Global Expansion Strategy for Starbucks

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This assessment will cover:

  1. Provide the globalisation strategy for Starbucks.
  2. Starbucks maintaining growth in south africa.
  3. Elaborate the challenges and opportunities in Starbucks.


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Globalisation is a process that helps the integration and interaction between the peoples, companies and government worldwide. It helps in priding a platform that helps the companies to coordinate and work in order to grow their business. Expansion of the companies in global level is important in order for a business to expand in an international level. Starbucks one of the leading coffee brand in world is expanding its business in South Africa. The present report will discuss the globalisation drivers that help the Starbucks to grow in South African market. The report will also help in understanding the global expansion strategy for the Starbucks. Further, the report will discuss various market entry strategies and the strategies that Starbucks has adopted in order to established in South Africa.

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1.Analysing and discussing the drivers and strategies of globalisation for Starbucks and different market entry strategies.

Globalization drivers are the factors that are contributing in change. With the increasing in globalization, expanding the international market is essential for a company to grow. In order to expand the business of Starbucks in South Africa. It is important for company to understand the drivers of globalisation that can lead to change its globalisation strategy of expansion. The drivers of globalisation are the factors that contribute in making change. These are the factors that help in growing the Starbucks in global market like South African market. The main drivers of globalisation are:

Technological Advancement: advances in technology are one of the main factors that help in contributing in globalisation which helps the company to grow.  Technology plays an important role in revolutionalized the global economy that has become critical competitive strategy for a company in order to form on global market. Technological advancement helps in smooth operation of business with the help of technology. It helps the company to grow in international market by efficient delivery of good and services in different countries where it operates (Meyfroidt and, 2013). Technology makes in overcoming the hurdles of globalisation and international trade such as trade barriers, transportation delay in information exchange that assist in making an effective market. The technological advancement in South Africa are helped the Starbucks to operate its operations smoothly.

International Trade: it is the most important factor that helps in increasing the globalisation and creating platforms in order to grow the company internationally. Different country has different laws and regulations regarding the trade. The company can earn revenue in a country’s marker where are there is supportive trade barriers. the South African government are taking initiative so that companies from international market can operative effectively. It will help in contributing to the GDP of South African economy. The level of competition in the country is also an important factor of globalisation that helps the company to grow in the competitive market in order to win over the market unique features of the products.

Communication: it is the dynamic factors that help in operate the company in different part of the world. With the help of the smoother communication, it is possible for Starbucks to successfully operate in the South African market  (Moncada-Paternò-Castello, Vivarelli and Voigt, 2011). With the help of internet, the people of South Africa are aware about the brand image of the Starbucks that helps establishing the company in country successfully.

The global expansion strategy can be explains as a company’s plan in order to expand its business activitities in different countries throughout the world. In order to expand the business in global level a company has to start its busbies in more than a country  (Holtbrügge and Baron, 2013). There is various strategies that Starbucks can use in order to expand its business. These can be exporting goods, licensing, forming strategic partnerships, acquiring businesses and building new facilities in multiple countries. Starbucks has successfully adopted Franchising strategies for global expansion its business operations in South Africa by giving its franchisee to Taste Holding.

There are different market entry strategies which can be adopted by countries in order to enter a new market in different countries. Some marker enter strategy are:

PARTNERSHIP :  It is almost essential when entering foreign markets and in some areas of the world, it may be borderline necessity or required. Partnership can be of various types from a simple partnership for marketing to a partner in a foreign market who is just as invested in all aspects as you are or to a sophisticated strategic alliance for marketing. It is mainly used in those markets where the culture, not only business but social differs from local partners and local business and market knowledge and if chosen wisely it can bring more customers.

BUYING A COMPANY: by far the easiest way to enter a foreign market is buying an existing local company. It is easiest due it already substantial market share, existing customer and brand image. Sometimes due to direct competitor or government regulations this is the only way to enter for the company. it is very costly and estimating the true value of an firm in foreign markets requires important reasonable steps.

LICENSING :  it takes help of domestic companies to carry the product, the company seeking help to the foreign firms and to provide the products of their company. Company are temporarily licensing them the rights of your product to a foreign company for a limited time.

FRANCHISING: Starbucks Company has adopted the franchise strategy in order to enter South African market. Franchising is the process of allowing the local distributor, independent businesses to sell the products of the company by maintain the company’s brand name and value Starbucks has given franchisee to its local partner Taste Holding to operate its business operations and open different outlets of Starbucks in order to sell its brand products. But Franchising has some benefits as well as drawbacks also:

Benefits of Franchising:

  • The local company or partner taking franchisee will manage the locations and research for the outlets and also looks for the funding  (Laufs and Schwens, 2014). It will help in retaining company’s revenue.
  • As a franchisor the company will earn extra income from the revenue generation bt each franchise in the country.
  • Depends on meeting the needs and goals, the agreement of franchise can extended in order to grow further.

