SPOHP1 Planning And Managing Resources Level 4


Planning and managing the resources in healthcare sector in industry in case of proper provision of metal healthcare services. Apart from it, the report will be discussed about current issues facing by NHS foundation trust (SLMH) organisation, and it need to replaced its nursed to new employees in case of improvement within its professionals mental healthcare facilities. The assignment also will be discussed about identification of such factors which is influencing decision making process of firm.

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Main Body

P1. Discuss the need to balance management priorities against outcomes for serving users when planning and managing resources

Understanding Of The Concepts Of Resource Planning: Management of resources or planning about manpower is the method by which an organisation ensures that it has the right type of people, at right time, at right place and they are working effectively to assist the organisation in accomplishing organisation’s overall goals and objectives. This is a frequent process which is being continuous within business environment. Human resources are the most essential assets of each organisation which assist company to gain growth and development of the human resources in business (Smith, Nolan, Normand and McPake, 2013). In case of mental healthcare organisation, they need to ensure that they are having skilled, trained and potential human resources to attain the healthcare objectives of organisation in industry.

The Environment In Which Health And Social Care Operates: Health and social care climates are complex systems in which care is delivered by its appropriate professionals. Several types of settings are present here in which health and social care is delivered by multiple organisations in this sector. NHS England trust is delivering variety of improved health and social care services in which perspective of the physical, mental and social well-being of individual person in communities. Since 2010, the total number of NHS mental health nurse in England has dropped by 15% in parts of London, about 20% of job vacancies are unfilled. Care quality commission revealed that only 14% if mental health patient said that they received appropriate care in a crisis and a review of psychiatric said they commission on Actual Adult Psychiatric Care found that 16% of patients per ward could have treated in an alternate setting, involving crisis houses and rehab services (Mielczarekand Uziałko-Mydlikowska, 2012). The business is facing wide rage of healthcare professionals shortage within organisational environment in case of mental health nurses are taking on a higher caseload. So it is necessary to appropriate planning of hiring new slot for effective provision of mental healthcare at South London and Maudsley NHS foundation trust (SLMH).

The Importance Of Effective Human Resource Planning: It is very essential to having effective human resources planning for NHS foundation trust (SLMH) within its organisational environment in order to proper provision of its mental healthcare facilities in its areas. Having better human resource planning is to have an accurate number of employees required, with matching skill requirements to accomplishing organisational goals and objectives. In given case. NHS foundation trust (SLMH), in parts of London, about 20% of job vacancies rare unfilled. Helen Gilburt, a fellow in health policy says that, the organisation have not got sufficient workforce to deliver that care, people are more likely to lapse (Loorbach and Rotmans, 2010). The nursing shortage is caused partly by an ageing workforce that is not being replaced quickly enough. In the organisation, the nurses aged were more than 50 and the organisation require hiring new employees or replace old nurses from new nurses who having more effective skills and experiences about mental healthcare provision. So they will be able to deliver health and social care services adequately.

The Need For A Systematic Process Of Business Planning For Examining NHS Foundation Trust (SLMH) Organisation And Its Environment:

Business planning is also known as strategic planning for long rage planning is managing in which directed process that is defines about allocation of proper resources and process within the business environment in order to functioning of its various business processes.

Replacement of Nurses: In case of NHS foundation trust (SLMH), the organisation is facing wide rage of nursing shortage is caused partly by an ageing workforce that is not being replaced quickly enough, so require to hire new nurses by replacing it, to increment in performance effectiveness of the business (LaFond, 2013).

Technological Changes: Variety of innovative technological changes can be seen within mental healthcare sector in case of provision of fresh training and personnel skills to existing employees. The organisation must need to comply with updated and advanced technological instruments in context of furnishing training to increment in skills and experience level of their employees.

The Importance Of Voluntary/Community Sector Within Health And Social Care Sector:

In London, variety of NGO's and non-profitable organisations are working in this sector and delivering effective health and social care services within business environment. They are helping NHS Trust in respect to helping its nurses to making better relationship and proper execution of its functioning upon treating its patients well.

Effective Resource Management And Good Budgeting Skills:

Its Human resource department require conducting effective hiring program at workplace to replacing its old employees and nurses from new employees in respect to boosting up influences its healthcare facilities towards patients (Kongstvedt, 2012). Business strategy should focus upon how financial resources will be deployed to deliver the strategy to distributing appropriate proportion of finance to each functionalities of the business. The outcome of each budget decision must be communicated to all relevant staffs of the businesses.

