D/616/1789-Managing the Customer Experience-Unit 2-Level 4


Hospitality Industry includes wide range of services and aids to generate huge amount of financial benefits for the economy as a whole. Major services included under this sector are event planning, theme based parks, travelling and variety of other services. The overall income of this sector enormously depends on the leisure and amount of disposable income which available (Bharwani and Jauhari, 2017) . However, manager within hospitality sector requires to perform variety of task through which consistency with business can be witnessed effectively and organisation tends to achieve desired business objective. In today's competitive business environment it is critically very necessary to provide customer with satisfactory experience so that they tend to become brand loyal. Positive experiences gain customer helps in enhancing the overall worth of business in potential market. The outcome of this reports tends to cover various factors through which customer relationship can be effectively maintained. Value as well as importance for understanding wants and preferences shall be analysed. Several factors which drive and influence customer engagement within respective shall be considered. Apart from this customer touch points and impact of digital technology on CRM will be covered.

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P1 Explain the value and importance of understanding the needs, wants and preferences of target customer groups for a service sector industry

In order to effectively carry out business related activities with full efficiency it is very necessary to determine the demand as well as expectations of company's targeted group in such a manner through accomplishment of desired business objective is essentially done. Target markets refers to group of individuals to whom an organisation essentially wants to provide services (Bjelajac and, 2016). Consumers who are considered as target market typically have similar buying behaviour, demographics as well as income level. For a business organisation effective management of customers needs and preference plays a very curial role which helps in reaching the desired goals. Within hospitality sector the overall growth of business is essentially dependent on availability of leisure time and disposal income. However, with regard to The Wolseley restaurant the respective organisation focuses on each and every aspect through which desired objective can be accomplished. The targeted customers for this restaurant is individuals between the age group of 18 to 50 years. In order to effectively target the customers a proper research is conducted so as to know the demands of customers exactly.  Needs, wants and preference of targeted group is enormously dependent on the age group. Through research following factors are essentially determined:

Potential Customers

Need, wants and Preference


Good ambience, affordable price, attractive location,


Proper value for money, safe and positive ambience so that they can spend good family time and dinner.


Romantic and Private environment so that couples can spend quality time.

Old Age peoples

Peaceful environment of the hotel. Preparation of food items in healthy way.  

Business Class

Leisure services so that they are potentially satisfy and visit there again and again.

From the above table it can be significantly identified that each group of target market possess different types of needs, wants as well as preference. However, it is the responsibility of organisation to introduce variety of business strategies through which business tends to satisfy the needs and preferences of target effectively (Chathoth and, 2016). Teenagers want the ambience of  restaurant attractive at centred place so that they can hang out with their friends and enjoy their leisure time effectively. Whereas family actually preference to have secure and secure ambience so that they can effectively enjoy family time. Furthermore, couple expects to have romantic and private environment in order to spend quality time together. So therefore, it is the responsibility of The Wolseley to carry out business activities in such a manner that needs and desire of these customers are full filled effectively.

P2 Explore the difference factors that drive and influence customer engagement of different target customer groups within a service sector organisation

There are variety of business related factors which aids to drive up and influence customer engagement. However, customer engagement is essentially a connection between targeted customers and overall brand. These are initially the activities which an organisation performs in order to attract more and more customers. In order to effectively attract more and more customers towards a brand it is the prime responsibility of brand to invent several policies in order to attract reasonable customers (Chauhan and Manhas, 2017). The prime factor which essentially impacts the sales of the restaurant is the prices therefore proper strategy might be implemented. With regard to The Wolseley, restaurant majorly focuses on filling the desired expectations and wants of customers in such a manner so that goals are achieved.

  • Teenagers: Teenagers group people essentially wants food products at affordable prices so that they can hang out with their friends. The major consideration of teenagers is on attractive ambience and centre located area.
  • Family: People under this group essentially requires variety of service under one roof so that they can effectively spend quality time together and enjoy good time. Furthermore, the prices of the restaurant shall be affordable in nature so that middle class individuals can easily come over gain and gain.  
  • Couples: Couples essentially require private space with romantic environment and prices of such arrangements shall be affordable in nature so that more and more customers are attracted.
  • Old Age: This group of individual demand and prefer for peaceful environment and the food shall be prepared and healthy manner. For them prices are major factors which impacts they selection level enormously.
  • Business Class: Business Class people essentially require high quality of goods and services and for them the value for money is the reason behind collection a particular. Higher the value for money, higher would be the chances for their collection.

However, the overall profitability of respective restaurant is dependent on all the mentioned groups. Therefore, accurate strategies must be inherit in order to satisfy each group of individuals.


