Social And Psychological Environment of Kelloggs' Company


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Organization Selected : Kellogg's
Question :

Organisational culture is the value, behaviour and assumptions which contribute in the unique social and psychological environment of the company. The project is based on  Kellogg's, American company which manufactures food items. The project covers the following key points-

  • Analyse the relationship between the business structure, people, culture and organisational performance.
  • Analysis of theories and models in relation to organisational design and culture.
Answer :


Organizational culture involves behaviours, values, assumptions and ways of interacting that contribute to the unique psychological and social environment of a company. Every company has its own unique culture and its employees act accordingly. These shared values have a strong impact on performance of people. Every organization aims to maintain and develop its own unique culture, which provide boundaries and guidelines for the consumer behaviour of members of the company. It encompasses company's expectation, philosophy and experience that hold it together for better working. In simple words “it can define as the way in which organization conduct its business, treats its customers, employees and society. In-fact culture of any organization would affect its overall performance and productivity (Barton, 2017). The chosen organization for the given report is Kellogg's which is a US-based American Food Manufacturing Company. Following Study Will Cover how structure and culture of a company contributes towards organization performance.


From past 100 years, Kellogg is fulfilling the needs of thousands of millennials. Through belief in nutrition and dedication, company is providing its product to large number of customers. Motivated through passion for quality, people and innovation, firm has come up with launching first-ever breakfast cereal. This was the main turning point for the company. After the establishment of its breakfast cereal, company gained popularity worldwide and become a household brand. Customers started believing in the product and as a result, it gained massive customer loyalty. People spend considerable part of their lives by working at Kellogg's. In return they all expect to get rewarded for their contribution. The concept of “Motivation” revolves around what drives people to behave in a certain manner which leads to achieve organizational goals and objectives in an effective manner (Doll Jr, 2015). By knowing what motivates people is very important in work surrounding. When people are highly motivated, they contribute more effectively towards attaining pre-defined goals and objectives. There are various ways through which employees can be motivated. By rewarding employees as per their performance helps in building stronger relationship between them. Apart from this, there are various others theories through which deals with management of employees within the workplace like Maslow Theory of Motivation, Herzberg's Two Factor Theory etc. At Kellogg's, there is a community of passionate people who work collectively towards achieving organizational goals. It's their employee's commitment, enthusiasm and innovative idea that proper company in achieving higher growth and development. Company must focus on maintaining “growth culture” that foster inclusion and diversity and assure the safety of each individual. Company is very particular towards its commitment for employees (Graham, 2017).

Kellogg has a well-defined and strong corporate culture built on its heritage and rooted in its K values. In-fact in 2015, firm looked into the future and outline 2020 Growth Plan. It finally take a step to engage its manpower in company's success, cultivating growth mindset and reigniting enthusiasm for the K values. To do it successfully, each of its business region has started implementing development and culture focused training programs that align with company's strategy and policies. For instance: Company has conduct a workshop that invites personnel to reconnect with K values and take initiative to share their insights regarding how these values can assist in driving enthusiasm and growth in its brand. Apart from this, firm has taken several another initiative on global level. Along with this, company has also deployed workshop for its people managers called Leading to a Growth Culture. Based on this leadership model, trainers train manager with an intent to improve their leadership skills which ultimately Kellogg in achieving higher growth and development. Kellogg is a company of possibilities and promise. Since the company promote healthy and open working environment that pushes employees to work beyond its boundaries and create products that provide high level satisfaction to end-users.

To grow business, Kellogg must recruit talented and diversified workforce along with an inclusive culture as well. With diverse workforce, company can better understand the needs and taste of diverse customer base. Meanwhile, an inclusive culture ensure that employees must feel valued and willing to deliver strong job performance. However to foster inclusion and diversity. company has sponsor 8 Employee Resource Groups that render great opportunities to employee's in terms of both personal and professional development, community volunteering and networking. In 2015, it's newest ERG “KAPABLE” was launched with a mission to welcome and inclusive culture for employees with disabilities. Along with this, ratio of female employees eventually increases by 20% in developing region like European Regions and Asia Pacific (Bennett, Pitt and Price, 2012).

Keeping employee safe at work is the core value of Kellogg's. Here, by making them safe means providing several growth and development opportunities to people which is beneficial in both their personal and professional career. As our firm continues to grow, we ensure that our people must also grow along with it. With company's value based culture, it ensure to grow stronger every day i.e. nurturing and enriching each communities careers by putting employees in first in everything it do. Kellogg's is a hub of innovators who with their innovative idea ensures that firm must gain high competitive advantage over its rivals and make excited future for tomorrow. Considering human resource as a main asset of company, it use different motivational techniques that help in developing business and making it a better place to work. Today, company has its own production plant in more than 18 countries and sold products in more than 180 countries. It has been a leader in nutrition and health. However, this is mainly possible by giving customers a wide (Angouri and Miglbauer, 2014).

