Current Trends of Labour Market and Appropriate Legal Requirements of Nisa


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Organization Selected : Nisa


Proper talent and resource planning are considering the crucial success factor for every organization. With proper planning, Human Resource Department provides right talent at correct time with appropriate skills to meet the desired goals of a company. The present report dealt with legal requirements and current labor market trend. The client is a small retail store named Nisa in UK where 213 employees are working and its yearly turnover is around £ 20 million. As per changing taste and trend of customers, the company also develops its product accordingly.

The report help to understand the current trends of labor market and appropriate legal requirements which influence workforce planning in order to meet desried goals and objectives of an organization. It also determines current and anticipated skill requirements in varying context. Report presents appropriate documents and process which contribute to effective recruitment and selection and help us to know how human resource life cycle manages the human resource strategy.


P1. Current labor market trend that influence talent management and workforce planning

As per the data available, current market trend of labor increases year by year. From November 2017 to January 2018, the number of people increases in workplace and unemployed people decreases. People age between 16 to 64 years is now working continuously in work place

In context of Nisa, there were about 200 people are engaged in a business but now 213 people are added in order to serve customers (Bartlett, 2018). There were about 32.38 million people that were employed in United Kingdom and from last year, around 1, 46,000 more people add in business. Nisa select those people who have management skills and can serve all types of customers in their best way. The unemployment rate was 4.2 percent down from 4.5 percent this proves that labor market trend increases. The positive employment growth in UK shows growth in GDP of market. Because of changing demographics, employers will need more people to employ; in recent coming years, overall labor supply is expected to fall and increase in proportion old workers who work only for few hours. As per the data available, people aged from 16 to 64 years was 75 percent higher than earlier data available.

Illustration 1: Labor market trend of UK

Wage growth of labor is also slightly increases from last many years. Nisa pay wages according to work done by employees. If an employee stays late in a company company pays overtime and provide incentives on their extra work achievements. Latest data shows that an average earning for employees increased by 2.8 percent which excludes bonus as compared to last year. With continuous increase in labor market trend in UK, it definitely influences workforce planning and talent management by showing their extra skills and talent. The employees of Nisa perform their work extra ordinary and that is how a company creates its brand image in a country (Holm and Haahr, 2018). The national institute of UK analyzes that economy of UK grew only 0.2 percent from last three months and this is because there is slightly change in the rate of unemployment rate. In every three months, the UK government release new job work place for those workers who are unemployed so that it will help in rise of GDP. Nisa also recruit new people in order to examine the management skills and their talent which may influence to attract number of customers and help to maximize profit as well as sell.

P2. Different types of legal requirements

While workforce planning, there are different types of legal legislation which are mention below:

Equal Pay Act, 1963: under this act, fair labor pay should be given to every employee who works for a company and there should be extra wages given to those employees who work extra for a company after his actual duty hours. This act also prohibits discrimination based on sex, age and gender.

Civil Right Act of 1964: this act deals with maintaining good and healthy relations with employees. This act protects illegal discrimination from race, caste, color, religion, sex, origin, physical disability and employees over 40. This act force to record keeping and reporting on requirement of employees (Legal legislation,2018). These records include documents related to selection, promotions, benefits, training, increments and compensation.

Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967: this act prohibits discrimination against those employees whose age is more than 40 and who face difficulties in hiring, promotion, discharge and retirement. Employees who are above 65 may be subjected to retirement if they were in position of at least two years before the retirement.

Fair Credit Reporting Act of 1970: this type of act helps to use credit facility to all employees. Under this act consumer agencies are person or type of business who paid a fee to report the information to the third parties. The most common use of credit reporting act is to take credit reports of current employees (Gardner, 2018).

Equal employment opportunities: this act committed that equal opportunities should be provided in workforce to all employees. Under this act, a protected class is a group of people who have common characteristics and are protected from all types of discrimination and harassment on the basis of caste, gender and religion. At workplace, there should not be any unlawful discrimination which affect person trough physically or mentally . If harassment is done in any workplace, the media and court cases coverage lot of things in this particular topic.

