Meetings helps individuals to integrate their efforts, collaborate with other colleagues for joint projects and sell their innovative ideas. The agenda of holding meetings in an organisation is to accomplish plans, ideas and vision with other individuals that cannot be achieved by a single person. The assignment below is based on Wesfarmers, a multinational company of Australia which deals with chemical, retail, fertilisers and industrial products. The assignment includes making arrangements for meetings, preparing and distributing documentation for meetings and recording and producing minutes of meetings.

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1.1 Types of meetings and their purposes

Effective meetings are the ones which help the individuals to communicate with each other to attain a profitable outcome.

Different circumstances in organisations require different types of meetings to be held.

The types of meetings held at Wesfarmers are mentioned below:

  • Inaugural Meeting: This meeting is the very first meeting held in the new organisation at its inception where the president or the leader of the organisation informs the employees about the vision of the company.
  • Annual General Meeting: Multinational companies like Wesfarmers need to hold an annual general meeting. These are expected to be held at-least once every year. The purpose of this meeting is to comply with legal requirements. These are held to present audited accounts, to conduct elections for directors, or appointment of new auditors.
  • Extraordinary general meetings: This meeting can also be termed as emergency general meeting other than the regular AGM. These meetings are held on a short notice and urgent matters regarding the firm are discussed.
  • Director/Board meetings: These are regular meetings held between the board of directors of a company. The purpose of these meetings is to manage the overall operations of the company. In addition to this, all the major decisions about the firm are taken in these meetings.
  • Standing Committee: A committee is an elected group within an organisation to form to manage special cases of the company. These meetings are held on a specific time in which the committee members decide the policies needed to be followed for better management of the organisation.

1.2 Legal and Ethical requirements of meetings within an organisation

There are certain ethical and legal requirements that are required to be taken into consideration before making any arrangement of meetings. These requirements are mentioned below:

Legal Requirements:

The legal requirements that are needed to be complied by a company are mentioned below:

  • Work health and safety regulations.
  • Provision of Public Liability Insurance

Ethical Requirements:


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