P2. Identify Three Different Resources Of Healthcare Funding And Discuss The Role Of Project Management In Managing & Financial Resources In Relation To Short, Medium And Long Terms Funding

Resources are central to the management process of each organisation. In case of health and social care organisation, they have very limited supply but are the means to attain goals and meet goals and meet demand of services users and others in a broader society. So it can be said that, healthcare organisation must implement effective strategies in case of having right kinds of resources of funding within organisational environment. Financial balance is essential for each healthcare organisation (Almalki, FitzGerald and Clark, 2011).

Grants: Grants are cooperative agreements are usually awarded to support or assist projects whereas contracts procure a definite service or product. Grants may be awarded by various foundations, corporations or agencies of the federal government. So the getting grants from various foundation can be very effective source of finance for NHS England rust (SLMH) in context of execution of its various healthcare facilities (Kerzner and Kerzner, 2017).

Cooperative Agreements: Making cooperative agreements with multiple health and social care organisation can be one of the effective source of funding for the organisation.

Contracts: In order to gaining efficient amount of finance, its professionals require to making financial contracts with its several types of social and healthcare organisation can assist them to generating wide range of money.

The Relationship Between Planning And Management Of Resources And The Performance Of The Individual, The Team And The Organisation:

Planning and management of a projection is tow separate functions of management. In case of appropriate allocation of resources within NHS England rust (SLMH) organisation, planning of its care projection precedes controlling and controlling succeeds planning. With the assistance of systematic planning of resources allocation in the company, as per predetermined planing of controlling of resources like replacing of nurses and arranging proper financial resources to completion of its various tasks in company. It is necessary for the team of organisation in order to creating collaboration with various team members in order to completion of each social care task (De Vries and Huijsman, 2011). Team working is necessary part for company and the individual and team working as both are important for smooth running of an enterprise. Each individual plays vital role in case of completion of variety of business tasks of the firm. Contribution of each employees most needed to improving into performances of NHS England rust (SLMH) firm. In addition, numbers of issues are being faced by firm due to shortage of mental care professionals in the organisation. So effectiveness of its facilities is being reduced within organisational environment. New hired and existing employees should be engaged with each other within the business environment in such areas where something new activities can be gained in relevant form (Appari and Johnson, 2010).

Discuss Accountability And Responsibility In Relation To Appropriate Uses Of Resources:

In order to appropriate utilisation of resources of the healthcare organisation, it is necessary for its management professionals to having relevant accountability and responsibility of allocation of each resources within the firm. In case of accountability, it can be bestowed but responsibility might be given or received from others within the business environment. Within NHS England rust (SLMH), several types of healthcare facilities are being provided in organisation environment towards their mental patients (Chartier, ed., 2014). Various kinds of new responsibilities are being generated within organisation, so it being necessary for its Human resource department to hiring new efficient staff, which have potential to taking over all responsibilities with perfectness in respective manner, so the performance of the organisation come out with significant ways. Managers of the organisation must be accountable in case of provision of its mental healthcare services at South London and Maudsley, in respect to reaching out at appropriate level of positioning.

Budgetary Restrictions In The Current Fiscal & Political Climate:

In case of provision of various types of healthcare services in industry. In 2016,figures analysed by the King's Fund think tank showed that, “mental health trust is England are still having their budget cut, despite government assurances they would be funded on a par with physical healthcare” (Berman, Bowman, West and Van Wart, 2012). The sector is facing high range of mental health issues at wide level, and its professionals need to make sure that, the government of the UK is furnishing less amount of development of healthcare sector, which is reducing the betterment of this sector at South London and Maudsley, so it can be said that, the role of fiscal policy defines that, numbers of economic issues are being faced the organisation in industry. Allocation of less budgeting in this sector making negative impact upon human resource planning and business functionalities within industries in sufficient form.

Explain Financial Risk: Numbers of financial risks are being arisen in the case of proper execution of its various operational functionalities in industry. Market risk, credit risk, liquidity risk, operational risk, legal risk etc. all these factors of the business can affect the financial terms of organisation effectively.

Identify The Factors That Can Influence The Decision-Making Process When Managing Healthcare Funding:

Lack availability of financial resources might affect business performance within healthcare industry in respective manner. Numbers of issues are being faced by the organisation within industry in case of provision of healthcare services which is affecting decision-making process of firm (Aronsson, Abrahamsson and Spens, 2011).

Lack skills and experience of nurses can affecting the financial uses upon its various healthcare projection in respective form.


From the analysis, it is concluded that, planning and management of resources within health and social care sector is crucial part in case of running its business functionalities. In addition to it, the report concludes about several types of resources must be controlled by its professionals in appropriate form and also replacing old nurses from new employees.


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