Study of UK Business Law for Business Future Ltd.

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Organization Selected : Business Future Ltd.


Business law is something called mercantile law or commercial law and refers to the laws that govern the dealings between people and commercial matters. Basically, it has two types of different business law areas. Regulations of commercial entities through laws of partnership and second one is regulations of the commercial transactions that is rise through laws of contracts. Present study will be based on UK business laws. Under which several things going to be taken consideration. For that, Business Future Ltd. will be taken into action. It is the business consultant firm which is part funded by the government. BF provides advice on a number of matters to newly startup business. Study covers the nature of English legal system. Company needs to take the brief knowledge of terminology, key areas, and sources of law. They need to particularly understand how to track a bill going through parliament so they in a position to advise to clients of potential changes in business environment. Further, it will also explain the country pin requirement further into the action this also makes the nature and taking new advancing nature that helps to protect the nature of things.


P1 Explain the nature of English legal system and different sources of law that the organizations need to comply with.

English Legal system is the law of England and Wales Primarily comes from two sources. Parliament plays a crucial role in the relation of making new legislation and law of conduct. Without the permission of parliament no bill has been passed by the House of Commons and the House of Lords and receives the royal assent (English legal system-an overview, 2017). Equally, all the cases were by the court which interpret acts of parliament or develop the common law was the most important source of law. Besides, moreover, moreover, it brings new challenging and well effective growth in order to keep the generating better task oriented. Morality may underpin laws for example the law of contract may be seen as based upon the moral principle.

On 1 October 2009 the house of lord that is replaced by Supreme Court of the United Kingdom. Moreover, the thing is that to control the most enlarging performance making task oriented. This English legal system generally divides into two manner civil law and criminal law. Under which civil law deals with the human rights and take corrective action plans for them. Besides, criminal law is concerned about or establishing social order and defending the community as a whole.

Country Pine needs to carry out all essential needs of business laws and effective system in order to protect the better safety environment. In spite of that, there are four sources of law that helps businesses to introduce new services or growth (Adams, 2018). Overall, it also helps to control the better objective and growth. There are some essentials legal systems and growth. Such as executives power, legislative power and judicial power. Overall, it brings very much grateful and long lasting nature

Legislature: It is the first source of law that further divides into two legislation primary and secondary legislation. This source of law also known as statutes. In spite of that, secondary law of legislation is about delegated legislation. This modification and challenging behavior is all about the nature of growth. That helps to give the better objective and growth. Codification includes better environment growth. Overall, this might be belongs from the better sources in according to nature of growth.

Act of Parliament law: it is the source of law that has been provides different sources of law through which company might get safe and secure from uncertain activities. Government aims to focus on safety of peoples. For that, they are responsible to creating new and secure law for people or for new business men.

EU Law: Basically, EU is the source of creating law with the aim of generating new law based system. EU is generally based on three treaties (Ball, 2015). European coal and steel and treaties of Rome. They take care of the directives, regulations, and decision making approach.

P2 Explaining the role of government in law making process.

Government plays a crucial role in making laws and legislation on the basis of country requirements. It makes the role challenging part for the government bodies to analyses the current issues and challenges facing by the people. It is very much necessary to understand the different policy and laws. It brings new challenging factor for making new legislation and growth. Overall, it brings new better challenges and growth. There is a set of structure that has been followed by the government or parliament as well as different bodies of structural sources.

Overall, government and parliament adopts set of structure while making new policy and laws before considering better approachable growth manner. Overall, it takes time to go through from different sources. For explaining the government law in making process, it is important to analyze the steps they adopt for making laws.

Step 1: Government and parliament are analyzed the best effective process and best effective growth (Allen and Kraakman, 2016). These are more likely to take some time to get over from the activities that helps to make the approachable task oriented process.

Step 2: Executive Ministry draws up policy on an issue.

In next further step under which government or parliament convert decision into another source of channel. Besides, it is the roles and responsibility of executive branch of government to develop new policies and laws. This makes the proper changing and regulation bodies that helps to take the better effective changes.

Step 3: Finalizing a policy

In the next process under which policies and bills will go to be finalizing with the help of department and ministry (Muhoza and Adams, 2017). It gives help to take the better step and fast approaching growth. Parliament and government are necessary and productive growth channel in order to meet the needs of the organization.

Step 4: Passing the law

Passing the law is the last process that helps to introduce in the market. Besides, it also helps to bring new growth making charges and better target oriented process.

Draft bill goes to the relevant cabinet committee for approval. Without the approval from cabinet minister approval will not release to the public comment. This also helps to take the corrective action plan in order to introduce new sources and law (Beatty, Samuelson and Abril, 2018). Besides, before generating a new business company requires to take all following steps and adopt legislation in order to meet the needs of government objectives.


P3 How employment law and contract law have a potential impact on business.

Employment law and contract law is the two main essential element in the business law. That gives negative and as well as positive impact on the business activities (Kubasek and, 2015). This also generate uncertain circumstances while having business activities. Country Pine needs to adopt all required contract and employment law and legislation in order to take care the business growth and profit revenue system. Employment law is relates the relationship between employee and employer. In spite of that, contract law might give effect to the agreements clauses. Both the law is the commonly using by the daily business functions. It is necessary for the businesses to adopt all laws in order to protect the business from government negative challenges.

