Unit 6 Literature Review Level 4 Regent College


Accommodation is consist to be a place of residence out side the state which is usually occupied by students. It is quite tough for people to leaving home and moving to a new place or people as to achieving some thing in their life (Gasher, Lorimer & Skinner, 2012). In the modern trend people moving towards highly established cities as to gaining education, doing jobs and business. As seems that large number of students moving towards universities and places as to gaining education. Accommodation is a fundamental need for each individual and students live in various places such as halls of residence and colleges, college apartments, home stay, renting, hostels etc. the present report is based on the concept and different type of students accommodation that are available for them to live.

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Research Objectives

  • To identify the concept of student accommodation.
  • To analyse different type of accommodation.
  • To ascertain the concept of students halls.
  • To analyse the various aspects of letting out to students by private landlord.

Research Question

  • What student accommodation is
  • What different types there are
  • Talk about Student Halls
  • Talk about Private landlords letting out to students

Exercise 1

Literature Review

This is the most important part of research which helps the researcher in carry out an in-depth research in an appropriate manner. This section of research is based on the objectives that are associated by investigator in respect to clarifying the issue of research in appropriate manner (Shelton, 2012). This section of research plays essential role in analysing the issues in appropriate manner. In this section data has to be gathered through secondary source of data collection and compare the view points of various authors and writers who are having some kind of knowledge and skills about a given area of study. Researcher is widely concern on conducting an in depth research as to reaching at final result and outcome. In this section past research projects that are related with the similar area of study plays vast role in analysing the issue in appropriate manner. In this part researcher is having the option to discussion the opinion of writer which is influencing in nature and also helps in providing a significant direction to carry out whole research activities in appropriate way (Russell, 2014). As to conducting the research in effective manner investigators needs to be more practical in nature as it is essential for them to search the data through various books and journals. This section builds a foundation for the investigator through rendering them appropriate data and information through various resources. In this section the various elements that are involved in clarifying the research aim and objectives are discussed on effective way as to reaching at valid outcome and results.

The concept of Accommodation

Accommodation is a basic need for any individual, especially people who are living in a state other than there home town. Young students need to go outside their home town for the purpose of their higher studies and there accommodation remains a big issue for them as well as for their family. Family always want the their kids shall remain with them for any studies, but it is usually not possible because of various situations, like lack of good institutions within the city and no job opportunities after getting their education done from a mediocre college. It is therefore quite important that Government in general should take care of the overall facilities that are available to students in big cities for the purpose of accommodation. As per the views expressed by Jill Papworth,2013, College administration can also play a big role in giving students the kind of accommodation that they want. They can provide Hostels and Halls within the campus itself, so that students do not have to put any separate as well as extra efforts for search of accommodation in new city of which they are unaware of. There are different types of accommodation which are being available within a city for students, it depends on the budget and needs of students that what kind of accommodations they want to choose (Arambewela & Hall, 2013). There are various factors which are involved, and these factors should be taken care of before taking any decision regarding accommodation :

