Unit 2: Managing Customer Experience-Higher National Diploma in Hospitality Management


Customer experience is product of interaction among company and consumer over duration of relationship. Managing customer experience is practice of designing as well as reacting to consumer interactions to meet with their expectations, loyalty and leading to high customer satisfaction. It is collection of processes that an organisation uses to organise, track and oversee each interaction among consumers and company throughout consumer life cycle. Berber & Q is one of the most famous restaurant group in London. It housed in beautiful converted railway arch. In this restaurant, local people hang and eat things from grill (Blázquez, 2014). In this report will be discuss about factors which drive and influence the consumer engagement of various target customer groups with in service sector company. Digital technology is employed in managing consumer experience with in service sector will be discuss here.

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P1 Value and importance of understanding the needs, wants and preferences of target customer groups

In every industry, customers considered as the most necessary part and they are the main reason to increasing growth of business. Mainly, the business is based on satisfaction as well as positive experience of consumers. Determining the needs and wants of consumers is necessary for company. Under this, Berber & Q is large size restaurant in London and it provides high quality food items to people for satisfy their needs. It helps in provide the better experience to consumers and enhance profit level of firm (Garg, Rahman and Qureshi, 2014). The target market is wider group of the consumers which explained through ranges. It refers to an accumulation of consumers in which an entity aim to target for execution of marketing and also sale resources. It is subset of market for certain organisational facility.

In this present era, main aim of hospitality industrious is to provide the high quality of accommodation services and other facilities on the basis of needs and wants of consumers so that they can gain better experience. In long term sustainability of business, customer experience plays a necessary role. For this, there is a need to Berber & Q to function in such a manner that aligned with fulfilment of wants, needs and preferences of consumers (Goodman, 2019).

Business has an ability to examine sales data and also survey existing consumers regarding product preferences, demographic information and buying habits. Determining the needs and wants of target markets helps Berber & Q to develop better marketing communication strategies. In this, company should communicate with consumers and also identifying their requirements so that they are satisfied from services and will be loyal towards firm. Understanding customers preferences and needs helps in get more lead to business. Understanding consumers is main key to providing them better serviced which results in developing strong relationships and generate new sales by positive word- of- mouth (Harmeling, and et. al., 2017).

P2 Various factors that drive and influence customer engagement of different target customer groups

Customer engagement is business communication connection among external stakeholders and company by different correspondence channels. This kind of connection can be interaction, effect, reaction and customer experience which can taken place offline and online. It is an emotional connection between brand and consumers. Berber & Q invites provide its services to people on daily basis in order to give better experience to them. It assures the comfort to people which visit restaurant. In this context, there are different factors given below which influence on the customers engagement of various target groups:


These are effective target consumers of each compact that pertain in criterion of hospitality sectors. In context to assure consumer engagement in this group, entertainment is one of the most necessary factor that should be considered. This is inclusive of the activities which can gain attention of all the family menders. Another factor is arrange and plan for the small trips to biological parks that give convenience to the families (Homburg, Jozić and Kuehnl, 2017).

Disabled people

It is necessary for Berber & Q to engagement of this target group. In this, safety is one of main factors that should be adopt to reduce any inconvenience that pertaining to the disabled guests. It needs to be assured through executing facilities like elevator, wheelchair at restaurant.

There are some other factors given below which negatively influence customer engagement:

Inappropriate Booking Facilities

It is main aspect that keep consumers hooked with  Berber & Q by doing the convenient booking of tables in restaurant. Due to the technology or internet issues, people face some problems to book their tables on a particular data. This kind of issue develop negative impact on consumer engagement of very group.

Price allocation

It is complex for restaurant to deciding about allocation of food, labour, beverages and some of other expenses. Cost of sales problems break down through food and the beverages in Berber & Q restaurant. So, there is a complexity arise to allocate the cost according to activities (Pearson, 2016).

Inappropriate Food and Beverage Quality

In this, presence of the inappropriate quality of food items because of lack of resources that become negative impact on various groups of consumers like families.


P3 Customer experience map to create business opportunities and optimise customer touch points

Customer experience map is collaborative way of permitting business to represent the difficult consumer interactions. The experience maps highlight main pain and enabling business to search effective opportunities to assure better consumers experience with services and goods. On the other hand, touchpoint is a way that customer can be communicate with business whether through website, application, person- to- person and some other form of the communication (Peppers and Rogers, 2016).  It is an interaction that might change way that consumer feels regarding goods, service and brand.  Customer experience map for  Berber & Q restaurant given below:



Homework discovery

Under this, when customers search for the specific product then company will be aware about that customer and try to contact with them so that it can able to provide better services and products as per their demand.