Employment law includes discrimination, fair pay, employee privacy and safety in the workplace (Bird, Cahoy and Prenkert, 2014). All these laws and regulations are should carry out by the business in order to sustain positive environment growth. Besides, contract law is another process or effective dealing growth in terms of making good output returns. Moreover, it helps to bring new opportunity for the business to make good image in front of their employees and stakeholders.

There are so many factors through company get affected through contract and employment law. Employment law designed to protect the interest of employees and workers working in the organizations. It is essential for the businesses to take care about the all required organization in order to present the best effective it helps to bring new approaches and best effective approach that helps to make better effective training approach. The Best approachable task oriented performance level (Halliday and Shaffer, 2015). Overall, it makes the process and best dealing material and better output level of outcomes. There are given some factors that that affect business activity.

  • Employment and contract law affect the relationship between employer and employees. It is necessary for the employer top take care the needs of the employees in order to keep the safe and working envelopment. Besides, employer also needs to apply new employment policies and laws.
  • Changes in laws employment act change the business policies too through company image.
  • Contract law also might get affect business activities, this may give harm to better effectiveness and fast growing performance (Blount and Nunley, 2015). Effectiveness of making good behavior and relation with all stakeholders gives good business further. Besides, if company breaks the chance and effective nature of growth might be given negative impact on the business contract.


P4 Suggest appropriate solutions for a range of business problems.

Business future is the business consulting firm that aim to focus to provide business suggestions and advice to the newly startup jobs. Moreover, it helps to suggest the business activities and growth. It also helps to accomplish the long lasting performance level. Business also has providing alternative busies solutions in order to solve the business solution level. In order to raise the capital for its business expansion. It also requires going through from different solutions techniques in order to meet the needs of the organization goals and objectives. With the help of business solution techniques Country Pine will make better decision making approach or target market plans. Overall, it brings new better changes level of work and task. All over it gives better targeting goals and techniques in order to target the best approachable task making performance (Bulchandani, 2017). There are different legal solution through company make their solutions on the behalf of third person such as Mediation, Negotiation, Litigation, and Arbitration. These methods help to reduce time or money cost.

Negotiation : Negotiation is the first solution making task that helps to recover the business problems and make them happy and influencing. The main purpose of the negotiation is that, two parties will mutually compensate with each other’s by exchanging the price and strategies. That helps to make the most prominent and enlarging performance level.

Mediation: it is another alternative business solution that helps two parties to resolve their issues and making good task oriented job. Moreover, it also helps to bring new better changes and growth. In which company appoint another third party to resolve the issues between for two distributes parties (Gallagher and, 2008). Overall, it makes the process easier and effective better effective and challenging files. Overall, it brings new better changes and environmental factors.

Arbitration: Arbitration is another fact of matter of fact. Basically, it helps to recover the more challenging and better effective growth. It is the best effective growth and challenging growth. Moreover, it brings new challenging behavior and challenges performance level.

P5 Provide justification for the use of appropriate legal solutions.

In order to build the make better changes and effective growth making challenges and best approachable task oriented goods (Butcher, Epps and Cleaveland, 2015). With the help of given legal solutions above it has been cleared out that, it brings better effective challenging growth and challenging growth. Arbitration is the best approachable task making performance and best method. It also helps to make the best approachable task oriented process of making good things. CP helps to get the best approachable task oriented goals and making good task oriented performance. Besides, it also helps to make the best approachable task making performance. There are given some advantages of arbitration method that helps to make the effective performance level such as given below:

  • All parties are easily agrees the arbitrator with full faith and loyalty.
  • Arbitration is less expensive and cost effective process for business solutions.
  • They don't need to acquire any law or government.
  • They adopt the final process and task making performance tools.

Overall, it also helps to take corrective action plan in order to hold the best approachable goals and techniques (Cheeseman and Garvey, 2014). Moreover, Arbitration is the best adoptable approach that helps to make better decision making approach.


P6 Recommend solution based on a country Legal system framework.

Country Pine wants to expand their business into new level. They need to follow the best approachable task oriented performance in order to meet the needs and task oriented performance. Moreover, it brings new challenges and growth. Every country has their own rules and regulations in order to meet the needs of business objectives. Besides, it also helps to take corrective action plan. That helps to take the best approachable task oriented performance (Emir, 2016). CP will take this solution techniques to solve the disputes between the parties. It will also help to take corrective action plan according to better growth channel market approach. All overall, the main purpose of the organization is that to control the better effective growth making task. This will help to Moreover, arbitration is the most common and adoptable technique to accomplish the process of making good solution making task. Legal framework or regulations that helps to make the proper changes and best approachable task making performance. It also helps to fulfill the better objectives goals. Moreover, it helps to control the party control and minimize the company cost as well. Overall, it helps to bring new changes and task oriented performance. And makes better decision making approach (DAILY, KIEFF and WILMARTH JR, 2014). Overall, it helps to bring new effective challenging and approachable task oriented performance in order to make the approachable decision making approach.


From the basis of above discussion it has been proved that, business law is the most essential and fast growing tool. Approachable task oriented performance in order to make better approach and task oriented better approachable task oriented performance. Moreover, it brings new better changing and productive nature of growth. The Best approachable task making performance and growth. Present report has been based on business law that is based on Business future and Country Pine. It explained the English legal system that applied on the business activities in order to protect the business growth. Besides, it also helps to control the better opportunity and growth with the help of adopting alternative business solution. Techniques. Moreover, it also helps to control the uncertain activities by adopting the contract law and employment law system. It helps to keep the employee relation good effective.

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