Drawbacks of Franchising:

  • It will cost the company is establishing a franchise in development, legal document preparation, marketing and packaging of the product in order to recruit the franchisee.
  • The franchisee will follow the training and instruction, still there are less chance of full control and supervision on the activities of franchisee.

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2. Starbucks maintaining growth in South Africa

The economy of south Africa is reeling under the pressure in present times (Davies, 2015). Thus, people moves to those cities where they can easily find work and better education. And south Africa is driving the revenue of fast food chains. The company supplied blankets and umbrellas along with free coffee samples to their new and potential customers. This helped them to attract large customers towards them. Starbucks also cost less for their cup of coffee as compared to other brands. The price of the small latte is 23% more than price of other. They also announced various plans to expand their business in many areas of the world.

The store of Starbucks also offered cyber office space, free Wi-Fi, local beverages and also comfortable space for relaxing themselves and also for reading books that makes the mind relax of an individual (Deresky, 2017). These facilities that were provided by the brand attracted large number of customers and earn high profit. The entry of Starbucks would not only create opportunities of employment in a country but also leads the workers to impart their skills in the market of south Africa. Further, the sites of social media also doubted on the success of the brand in short time. This success left the international brands like Zara, burger king and McDonald backward that were struggling to make their place in the market of South Africa. This is because the market structure of south Africa is very typical. Thus, to make place in the competitive market of south Africa, Starbucks generated annual revenue of over $22 billion. They also operate 25,000 stores in six continents.

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Thus, Starbucks transformation continued to be cited as an example of getting right supply change management. For this, they have to undergo following steps.

Reorganise- in stage of 2008, Starbucks took up essential step in order to simplify and centralise supply chain that was previously fragmented (Frost, 2017). Thus, cited brand team reorganised it in such way that helped them by making every role fell into one of four basic functional groups that includes plan, source, make and deliver.

  • Cut cost and improve the service- each group that functioned were tasked in such way that will later help them in finding the improvements. The manufacturing group of Starbucks analysed that if the price of the product is reduced than large number of customers will be attracted towards them. This was done with help of roasting planned that was opened. This approach that was adopted by Starbucks, allowed them to extend supply chain and have common frame of reference. Thus, it is done along with goals that were aligned with the success of the enterprise in overall.
  • Future capabilities- thus, with help of the system that was established in order to ensure supply chain execution in present and also in the future, the Starbucks company mainly cared in order to hire or recruit the most talented employees that will later help them in replenishing leadership team of supply chain. Onboard training was also introduced in order to train the workers in appropriate manner that leads in achieving huge number of customers and also achieve high term profits.

3. Opportunities and challenges for Starbucks

Starbucks was the strongest in south Africa in terms of coffee industry even if sales were below the historical average for first two quarters of year (Real and Percell, 2018). Further the revenue has grown consistently at impressive rate. Below the challenges that were faced and they faced them has been discussed in the following context-

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  • Increasing price of products- the cited brand has been leveraging the loyalty of customers and lack of elasticity among the consumers by passing continuously on cost increase due to wages and coffee prices to customers. Thus, there were rise in price that mainly aimed in protecting company's operating margins. Later, Starbucks had an ability in order to expand its margin by 80bps that was 21.5%. The main problem arises that how long consumers will be attracted to the product. The cited company changed the store towards attraction that was in terms of inviting and premium atmosphere.
  • Rising price of coffee beans- the price of coffee bean also started rising again and it was the major problem that Starbucks had to face. To overcome this, the company started taking measures in terms of passing on the hike to customers. As per the company, the hike were mainly focused on cold beverage and bakery menu items.


  • Mobile order and pay is the major opportunity that will help the cited brand to reach the boost and expand business worldwide (Voigt, Buliga and Michl, 2017). For this they must design small stores that will help them in cratering mobile orders. This will help them in growing their sale worldwide.
  • The roasteries and reserve brand of Starbucks is the most exciting growth for them.
  • Increased branch in China helped this brand to foster its business along with image. Starbucks has 2,500 locations in china and also plans to open 500 branches per year in next 5 years.


From the above report, it has been analysed that Starbucks is the leading company of South Africa. The global expansion strategies has been discussed in this report that helps in analysing the scope of expansion in the market of South Africa. Thus, market entry strategies has also been adopted that helped in analysing the needs and requirements of the country and accordingly fulfil them that helps in achieving long term success. In addition to this, opportunities and challenges have been discussed that helps in proper decision making to expand their business worldwide.

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