  • Cost of Rent: It is quite necessary to analyse the Cost of rent that is prevailing within a state, the student shall do proper Homework before he leaves his home town and enters a new city. The cost of rent depends upon various factors like, locality,facilities given etc. There has been a steep increase in an overall rent paid by individuals looking for accommodation in UK. The rent charged by different landlord also varies according to the need and demand of Landlords regarding their facilities. Like as an Example, London is a quite big city of UK and amount of Rent also varies there based on the area chosen for the purpose of stay and the kind of facilities that are being looked by individual students. It can be regarded as the most expensive city to live on in UK as the cost of living there is also high, due to it being the capital of UK. The avg cost of stay in London for a week is around 120£ in halls which are owned by universities also commonly Known as Hostels (McGrath & Horton, 2011). This price goes up to 122 Pounds for private sly owned halls. How ever if a person chooses to stay in a Hall which is operated by a Private Supplier, it will cost them around 140. It is necessary that a proper analysis of the kind of accommodation and rent structure is done before finally arriving at any conclusion to leave home town and make a stay.
  • Contract Length: The purpose of the stay for a student and the tenure of his study will have a direct impact on the length of Contract that an individual would sign. It is basically means Number of weeks in a year for which the rent is charged. If the length of contract would be higher along with a higher Rent then it will put a lot of pressure on overall Yearly Rent that an individual needs to pay at once. Hence it is quite inevitable that a higher contract length would lead to a higher level of overall Rent.
  • Expenses includes in Total Rent: There are various types of expenses that are occurred when a individual decides to stay at a place different then his home town. These expenses would be a Bus pass, Car Parking, Electricity as well as Gas connection cost etc. Student should analyse the contract properly whether these cost are covered within it or not. If not, then the stay can lead to a expensive preposition for the Student in general. Students should look for only those accommodation that would cover these general expenses in overall rent, because a separate burden of these expenses would ruin things for students.
  • Environment and Surroundings: It is not enough to have a place to live whatever may be the environment that prevails outside the accommodation (Farah, 2013). The environment as well as surroundings should be such that it will enhance the overall personality of an individual and not which may be harmful for students. It would mean the environment and surroundings shall consist of all the basic needs like nearby grocer stores, Police stations, Hospitals etc. and the access to these facilities should not take too long for students else it will make it difficult for them to live in these areas.

Different type of Accommodation

The term accommodation can be described as an alteration of environment, curriculum format, or various components that allows an individual through a disability to attain access to content or completed the assigned duty and task. As per the views expressed by Dan Mason, 2018, Accommodation is the primary need of each individual which is needs to be arranged as to developing their living. In the modern era large number of people leave their home and stays far from their house and they need some place to live so they are concern on looking towards accommodation which provide a place to fulfil their basic desires (Mogenet & Rioux, 2014). Students accommodation has various types and it can be owned and managed by any university or college. It can also be manage and owned by private company, independently or in partnership. There are various kind of students accommodations are available in which some are described as under:

Halls of Residence and Colleges: This is the most essential type of accommodation which is widely applied by students for their living. These kind of accommodations are owned by the university and tend to be located within the university campus and not so far from this. This kind of facilities are mainly provided to the students of first year. This consist to be an effective way to adjust an individuals living as per their choice and this also helps in providing a chance to explore a new place and making friends. In this students usually give rent to a single room and share their basic facilities such as kitchen and bathrooms. Further more some universities provide accommodation in apartments as to providing them private facility of bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. All the basic utilities are involved in this such as gas, water and electricity. In the modern era people are very much depend on internet and this also provide a way to getting some specific knowledge and idea about their individual area of study. So it is mandatory for residence authority to provide internet facilities which needs to be included in the cost of room. In this institutions tends to offer variety of students facilities such as academic institution, library facility, daily meal facility with a dinning facility (Semrud-Clikeman & Harder, 2011). Residents may also provide opportunities to the people to make their own meal in their shared kitchen. In this variety of options are available for students such as catered/ self catered or en-suite/ shared bathroom.

House/ flat share: This is also an another way of accommodation which provide private accommodation facility to students in this an individual can share their flat with friends and colleagues. This type of accommodations are mainly owned by private firms or an individual. This provide independent facility to students as to manage their work or other daily activities in appropriate manner. There is not any kind of conflicts arises in regards to facilities and meal as in this people have to manage their all work as per their own. In this students live together and and divide the share of room rent in equal parts (Bishop & Rhind, 2011).

College apartments: These are consist to be the most used facility of accommodation as in this institutions provide individual and private facility to each students and charge as per the requirement. This type of accommodation provide independent style of living than the university colleges and halls of residents. Apartments are self restrained in nature and in this bathroom, kitchen and other small living areas are included. In this utilities are not involved in the rental cost and students needs to pay extra charges for other facilities such as internet, library or phone services. In this type of living some apartments are affiliated by the universities or institutions and some are privately owned by an individual or company. This type of accommodation helps in providing more independent living style than the other form of accommodation. College apartments are widely used by students as it provides more privacy to the students which is required for them to study so people mainly prefer this type of accommodation.