M1 the labor market trend in UK is continuously increases. The employment opportunity is increases from last many years and government also release some job offers to those who are not employed from many times. The present or current market labor trend affects GDP of UK in positive manner and the demand of labor is also increased because growth sector is increased on monthly basis.

D1 labor market and legal requirement impact positive on the growth of GDP in UK. Many rules and regulations which help while planning for workforce such as discrimination law, equal opportunities for employment, age discrimination act and fair credit reporting act (Plug, Klaauw and Ziegler, 2018). By involving right person at right place will help to make plan in better way and recruit who have talent management skills and can help for good opportunities for company.


P3. Current and anticipated skills requirement in employee

Nisa have number of employees working and every individual have different skills and talent but to explore those skills on right time is necessary. The employees should have talent and skills which are mention below:

  • Communication skills:A good employee should have best communication skill and they should communicate properly with their colleagues and upper authority. Employee of Nisa should have best communication skill because it will help to attract more number of customers and the staff should have high power of listening because when wrong situation create at that time solve the situation according to customer satisfaction (Hirsh and Cha, 2018).
  • Positivity: A good employee should have positive attitude towards its work. If employee feel that the work is not according to his ability then he will immediate take wrong decision and may leave a company that is why positive attitude will help to make good relation with a company for long time.
  • Inter personal skills: employees who work in Nisa, have good inter personal relationship with each other. This will help them to make good relation with their colleagues and authority. Strong interpersonal skills help to interact with each other and help to achieve the desired goals for a company.
  • Customers perspective: employees should have maintain good relationship with customers so that it will indirectly help in profit and selling power. Making long term relation with customers will definitely help to make brand image in a market. To fulfill the demands according to customers need is a great skill which every employee should possess (Card and, 2018).
  • Decision- making: it is not compulsory that this skill should be posses only in upper authority but the staff members and employees of Nisa should be able to make smart and quick decision for the betterment of a company. A good decision help to take a business in right direction and help in the progress of a company.
  • Intelligence and Competency: employees should be smart and intelligent in every workplace if they take their work seriously. They should be deep thinker so that they can look to solve every situation of a company.
  • Time management: labors or employees of a company should be very punctual. They do their work according to time (Cascio, 2018). They always work for good reputation and higher productivity. As they want to achieve all the targets of a company that is why their work management is according to timely basis.

M2 the employees of Nisa have good communication skill and leadership qualities. A good interpersonal skills help to develop good and healthy relationship among all the members. Smart work and good decision making will also help to present himself a good and best employee for a company.


P4. Job description and person specification documents for recruitment and selection

Job description: while recruiting or selection job description plays an important role. While hiring or placing any individual in a workplace, a proper written account is needed which include all the duties and responsibility related to a job position. Job description is an internal document which clearly present all the requirement related to job position and skills required to perform a specific role. It also includes all the term and condition required for a allotted position. For example: in a company like Nisa, there is vacancy of a post of sales manager and HR of a company will looking forward to hire a person for this job. In the same time they select a person through interview process and after that they present written document to a selected person which include offer letter, salary sheet and summary of allotted role with detail of essential jobs and responsibility and many other documents which include all the terms and condition (Banfield Kay and Royles, 2018). Job description is a written document that clearly define success in a role. There is a need of job description because it states what skills are require to perform it and what roles are fit for the organization.

Person Specification documents: this documents include qualification, skill, experience and knowledge of a a person to perform the duty of job. This documents are provided by the person side and help to form a foundation for the process of recruitment. While preparing personal specification it should clearly specify all the details which are required by authority for recruitment process. This document also specify the outline related to personal background as well as last experience of the job.

For example, there is a vacancy in Nisa, and the HR of a company were looking forward to fill the vacant seat and they are select the person through interview procedure but before that they want a description of every individual who are interested to do the work here (Kidwell, Eddleston and Kellermanns, 2018). At that time personal specification documents are required which describe single detail of an individual such as his qualification detail, personal background, experience and his motive for his future or career. By reading this document, HR can easily recruit the person who is actually eligible for the company, that is why personal specification is the necessary documents needed for recruitment and selection procedure.

