this Beyoundblue is providing clinical help to people and carrying out various health care program in order to deal with this problem by spreading awareness in societies.


This can be concluded from this study that the accessibility to the primary services of the health care services is very important in order to achieve a better healthy life of individual. This helps in reducing suicide rate of discriminated, indigenous citizens and stigma marks of the society. The Beyoundblue is continuously providing clinical helps of these victimised people of the society.


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