Home-stay: This consist to be a type of accommodation in which students rent a room out in a house in which landlord also sharing the facilities of place. In this people mainly gets their individual room facility and share other facility including meal. The cost of home-stays varies greatly and contact the university or institution about setting the pricing the rent. The major reason for selecting this type of accommodation is that it helps in providing the family atmosphere or creatures and comforts to the individual. This tends to be cheaper than the other form of accommodation (Wahab & Hamid, 2011).

Private flat: This type of accommodations are mainly used by students who are not satisfied with the facility of other type of accommodation as they are mainly concern about personal lifestyle. These are extremely appealing in the situation when an individual is not satisfied with the past experience of sharing their facilities with others. This kind of facilities are cost consuming in nature as in this an individual have to pay all the accommodation facilities as their own and in this there is not any share of other. Mainly the people with rich background are using this kind of accommodation facilities for their living.

Hostels: These type of accommodation facilities are popular option for students who are moving from a regional area, interstate or overseas to study. This helps in providing a good and appropriate short term option until an individual can arrange a permanent place to live. This type of accommodations facilities are available for students who are not having significant knowledge about the outside environment and they not able to deal with in appropriate manner. Hostels mainly provides a well furnished bedroom with shared kitchen, bathroom, laundry, long area and recreation facilities. The price of hostel are based on the location and facilities that are offered to the students.

The above mentioned are some popular accommodation which are used by students for their living. Among all of them Halls of Residence and Colleges is the most cost efficient accommodation for students as this offers variety of facilities and services in reasonable prices. In this the extra facility charges such as internet, library, play ground and daily meals are included in the package of accommodation. It is also helps in saving extra expenses of students like , electricity, water bills, food charges etc. in this continuous support from universities are available for students unlike private accommodations.

To ascertain the concept of students halls.

Halls are basically a large blocks of Flats which house Hundred of Students, it gives students furnished bedrooms which is organised in corridors or apartments. The kitchen is usually shared (Gresse, Pietersen & Steenkamp, 2015). These halls are usually being provided by the university or in partnership with any private company etc. The quality offered by these halls is quite good as they have to comply with various regulations which are prevailing within the country as well as the national codes for the issues is also needs to be taken care of by these suppliers of the facility. In UK, most of the universities provides accommodation in the form of Halls to its students for the first year of their post graduate programme for free. However this facility may vary from students to Students.

The various bills of accommodation is usually included in the price of halls that are being paid by the students, Hence it is easier for them to budget their overall expenses. The students usually have the option to apply for these halls through university websites by making an online application for the same.

These halls are usually located near the university and hence it may gives an opportunity to individual to remain acquainted with the student's life that is going on within the campus. They are able to make friends as it is a facility available only for students and it is also a great opportunity for social activities As per the Study of National union of Students,2017, Some of the universities also provide catered accommodation to its students, that would mean availability of food to individuals within the Halls (Wilkins, 2011 Soliz & Giles, 2014). It is a very convenient facility that are being provided, as it help to individuals who do not know how to cook or they do not have enough time to cook for themselves. though off course, These Kinds of facilities will increase the overall cost of Rent for Students.

University-managed accommodation is a very good source of accommodation for students they can make new friends who would belong to the same university in which they study, along with sharing with them various issues and events that would take place in the college. The support of university is also there for students if anything goes wrong. There are various advantages as well as disadvantages of using halls to stay in a different city. These can be summed as follows :


  • Social Activities: It is a good chance to get engaged in various social activities like parties, meeting making friends etc. This will make it easy for students to spend a longer tenure in the halls as they would not have to make any separate efforts to get engae in social activities of the university (Tsai & Tsou, 2015).
  • University Support: The 24 Hour Support is usually available from the university in case there is any happening that would take place with Students. This Extra Support will be very useful for students as it will give them a sense of security at a place outside of their home town.