P5. Different recruitment and selection method for effective talent resourcing and planning

There are various methods of recruitment and selection such as :

Illustration 2: Recruitment and Selection method

Promotions: Nisa also apply this method of recruitment in order to recruit its employees. Promotion means to upgrade the group of employee by analyzing the performance level in a company. The company fill the higher vacant seats with promotion only (Nieves and Quintana, 2018).

Transfer: this is the internal method of recruitment and company may use this method for recruiting which means interchanging one job from another without change in its responsibility and duties. Nisa transfer the employees from one department to another in order to learn different roles and responsibility.

Job posting: this method will also helpful for Nisa and it is an open invitation for all the employees where they can apply for vacant positions and it will provide equal opportunities to all the employees of Nisa to work together (Madison and, 2018). Through job posting,recruitment will be done because it will help to save a lot of cost of an organization.

Short listing/ Assessment: this is fair method of selecting any candidate for an organization because it will help to select a candidate according to his ability to perform a job and Nisa uses this external method of selection under this method interview are conducted in order to evaluate the performance of a candidate which help to analyze whether he is good for a company or not.

Direct recruitment: it is the external source of recruitment and Nisa uses direct recruitment method for hiring new employees. Under this method qualified candidate are recruited by placing a notice of vacancy on notice board and this is a fair method of recruitment which help to select best candidate for the vacant position in a company so that it will help to take a business in next level of success (Kalleberg, 2018).

Employment Agencies: this is also a type of external source of recruitment where some agencies are allotted which are run by public and private sectors who had a data of all the qualified candidate and whenever there is a vacancy in any organization then these agencies recruit those candidate and in return to this they take some charges. It provide all kind of labors such as skilled, semi skilled or trained. Nisa did not use this type of method because it is a small store whose budget is not allowed to select candidate through this process.

Through advertisements and newspaper: it is most popular and common way of recruitment. Vacancy is announced through this media which clearly states job description and other requirements (Card and, 2018). This method is helpful for recruitment and selection process because huge amount of hiring for short time period can be done though advertisement only and Nisa also publishes advertisement in order to get people know about their vacancy.

M3 there are various types of recruitment and selection process but using external source of method is quite beneficial for Nisa because it is a fair mean of selecting a candidate for an organization and advertisement method is also most popular and common way which help to recruit or select one out of many.

D2 for effective recruitment and selection proper documentation should be done. Personal specification details will help to improve recruitment and selection procedure because it clearly define or state a complete background of an individual that will help to take proper decision related to an organization (Plug, Klaauw and Ziegler, 2018). A good judgment about the candidate will help to improve the effectiveness of recruitment and selection procedure.


P6. HR life cycle

Human Resource life cycle have their own challenges and opportunities with their benefits. Human Resource have their own unique life cycle and this life cycle id divided into five stages which are mention below :

Illustration 3: HR Life Cycle

  • Recruiting: it is a process to hire the new employees for a particular job field. The role of human resource department is to place proper advertisement and then select the candidate through their resume by conducting interviews and assessment such as choose best applicant for vacant position through its personality profile. In a small business where owners are usually human resource and they himself play a role or duties of HR. recruitment is define as getting a talented candidate in a system as a new employee.
  • Career planning: it is a second stage of HR life cycle which means that it is a process through which an employee become a key member of an organization through learning new job duties and creating good and healthy relationship with his colleagues and upper management authority (Human Resource Life Cycle,2018). It is a stage where an employee and human resource department work together for his long term career goal and achievements. They also help an employee to determine the best option for their career so that they can analyze their key strength and weakness.
  • Career development: this opportunities are essential to keep engaged the employees within organization. Human resource department keep trying to meet all the goals and achievement of a company. They also help for growth and training to prepare the employees o take more responsibility in a company. On the other hand sometimes this stage also help to assess the employee's work and its performance which lead to a result that he is a successful hire for a company or not.
  • Motivation and evaluation: keep employees busy in their work force will sometimes distract from their goals (Coller, Cordero and Echavarren, 2018). To provide proper motivation related to their job field by human resource department will lead them in a successful way. Evaluating their performance and reviews will help to determine whether he or she will be fit for a job or not. By conducting proper performance evaluation test, human resource department can judge the effectiveness of an employee.
  • Termination: it is a last stage of human resource life cycle where an employee will leave a company through retirement after leading a successful career, it can be evaluated that others will leave a company in order to grab other higher opportunities (Gardner, 2018). The main role of HR is to manage all the formalities of leaving a company through proper documentation and ensure that all the policies are to be fulfilled by an employee even after leaving a company. All this stages are handle through internal basis and sometimes this formalities are not fulfilled by human resource.

