Managing customer relationships is a procedure undertaken by companies to oversee, track and organize every interaction between a customer and organization throughout customer lifecycle. It is an integral part of customer relationship management. Further, it is practice of designing and reacting to customer interaction to meet or exceed customer expectation. Thus, it increases customer satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy that is a continuous processes required by the firms to implement various new technologies which helps to accomplish goals. In this report the company is chosen is Thomas Cook, is a British global travel company formed on 19th june2007. The group owns large number of tour operators, as well as airlines based in United Kingdom. This report is going to analyses need, expectation of market segments and customer experience map to create business opportunities as well as to optimize customer touch point. Moreover, investigating impacts effects of digital technology in customer relationship by examining its effect in tourism industry. Further, analyzing service strategies and communication to effectively meet customer experience management (van Veluw and Chance, 2014)

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Understanding value and importance of need wants and preferences of targeted groups in hospitality industry

A target market is basically defined group of customer or organization most likely to buy a particular company’s product and services. In this market buyers are likely focuses on need wants of customer and marketing efforts are done to reach the targeted consumer. Thomas cook is targeting youths, families, business tours etc. They has partnered with YHA Australia to offer budget accommodation throughout its UK’s high street travel retail networks. There are certain benefits and importance of needs wants and preferences for travel and tourism industry. By dividing the market into segments Thomas cook will easily understand need and wants of customer. As segmentation supports business in meeting and exceeding need and wants of their customers. The importance of understanding needs , wants and preferences of target customer are as follows:

  • Target marketing serves both consumer and organisation. Thomas cook analysis perception of consumer according to their needs and wants, which they are looking forward in the services and quality of product.
  • Thomas Cook differentiate its brand from other competitors as they are focusing on different target customer groups such as families, youth and business tours. It help the organisation to clearly identify the needs and wants of specific target customer. Thus, it become easy for an organisation to fulfil the demands by unique selling propositions.
  • It also leads Thomas cook to improve the quality of products and services in a new way according to preferences of a specific customer requirements. As it help to understand deeply the target customer.
  • Thomas cook stay focused on the customer requirements with various marketing strategies as to understand need, wants and preferences of specific customer. That clearly understands necessity of each and every customer needs.

Different factors that drive and influences customer engagement of different target customer groups

Customer engagement means by which a company creates relationship with its customer base to foster brand loyalty and awareness. It is a business communication connection between consumer and organization through various channels of correspondence. Thomas cook has been able to build strong customer engagement by its product and services. Customer engagement depends on different target customer groups such as youngsters, businessman, and families. Though there are certain factors that are influencing customer engagement in tourism sector they are as follows:

Businessman- Demand for the necessities depend on the type of target group. Businessman normally wants conveyance facilities and food facilities at the time of tour. Thomas cook should analyse the need for business man and provide those services which results in their engagement.

Families- When people enjoys weekends with families their requirement is different. They want special facilities for enjoyment, proper decorum room require a tour guide with themselves which can guide them and helps ion enjoying tour.

Youngsters- Customer engagement factors for youngsters may be different. They want facilities for bike, car on rent to enjoy the trip. Along with it also needs a good variety of disco and pub for recreational purpose. This will help the tourist to get attracted and helps the comnpany in customer e


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