Importance of Research Skills - Find Depth Data or Detailed Analysis


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Research is the systematic investigative process employed to maximise or revise current knowledge and skill by discovering new facts (Research Skills, 2018). The skills are needed to study to answer the questions, to make reasoned arguments and theories based on evidence and to maximise understanding in a specific field of inquiry. In simple word, research skills can be determined as being capable to give in depth data, suitable advice and detailed analysis on a specific topic after investigating extensively on that matter. This report is based on different factors that will helps in making a good research like reducing the turn it in in the overall project. Apart from this various important considerations that has to be taken while preparing a research are also highlighted in the following study (Alguire, Anderson and Henry,1993).



1.1 Different research methodologies

Research methodology is the theoretical, systematic analysis of the methods used to a field of study. It is an effective process used to gather relevant data and information for the motive of making better business decisions. This part of the research mainly divided into three section which are determined as under:

Experimental Research Methods: It is a scientific and systematic methods to investigation in which the investigator manipulates more variables, and controls or measure any variation in other variables. This method helps the researcher to identify specific research problem.

Opinion Based Research Methods: This method is generally concern about designing an experiment and gathering quantitative information. For such kind of investigation, the measurements are commonly arbitrary, applying the interval or ordinal type. Beside this questionnaires are an essential way of determining information from a sample population and testing preferences or emotions (Arends and Castle, 1991).

Observational Research Methods: It is a group of various methods of research where investigator try to assess a phenomenon or development without interfering too more. Main method of observational research is case study, it is a depth study of a specific condition rather than a statistical survey.

1.2 Use of the research methodology

Research methodology is one of the main and effective part of research which help the investigator to collect appropriate and relevant information towards a specific topic. There are different approaches of research methodology such as interviews, survey, publication study and other techniques. All these are highly useful for the researcher to identify opinion and views of the sample respondents regarding the objective of research.

  • It is used to analysis opinion of the respondents about the specific topic.
  • It is used by the company in order to identify customers’ needs and market trends through applying questionnaires and survey.
  • With the help of research methodology an individual and organisation easily achieve their personal and professional objectives (Booth, Booth and Falzon, 2003).

1.3 Importance of both quantitative and qualitative data

Quantitative data: It is a number based method that apply numerical information to identify opinion, attitudes and many other variables. This type of research include survey, it is classified into different ways such as mobile and online survey, systematic observation and longitudinal studies.


  • Supports in evaluating open-ended questions
  • More easily capture information and data important to forming effective strategies.
  • Often restructures and decrease a complex issue to a limited amount of variables.

Qualitative data: It is a social research that is concerned with motivations, experience and opinion. In this case study, phenomenological, narrative, ethnography and grounded theory.


  • It builds innovative theories and explore new areas of research.
  • In-depth and detail examination of phenomena.
  • The participants are capable to give in their own words and way.

1.4 Problems that can arise when undertaking research

There are different problems which are faced by the researcher when undertaking a research systematically. Some issues are determined as under:

  • Selecting the right topic
  • Choosing the proper and relevant methodology
  • Finding participants in the study
  • Acquiring institutions to participate
  • Dealing with specific information and data

All these are main issue for the researcher which highly effect on its work and activity in a direct manner. In order to overcome all issue, they should try to select appropriate topic and methodology. To use sample random style which help them to select actual number of participants (Carey, 2017).


For collecting the information, there are mainly two sources which will be followed in the investigation. One if the primary data and the other one is secondary information. Under primary source, questionnaire will be made by researcher which will support in gaining the appropriate information from the respondents. In case of secondary source, journals, books will be bringing up which will support the investigator to collect the data about the specific topic.

Use of primary source: These are normally considered to be a items including personal diaries, letters, records and many other documents developed during the time under research. It can also be thoughtful materials that give first-hand and unique accounts of the practices, events or conditions that are researching. It is also useful in collecting accurate amount of information about the particular topic of research

Use of secondary source:

  • To acquire expert opinions and views in order to analysis what really happened.
  • To save time period by reading data gathered from a various number of sources.
  • To collect data and information about the opinion of respondents through books, journals etc.

2.2 Importance of using primary information sources

Primary source of the information is more essential and significant for the individual and organisation also. This source helps the investigator to easily collect appropriate amount of data about the research topic. There is some importance of applying primary source are explained as under:

Develop critical thinking skills: Applying primary source need to be both analytical and critical as researcher reed and evaluate objects and documents (Crookes and Davies, 2004).