Research is one of the most necessary thing that provides information to company about the consumers regarding their preferences and taste. In  context to research, there is an assistance given through company consists online applications, websites etc. at various locations which are ready to provide the personalised services. Various available options aids the diversified groups of consumers. Through conducting an investigation, consumer can know about quality of that product, durability etc. from the application. This kind of service help in provide the better experience to customers.


After conduct an investigation, customer will select better one which can satisfy the needs and preferences. This map consists various alternatives which available in market. Under this, evaluation is based on various factors such as cost, quality and others which necessary for consumers (Pont, 2014).

Pre- purchase

At this stage, consumer finally decide to make buying decision. Customer has been examined all the facts and also arrived at logical conclusion which is based on influence from the marketing campaigns. The consumer determine all facts and make the buying decision.

Post- purchase

It is last stage and related with analysing that product was useful for customer or not. If the product is valuable and meet with customer expectations then it helps in increase customer base of specific brand. Negative comments impact on the decline sales of firm.  

P4 Customer touch- points throughout customer experience create the business opportunities

Customer touchpoints are windows of an interaction among purchaser and business. These interactions can be taken place at different places and times. These are present at at each stage of purchasing decision. Consumer can made the brand loyal easily if certain customer touch point tapped in an effective manner. Berber & Q restaurant can optimise touch points in such manner that can lead to create effective business opportunities for increasing customer experience ( Sharpley, 2012). Different touchpoints are given below in context to journey with  Berber & Q restaurant:

Company website- Before begin trip, there are different issues faced through consumers which require to resolved to provide better satisfaction to consumers. In addition to this, Berber & Q restaurant should be assure website accessibility for consumers so people can carried out an interaction effectively. Quick reverts of chars should be given on website so that clients queries can be handled within proper time period. In this, websites of  Berber & Q restaurant provides food menu with costs, special deals etc. All these touchpoints helps an organisation to engage consumer for long time period.

Mobile application- This touchpoint can be taken to use an opportunity as Berber & Q restaurant. In this, application developed through requirements to eye- catchy but also user friendlily so that consumers can not face any issue (Torres, Fu and Lehto, 2014). Berber & Q restaurant can create this as opportunities by applying personalised offers and many options for consumers to select on the basis of needs. In this, there is a customer service assistance that help in provide the helps to consumers and resolve their queries.

At Restaurant premise- Employees which operating restaurant should provide the accurate training for enhancing their capabilities and customer service skills. Through this, they can warmly greet to guests and they will guide them to their table. Employees will feel them comfortable and develop friendly environment so that they can feel comfortable. After this, menu should be present on tables so that consumers do not wait. After consumption of meal, consumers should receive polite goodbye from restaurant with thanking for visiting premised and also sharing the feedback to make improvement in dishes of restaurant and its services. For payment purpose, restaurant should use the online payment method so that people can easily pay.


P5 Digital technology is employed in managing the customer  experience within the service sector

Customer relationship management is defined as approach to manage interaction of an organisation with existing and potential consumers, this uses data analysis regarding history of an organisation to make improvement in business relationships with consumers which mainly focus on consumer retention. With the help of providing better experience to consumers,  Berber & Q restaurant can make improvement in develop positive relationship with consumers that enhance sales of business (Wilson and et. al., 2016). Digital technology is electronic systems, resources, tools and devices which process and generate the data. It helps in streamline processes, make improvement in productivity enhance efficiency and also save business money. Digital technology plays necessary role in identifying consumer preferences, purchasing behaviour of consumers etc.

In this, Berber & Q restaurant use POS software Toast POS. Company mainly use this tool to make improvement in efficiencies of workers and also provide better customer experiences while minimizing costs. This software has menu management feature that mainly handle menu pricing and also customization for offline and online clients. It permits manager to split different food items and the bills of consumers in an effective manner. This technology or software helps in provide the positive experience to consumers so that they can sustain for long period of time and increase sales of business (Yang, Liu and Li., 2015).


It has been concluded from above mention report that providing better experience to consumers is most necessary to company. It helps in increasing reputation and growth of business. There has been studied about the importance of determining the needs, preferences and wants of people so that company can give services accordingly. Different factors has been studied which can impact on customer engagement of different groups. Employing the customer service and also digital technologies strategies helps a company organisation to provide high quality services to consumers within less period of time.


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