  • The Choice of Partner: A person can not choose the partner with whom he want to live and may be given a room. This way the individual may come across various partners who may or may not belong to the same culture and may have a different way of living, this may be termed as a negative aspect of University halls.
  • Noisy and Messy: It becomes noisy and messy to live with lot of students together as it may impact the living standard of individual and he may become used to of living with noise and mess. The study and examination time would demand peace in the area but such is not the case always and this may have an adverse effect on grading and marks of students, which is not at all a desirable situation.

There is yet another concept of Private Student Halls. In this, The student will live in a complex which is built and operated by a private player in the city. While looking for this kind of accommodation it is quite necessary that a proper research regarding the bills that may be included in the rent is done and what will be the environment as well as the surrounding that will be offered by the company (Pickard, 2013).


  • It is usually built for students, and therefore the facilities are also the same as for students.
  • A lot of handy perks such as Wi-Fi can be offered by the company in the concerned package.
  • The location is usually close to the universities, as it is beneficial for students.


  • The cost usually is a bit extra than what is charged by universities Hall as they offer a bit more facilities there.
  • It also carries the same students problems, like messy and noisy.

The various aspects of letting out to students by private landlord

As per views expressed by Roxas, 2011, There are different types of strategies which are accomplish by the landlord who letting out the different student who have coming out from their home in order to accomplish their studies. They take room for rent and other accommodation in order to save their time and they can focus on the study and other purpose. Sometimes it happens that the have scarcity of the funds so not able to give rent to the landlord. Then landlord do not behave with the student and force them to give money on time. It leads to distract the student which affect the study of student living in the room of the landlord. They take these accommodation in order to save the time for preparation of different examination (Odu, 2014). There are various students who are living in the outside of the organisation. They come to urban for their studies and accomplish different types of target in proper manner. They take different types of accommodation facilities in order to ascertain their studies. As various students coming from different location so they have different mentality so there is chance of misunderstanding between the landlord and student. This scenario is not occurs with every students. some of the landlord are very supportive in nature they provide different types of accommodation facilities to the student living his rooms. They also support the student in order to accomplish their target in stipulated time period. The landlord helps to attain the aims and objectives of student.

There are different types of strategies which is implemented by the organisation in order to accomplish different types of activities which helps to attain the goals and objective of students living in the urban area. It leads to maintain the effectiveness in organisation. It helps the students to maintain the effectiveness to perform different types of activities of the organisation (Potter, Lewandowski & Spenceley, 2016). Land lord put their effort in order to accomplish their task in effective manner. Due to misconducting of the student landlord let them out the student from the rooms and the student demotivated by the landlord and the student deviated from the different path and student spoils its life. It indulge himself in doing mischievous activities which leads to spoils the carrier of the student. Student perform different types of crime activities which totally spoils the career of the student. There are two types of aspect of the landlord one is good and one is bad and both of them have different scenario of the student.

Exercise 2

Type of Investigation

This consist to be the most essential part of research project as in his researcher plays the most effective role in selecting the type of research as a research is either qualitative or quantitative in nature. Qualitative research is based on collecting data and information through qualitative means. Qualitative methods includes focus groups, in-depth interview and review of document for different types of themes. On the other side quantitative research is based on numeric facts and figures. In this type of research data has to be gathered by researcher on qualitative means. The researcher is applied to quantify the issue through generating numerical data or the data can be transformed into usable statistics. In the present research project qualitative research method has to be taken into proper action as it helps in analysing the accumulated data into appropriate manner. The questionnaire interview has to be prepared on the basis of qualitative research as it is most effective in completing the research in systematic manner.

Primary Data

This consist to be the most essential part of research project which performs a vast role in accumulating data and information in respect to conducting the research activities in appropriate direction to reaching at final outcome and result. This consist to be the most essential kind of data collection which is originated by researcher for addressing the specific purpose of research in appropriate manner. Primary data are those which are gathered for the very first time in the research work, this considered as the real time data which are collected by the researcher as to addressing the issue of research in effective manner. Primary data are those data which are original in nature and accumulated for some specific purpose (Khawaja & Stallman, 2011). The major benefit of primary data is that it is specifically tailored to satisfying the needs of a particular research. These are consist to be the data that are gathered from some primary source such as a source of origin where the data generates, these are accumulated for the very first time through the investigator or an agency for collecting any kind of statistical data for the purpose of addressing any kind of research issue. This section is effective in conducing questionnaires and interview as to gathering proper and relevant information for the completion of research work. In this section data has to be gathered in an number of ways such as surveys, interview, field observations and experiments. In this a specified field of people are selected in respect to taking brief information about a selected area of study and this provides more appropriate information for reaching at valid outcome.