P3 Create a customer experience map for selected service sector organisation.

Customer experience map is essentially a method of allowing businesses to visually represent complex customer interactions. This map helps in highlighting pain points areas which enables a firm to find out variety of opportunities through which consistency can be witnessed. Furthermore, this process guides to give several recommendations so that required improvements can be made (Cuiand and Wu, 2016). However, implementation of variety of strategies are effectively required so that customer's overall experience can be enhanced and overall profitability tends to show a positive shift.  With respect to The Wolseley, variety of factors are essentially required to be maintained so as to enhance business operation in such a manner so that desired business objectives are accomplished. The customer experience map of respective organisation is described below:



Research and Plan

This is the very first step under the process of customer experience map. Herein the customers essentially makes a proper research regarding the restaurant which he/she tends to visit. Furthermore, consideration with regard to products and services offered by respective organisation is also made. Therefore, The  Wolseley restaurant shall have a proper website through which customers can excess necessary information.


After reaching to a particular decision customers can make booking if they are really satisfied by the range of services which are offered by Wolseley. This stage is essentially dependent on the research and plan.

Entailment of Customer Services

Herein staff and the customer's actual interacts and determination with regard to services availed is essentially made. This is one of the major factors which essentially aids to determine the level customer satisfaction within hospitality industry. However, it is very essential for business organisation to create accurate training and development campaigns for employees.

Check out and Future Customer Engagement

This is the last stage of customer experience process wherein customer's tends to share their valuable experiences and feedback with regard to the services availed by them. This stage essentially helps in making improvements where necessary.

However, the above analyses concludes that they are variety of factors which impacts the consumer experience. Therefore, proper research and analysis shall be conducted in order to attract more and customers towards the respective organisation.

P4 Discuss how the customer touch-points throughout the customer experience create business opportunities for a selected service sector organisation.

Customer Touchpoint is process wherein personal interaction between customers and organisation is initiated through several marketing channels. However, various strategies are implemented by business in order to identify the websites which customers essentially visits. Proper analysis of customer touch points essentially help in enhancing sales of business in short run  (Gruber and, 2015).  Therefore, with regard to The Wolseley customer touchpoints shall be effectively optimise in such a manner the business can grow in potential market. Following factors shall be considered in order to deal with customer's touch points:

  • Websites: In today's competitive business environment which is highly advanced in nature customers before visiting a particular place conducts proper research. Therefore, the restaurant website shall be attractive enough so that customers are attracted. Apart from this all the necessary business related information shall be provided on company's website. Such activities potentially helps businesses to engage and hook customers for long period of time.  
  • Mobile Application: With enhancement of technology this is yet another prominent touch point which would serve as a major opportunity of the respective organisation. The restaurant shall come up with an eye catching mobile application through which customers can make bookings. The invented mobile application can be user friendly in nature. Such invention essentially help in creating good market reputation.

However, within hospitality sector it is very essential to effectively interact with customers in order to gain sustainability and consistency.


P5 Examine how digital technology is employed in managing the customer experience within the service sector, providing specific examples of customer relationship management systems.

Customer Relationship Management is process which an organisation adopts in order to effectively carry out business related aspects effectively. Herein business tends to implement several business related policies in order to manage customer interaction in such a manner so that desired business objective can be accomplished. There are variety of strategies which businesses essentially adopts in order to develop healthy relationship with company's potential customers (He and, 2016). With regard to The Wolseley, restaurant shall develop the most appropriate and accurate business strategy so that more and more customers are attracted. It can essentially make use of social media in order to communicate with potential customers so that consistency can be seen. The restaurant shall make use of Facebook, Instagram and several other social networking sites in order to interact with customers potential customers. With hospitality industry digital technology enormously helps in managing customer experience as well as customer relationship management.

Advantages of CRM:

  • Customer relationship management essentially helps in enhancing the overall sales of the respective organisation to a great extent.
  • This process essentially helps in getting proper and appropriate feedbacks for potential customers effectively.

Disadvantage of CRM:

  • Customer Relationship Management is a very costly process which requires huge amount of funds.
  • Proper training and development sessions is essentially required in order to make the process effective which is time consuming in nature.


From the above report it can be summarised that in order to effectively attain desired business objectives it is very necessary to manage customers experience. Effective management of these activities aids to enhance the overall customer satisfaction. This management plays a very vital role in growing the business. Therefore, it is very necessary to implement and create appropriate business plan within hospitality sector keeping in mind the needs, wants and preferences of targeted group. Apart from this the respective organisation


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