In this present time, the main objectives of company is to perform different types of functions  which helps to accomplish demand and desires of the customer (Bin Taher,  Krotov and Silva, 2015). These policies which are implemented in organisation to accomplish various function of company  in proper way. This helps to sustain a  strong position in marketplace. Implementation of various types of changes infirm leads to produce innovative products which helps to generate large number  for revenues for the organisation. There are various taste and preferences of customer which are  changes according  to various  changes  in the organisation in proper manner. Starbucks and Costa Coffee are two organisation which provide different types of products to the organisation. These are two multinational organisation which provide high quality of coffee to various  part of  world.


P1) Comparing various  organisational operational strategies after adopting changes.

It is very important for company to implement different types of changes which are according to changing trends in  marketplace (Lee  and Byun,  2012). The management of organisation implement changes in order to generate large number of revenues and maximise the level of profit. This aids to attain goals and objectives of  company as well. Changes are necessary as due to this, it increase  performance of the organisation  in proper  path. It helps  to maintain  effectiveness in various  functions of organisation.  These changes directly impact the environment of the organisation as it is eventually affect the environment of company.  If an organisation do not implement changes according to trends of market then it loose its market share and also reduce  performance of  organisation. The company do not able to compete  different rivals present in marketplace.

STARBUCKS:  It is American based company which provide different types of coffee products. This organisation has come into  existence in 1971. This organisation is performing its service at 27,300 locations in various part of the world. At different location, it provide different types of coffee products like hot coffee, cold coffee, whole bean coffee, micro ground instant coffee and many others which is offered by the Starbucks. It also provide different types of beverages and different types of cookies, smoothies on various stores.

  1. COSTA COFFEE : This company is a multinational organisation and its headquarter is in  Dunstable, Bed fordshire. It is branch of Whitbread. The organisation is founded in 1971 by  family of Costa which perform its service in supply  roasted coffee to different  place of  the particular Italian coffee shops (Peters,  2012).


Costa Coffee


Competence based Strategies

Costa coffee do not able to fulfil demand and desire of  various customer and  products are manufacture on  demand and desire of  different customer. This leads to loss of  customer and also reduce its performance in marketplace. Afterwards, company can concentrate over  implementation of  innovation technology without considering the expectation made by  company. After considering different types of demand company able to ascertain  demand and desire of  customer (Gnan, Hinna, and Scarozza, 2013.).;

The organisation put its efforts in order to meet  expectation of  different types of customer.  Main objective of organisation is satisfy  demand  and desire of customer in effective manner. It helps to improve the performance of  company. The organisation has recently introduce its new drinks such as freebie, Ombre ,  pink drink and many others.

Pricing strategies

The organisation provide coffee which are of premium range to it loyal customer. This  is the strategies which aids to provide high quality of the coffee and ascertain high brand values in the ma


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