Questionnaire is basically a method of collecting primary data from respondents, under this various questions are being asked from respondents regarding the topic and the respondents have to give answer of these questions (Sokal, 2016). The questions can be asked in written form or oral form. It is a good way of asking questions from people and getting their views regarding the topic. This help the researcher in getting the responses of the respondents in a written form, if questions were asked through question papers. This a very efficient source of Primary data and are used by most of the researcher for conducting research through primary data.



Age :

Address :

Gender :

E-mail :

Phone :

Q1) What are the primary reasons for students to live in accommodations ?

  • Study abroad
  • For Job purposes
  • preparation for Higher Studies

Q2) What are the different types of accommodations that are available for Students?

  • University Halls
  • Private Halls
  • Privately owned apartments

Q3) Which is the most preferred accommodation by students?

  • Hostels
  • Private Flats
  • Halls of residence and college
  • House or Flat Share
  • Home Stay

Q4) What is the most desirable location of accommodation for Students?

  • Near City
  • Near University
  • Access to community Services

Q5) What are the benefits of Outside accommodation for Students ?

  • Saving of Time
  • Saving of Expenses
  • Independent Lifestyles

Questionnaire is effective in analysing the research problem through taking the view points of people from population. In this section data has to be analysed through preparing graphs and charts, this section helps in determining the opinion of people through the charts.


Interview is mainly considered as face to face conversation of people which is conducted for consulting about some specific area. It is an private meeting in which questions are asked and answered. In the section of interview the person who is asking the question from the other one is known as interviewer and person who tends to answer all the question is known as interview. This is the most essential part of primary research and it helps in gathering data and information for the first time. In a research project this provides a specific direction to gather appropriate data through experts.

A specific interview on this particular research is described as below:


Q1) What is the average cost of accommodation provided to the students?

Q2) What are the facilities offered to the students under the package of accommodation?

Q3) What are the benefits of university halls to the students?

Q4) What is the cost of accommodation for university?

Q5) What are the benefits of accommodation to both university and students?

The major reason for conducting the interview session is that researcher can easily know about the opinion and perception of people who are important in the specifies area of study. In this interview is answerable to the questions of interviewer.

Secondary Data

Secondary data refers to the data that has been gathered previously by someone and the same has been used again by the researcher for the purpose of conducting research. This kind of data is used for the purpose of increasing the sample size of research studies, and this is chosen for the purpose of enhancing the overall efficiency of the research in general. This kind of Data is used in large researches and is very effective in obtaining results. By obtaining secondary data the main researcher would be able to focus on primary research. The researcher will be able to learn more in less time.

The benefit that can be gained by using secondary data is that much of the preliminary kind of work is already done and hence the research time as well as cost is reduced to an extent. The sources of secondary data can be various publications, case studies, reviews etc. Secondary data is more legitimate than the primary data and can be used to verify the primary data that is being available.

However there are certain shortcomings of using secondary data, it may not be possible that the requirement of research is something which can be fulfilled only through primary data. The accuracy of the secondary data is also an issue for the researcher as the data obtained bight be outdated and might not be as useful for the research as it could be, if he would have chosen primary data.


  • Arambewela, R., & Hall, J. (2013). The interactional effects of the internal and external university environment, and the influence of personal values, on satisfaction among international postgraduate students. Studies in Higher Education, 38(7), 972-988.
  • Bishop, D., & Rhind, D. J. (2011). Barriers and enablers for visually impaired students at a UK Higher Education Institution. British Journal of Visual Impairment, 29(3), 177-195.
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  • Gasher, M., Lorimer, R., & Skinner, D. (2012). Mass communication in Canada. Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press.
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