Acquire empathy for the individual condition and deeper understanding: Primary sources of the data help the researcher in personal manner to promote in-depth knowing of history as a ways of human events.

Construct knowledge: Scholarly study should be based on observation and facts, which needs the application of primary sources. Inquiry into such sources encourages researcher to wrestle with opposition and compare different sources that show differing opinion, confronting the complexity or quality of the past.

2.3 Describe a recognised referencing system

Research is more essential and significant part for the organisation and individual. It help the people to collect accurate information and data about the particular topic. It comprises systematic and creative work or activity undertaken to maximise the knowledge about society, culture and humans. It includes different types of source and techniques such as primary and secondary, qualitative and quantitative. These are support the person to accomplish their long term goals and objectives within predetermined period of time. In order to identify the specific research problem investigator need to follow research process. This process includes some steps which are determined as under:

  • Choose a topic: It is depict as a subject that he or she can know ans one that curiosity him and her.
  • Make a plan: Develop a calender with each other to map out the activity.
  • Check with the pedagogue: Person should double check the matter with senior.
  • Conduct research and take notes: Person can use different number of resources-from internet, books and the periodicals to do this. It supports them in practice taking notes apart from copying word to decrease the plagiarism risk (Devine, 1987).
  • Outline the project: This will assist person to organize their thoughts and notes.
  • Write the report: Follow the outlines as a aspect of road map.
  • Edit and reread the report: Identifying and correcting errors are the characteristic of a better learner.


3.1 Appropriate techniques of survey

In order to present research proposal there are some steps which are determined as under:

Title: To analysis the impact digital technology on the individual and his or her family life.

Background: Digital technology is one of the main and essential part for the development and growth of the individual and his family. It help them to easily share their individual data on the public. This platform highly influencing the lifestyle of new generation.

Objective of the research: Main objective of preparing research proposal is to identifying the effect of digital technology on personal life.

Research problem: There are certain limitation and issue which are witnessed at the period of executing investigation. Main issues is the time in this research topic because it is vast in order to acquiring the response. So in the entire it can be determined that time period is minimum for the whole study (Donaldson, 2000).

Methodologies: It is important part of the research which includes different methods and approaches. In order to gather accurate amount of the important from the respondents, researcher use different primary and secondary source and various kind of survey technique's such as online survey, market survey and many other. Beside this they select sample size which is 20 out of total population. Sample size is selected with the use of sample random methods.

3.2 Role of ethics in research

Ethical norms also offer the goals and aims of research and follow to people who organise scientific investigation or other creative and scholarly activities. Role of ethics in research activity is very essential. The investigator must have a better way of determining what is good and what is wrong. Ethical doings in any practice and professional is absolutely essential. Ethics in research arise conflict when the investigator is not decisive regarding the protection of answering profile and the require of the investigation process. There are some roles of ethics in investigation are described as under:

  • Main role is to promote the aims and objectives of research such as truth, knowledge and avoidance of mistakes (Dunn, 1993).
  • Promote the values that are important to collaborative work and activity such as mutual respect, accountability, trust and fairness.
  • Support to ensure that investigator can be held accountable and responsible to the public.


4.1 Research proposal appropriate to a seminar environment

Title of the proposal: To analysis the impact digital technology on the individual and his or her family life.

Background: There are different parts of the digital tool such as social media, e-marketing, mobile app and many other. All these are highly impacts on the individual as well as his or her life in a direct manner. This platform assist them to make better relation with the institution. In this selected respondents are 20 that are active on on the digital platform.

Objective of the research: Main and foremost objective of the research is to analysis the impact of digitalisation and its importance for the people.

Significant of the research: Research is essential for gathering accurate and relevant amount of information from the chosen candidates. It will also support to develop better understanding towards the research topic (Goodin,1991).

Research problem: It is major part which is observed by the researcher during implementing research in an effective and systematic manner. Another issue which is observed by the investigator during implementation of investigation such as time and cost. Both are important part for the organisation and person.

Methodologies: One of the best method which is used by the researcher is survey which help them to gather accurate data regarding the respondents response towards the effect of digitalisation on personal life.

4.2 Constructive feedback on proposal presented within the seminar environment

Research proposal is a important and essential part of the research which is mainly based on topic, aims and objectives of the research. It should apply few standard guidelines and process to meet with the wanted level of quality. It is advisable in order to take person feedback or comment while determining on the topic and the activity should be in the direction of a knowledgeable people who can be a seminar proposal society member or somebody. In a last presentable structure, research proposal could have determined regarding the issues by briefing distinctly regarding the importance of the difficulties pertaining to it. Beside this references and bibliography should have applied as per the Harvard referencing style. Thus, research proposal is an effective and essential part for the researcher to analysis accurate and relevant data about the topic (Ivanitskaya, Laus and Casey, 2004).