P7. Evaluating the stages of HR life cycle in the context of Nisa

HR life cycle help to know the situation whether the recruited person is fit for an organization or not. HR of Nisa will also follow all the stages of life cycle and evaluating the performance of every individual such as :

Recruitment: HR of Nisa uses this stage of life cycle in order to evaluate the efficiency of employees. It is a process which help to hire the best person for a vacant position. Through this process or stage, HR can easily select promising candidate by seeing their resume and sometimes it may be lead to take wrong decision for the company. Because only looking promising resume no one can be sure that an individual can be good for a company, it is only an assumption of human resource department which sometimes lead to loss for a company.

Career Planning: the next stage of a life cycle is career planning. Human resource treat this stage is the most successful stage (Holm and Haahr, 2018). In Nisa, when employees are recruited for a company and they help to make learn them new opportunities and duties related to their job position. Through this stage, human resource department can determine the effectiveness of recruited employee and help them to achieve all the goals and desired objective of a company. It is a stage where HR can evaluate that employee and his supervisor work out for long term goals and objective or not. But sometimes it is not fruitful for a company because HR cannot understand the basic need of an employee and as a result they did not maintain long relationship with a company.

Career development: Different types of opportunities are essential in a company which help to keep engaged new employees in a company (Waxin and, 2018). HR of Nisa will train all the new employees in order to make them understand about their roles and responsibility but this stage has its own drawback such as through performance analyzes, managers or HR can determine that whether the candidate is fit for an organization or not. The department of HR will try to maintain good and healthy relationship with their employees in order to meet all the desired goals and achievements.

Motivation/Evaluation: through motivation, an employee can be easily set mind to do the particular job. By creating positive environment in Nisa, the staff will automatically adjust in the workplace (Bartlett, 2018). Human resource department will always try to motivate their staff but sometime they may be take wrong decision according to situation or by evaluating their performance they can be terminate from a existing company.

Termination: it is a last stage of HR life cycle where the employee of Nisa can be easily leave a company according to their need and through retirement also after leading a successful career. While on the other side other employees may be leave the company in order to grab other opportunities. At that time HR of a company should be manage all the terms and condition which carry out through exit interviews.

M4 Life cycle of human resources are quite important in relation to strategic management and talent (Hirsh and Cha, 2018). These stages of life cycle help to determine the effectiveness of an employees in an organization and through this stages HR can evaluate the performance of each and every individual of a company.

D3 Every stages of HR life cycle help to know the performance of every employee and using these five stages of employee life cycle, HR of Nisa can easily enhance the talent of every employee and help in taking good decision for the success of a business.


By summing up above report it is concluded that talent and workforce planning is quite important in any organization. With proper planning, HR department can easily achieve their desired goals and objectives. The report focus on organizational process that involve the proactively planning in order to avoid talent shortage and panic hiring. There is need to attract suitable candidate for a job field and through this report it can be concluded that current labor market trend of UK is continuously increases and the report also explains different legal requirements that must be undertaken while planning. The report also explains the importance of job description and person specification documents for effective recruitment and selection for Nisa. It also present different recruitment methods and selection methods for effective talent resourcing and also evaluate how stages of Hr life cycle help in Nisa and human resource department.

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