Maslow's theory of Motivation relates inspiration to a progressive system of assessing needs of employees. At the base are fundamental physiological needs, for example, air, nourishment, shelter and clothing. As people fulfil one level of need, their inspirations change as they try to achieve the higher request needs. Every individual shall be given a particular set of roles that needs to be fulfilled by him or her within the time period that has been laid down by the mangers. Inside Kellogg's each representative is propelled to work through every one of these levels. As such, this gives constructive outcomes to every representative also, the association. The theory also states that employees shall be motivated to do the work in an efficient manner and this can only be done by making sure that employees have been consistently being provided with various facilities that will compel them to do work and contribute in overall profitability as well as productivity in the longer run. The culture that prevails within the organisation plays a very crucial role in the overall growth of the business, there are diverse sorts of people who follows different culture

Physiological requirements – Kellogg's offers aggressive pay rates. This gives individuals the way to gain the essential requirements for living. The Kellogg's Cornflakes adaptable advantages program permits workers to pick those advantages that suit them. This incorporates childcare vouchers, money contrasting options to organization autos and marked down life affirmation plans. These reserve funds and aggressive pay rates enable labourers' compensation to go further thus persuade them to be faithful to the organization. This is a concept which clearly states that an individual do have certain physiological needs that needs to be fulfilled by the management in order to retain those employees over longer period of time. These includes necessary food for the purpose of daily living, shelter to have a secured living as well as clothes for the purpose of effectively spending a better livelihood over period of time (David, 2015).

Safety needs – Kellogg's qualities the well-being everything being equal. The organization is focused on giving a protected and solid workplace to anticipate mishaps. Workers are anyway responsible - that implies they need to assume liability for watching the well being what's more, security guidelines and practices. Kellogg's additionally offers representatives a scope of working examples. Some might need to work low maintenance, others may need vocation breaks or attempt homeworking. This causes representatives to pick the best choice for a solid work-life balance. Once the physiological needs are fulfilled in an effective manner, the next task for the management of Kellogg's is to fulfil the safety needs of individuals within the organisation. The safety needs include providing a safe as well as secured environment to all the concerned employees in an effective as well as efficient way. There are various norms which are being laid down by United nations as well, which makes it mandatory for the organisation to provide a better, safe and secured environment to its employees in the longer run. The company is framing necessary policies to make sure that employees will get a proper and effective environment which will be secured as well as safe as per international norms (Hughes, 2012).

Social needs – These are related with a sentiment of having a place. Kellogg's works week by

bunch 'groups'. These give casual chances to representatives to get and ask data on any piece of the business, including various goods and services as well as the informations of the products. This fortifies groups and improves specialists' feeling of having a place. Having an open way to deal with correspondence stays with everyone concentrated on the points makes a difference people add to the organization's K-Values. They incorporate qualities, for example, being certain, seeing the best in individuals and perceiving decent variety. Kellogg's decidedly perceives and rewards staff accomplishments. These needs are really essential to be met, if management want to retain its employees in an effective manner for a longer period of time. The social needs includes the need to be social with other people, becoming friends, and maintaining relationships etc. The onus is on the management of the company to conduct an effective activities from time to time which will improve the social exposure of employees and will allow them to make more friends within the organisation over period of time. Social needs is a much wider concept and the management shall make sure that different activities and programmes are being conducted from time to time that will enable an organisation to retain its employees by fulfilling their social needs. The examples are Social Parties, Various events that will enable a better interaction among employees and teams of the organisation.

Self-actualisation – Kellogg's furnishes workers with the chance to go up against testing and empowering obligations. For instance, the business gives the opportunities for people to take responsibility for their concerned tasks. This empowers them to create and make improvement accordingly. Once an individual has obtained all the materialistic achievements in his or her life, then that individual reaches to the stage of self actualisation, where he does not gets attracted to any physical or social exceptions in any way. He would rather be concerned about achieving spiritual high over the rest of his life, thus it is very essential to make sure that people who are working in the organisation and are attained a particular age, shall be given all the right kind of facilities. They shall be given opportunities to be creative and see other perspective of life, much professionalism shall not be demanded for them. In fact, it is much more important to carry out a proper policy for conducting business over period of time (Willig, 2013).


The above discussion clearly lays down that employees and teams are a very crucial part of any business organisation. In order to implement right kind of policies for the employees there are various theories which are being laid down by the greatest of authors like Maslow's and Taylor. These theories gives a framework to the management to implement effective policies regarding employees management and retention. These needs has to be fulfilled by the management of the organisation. In the modern scenario, it is quite obvious that the professionalism has sought from individuals and their behaviour shall match the same. Thus, There is a need to do business in a more proper and effective and maintaining employees along with reducing the employee turnover over period

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