Q1) What is the Harvard referencing system.

Harvard referencing is also known as parenthetical referencing, it is a citation style or way in which partial in-texting-for example (Kinicki, A. and et. al., 2014) are boxed within parentheses and enclosed in the matter, either beside this or after a sentence. It is divided into two parts which are determined as under:

Author-date: Primarily applied in the social and natural sciences as well as suggested by the American Psychological association and American Chemical society.

Author-title or author-page: Primarily followed in the humanities and the arts and suggested by the Modern Language association (Laidlaw and et. al., 2012).

Q2) Reason behind using the Harvard referencing system within their research

Harvard referencing is the most common and effective system of reference in academic literature. It is crucial for academics and students in order to acquire it perfect. In the research it is also important and useful because in which it define the point of view of the authors about the specific topic of research. It is more useful and effective in the research such as:

  • It is important to successful investigation.
  • Supports the reader in order to analysis the original and actual sources if they wish.
  • Enhance their writing skills and quality.
  • Adds authenticity to its argument.
  • Shows that they have ready widely.
  • This system of referencing assist then to get effective and better marks.

Q3) What is plagiarism

Plagiarism involves inadvertently or deliberately presenting someone else's ideas as its own. It is cheating in nature. It doesn't just use to direct allocation but paraphrased argument too. Thus it is treated very usually and seriously outputs in disciplinary action. In order to avoid this there are different points which are shown as under:

  • Plan their work and activity in advance as well as handle their time in an effective manner.
  • Read a passage carefully and them create notes afterwards. It develops it easier in order to use it in own words (Larkin and Pines, 2005).
  • Note down entire details for each and every source as their work. It will support them to compile a list of reference or bibliography.
  • Save their work and notes until to receive their final mark.

Q4) What is Turn it in

Turnitin is a internet and commercial based plagiarism which is launched in 1997. high schools and university typically buy legal document in order to apply the software as as service website. It checks submitted documents and papers against its information and the content of many other websites with the motive of determining plagiarism. Outputs can determine similarities with available aspects, and can also be followed in formative assessment to assist student or person learn to ignore plagiarism and enhance their writing. In simple word, it is an originality plagiarism and checking prevention service that identify person writing for citation errors and inappropriate repeating. When person submit their document, turnitin compares it to matter in its massive information of person work, books, articles, websites etc.

Q5) What is the reason for using Turn it in.

Turnitin gives a way of strengthening the formulation of the Educational institution policy. It is one of different resources that can assist check that academic honesty is kept up. Teaching staff members have different level of sleuthing plagiarism and are usually very well-known with the reference sources of academic within their discipline (Merriam and Simpson, 1995). It is quickly defines the matching text sources and this support in the decision making activity, thereby assisting help the upkeep of actual assessment quality for entire students. It has different advantages as a learning and teaching tool for learner. In this student may have the chances to put a draft version of its assignment to develop an originality report. This assignment or study will highlight matter that matches nearly to other way and this may show that the learner require to perform on their referencing and writing quality.

Q 6) Plagiarism is limited if the Harvard referencing system is employed.

Referencing is the effective procedure of acknowledging the way that person have followed in writing their assignment, essay and piece of work. It allows the scholar to access their source papers as easily and quickly as possible to verify, if essential, the validity of their arguments as well as the information on which they are highly based (Peterson and Schaffer, 1999). On the other hand plagiarism is an effective term that determines the unacknowledged apply of someone's activity. This covers ideas or material from any unpublished or published sources, whether web-based, print or audiovisual. Harvard referencing system is more essential and useful which reduce the plagiarism effectively.

  • Manage their plan and time work: Ensure that person have more time period to write, read and prepare.
  • When paraphrasing an author's text check that person apply their own sentence and words essentially different from the actual text.
  • It save entire notes, printouts, files and many other until they receive its final grade and mark (Thomas, 2004).


From the above mentioned report it has been concluded that research skill is more essential and effective part for the person and an organisation. It help the people to collect relevant and accurate amount of data about the research topic. Beside this researcher use different kind of methodologies and approaches which help them to easily gather appropriate information. Apart from the plagiarism, Turnitin and Harvard referencing are important part of writing a report in a systematic and effective way. In order to overcome plagiarism issue business entity use some types of software which help in identifying and reducing plagiarism in an effective and systematic manner.

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