Marketing Mix & Plan of McDonald's

Organization Selected : McDonald's
Question :

Following points will helps in framing the strategies to grow the business in the  target market are given below:

  • Explain the role of marketing with its relationship with other business units.
  • Compare with the ways in which chosen company apply the marketing-mix to achieve the business objectives.
  • Produce the marketing plan for an organisation.
Answer :


Marketing is the crucial tool in the modern business organisation as it involves understanding of market place, demands of consumer, building profitable relations and provide quality among the customer's. It is defined as the process which creates value among the consumers (Arguello,2013).This report focuses over the marketing essentials in the business organisation which helps them to compete in the market and establish their position accordingly. This report is carried out in the context of McDonald's which is American based fast food chain. This organisation was founded in the year 1940 by Richard and Maurice. The way of application of marketing mix in the company to achieve organisation goals and objectives are also stated in the report. Also this report will develop and evaluate the basic marketing plan for McDonald's.

Task 1

P1 Roles and Responsibilities of marketing manager

Concept of marketing

Marketing function can be defined as the role of the business organisation which helps them to identify the current as well as the future trends in the market. These functions involves the basic criteria that every organisation should consider while making their marketing plans. It includes marketing research, product plans, development process, promotion of product and customer service (Puddle, 2015). The concept of marketing are divided into five major concepts which specifies the business objective of any organisation. This will result in increased profit margin along with market stability and growth. These concepts are defined below:

  • Production concept: This concept defines that the consumers are more linked to the product that are easily available in the market and are inexpensive. McDonald's should focus on the product improvement and the price that they are providing to the customer's.
  • Selling concept: It defines that the consumers are attracted through promotions and they are attracted towards the product which are promoted in the market aggressively. Hence in the case of McDonald's their aim should be to promote the product that they are offering to the customers.
  • Marketing concept: According to this approach the focus of the organisation should be on the target consumers (Bačík, Štefko and Gburová, 2014). If the brand value is enhanced then consumer will automatically will choose the brand over other competition in the market.
  • Product concept: This concept hold that the clients will move towards the product that will have value for money and innovative approach. In case of McDonald's they should focus on the product that helps them to motivate their customers in buying and are easily affordable.
  • Societal marketing concept: This concept focuses on the needs and requirements of the society and the target customer's. The aim of McDonald's should be to create the product that are desired by the consumers and should be able to target the needs of the society.

The current and Future trends of marketing are based on the requirement of the market trends the industry. The current marketing trends involves the digital media in the market and the future marketing involves user generated content to attract the new customer, maintianing transparency to create effective realtionship with customers with help of involvement of the mobile marketing strategy in the marketing technique. McDonald's should focus on the present needs of the consumers and should build their marketing plans in a way that the future trends are also taken care of.

Role and responsibilities of marketing function:

Defining or managing brand: marketing work effectively in term of manage the brand in thr market. Managing brand define as who you are, what you stand for. Managing the identity of the brand ofthe company in market.

Monitoring and managing social media: Marketing function are effective interm managing the social media. Marketing department manage the mcdonald's social media and monitor all the factors related to social media.

Producing marketing and promotional: In this, theses marketing function effective in creating the material which is describe and promote the core product. All the material of promotional activities are up to date in macdonald.

Overview of different marketing process:

It is defined as the process that includes the way in which the value is created for the consumers so that it satisfies their wants. In this process the situation is examined to identify the opportunities, the strategies to execute the plan so that the results are monitored.

The following four steps are involved in the marketing process, these are Situational analysis, marketing strategies, marketing mix decisions and implementation and control (Batt, 2013). McDonald's must identify their ability first along with identifying the opportunities that will help them in meeting the demands of their targeted consumers. If these processes are carried out in a systematic way then it will help the organisation in building the brand image.

Roles and responsibilities of marketing mangers:

Marketing managers are mainly focused on the management of an organisation's marketing operations. The marketing managers should have an excellent communication and analytical skills. In the small organisation marketing managers are in charge of the organisation's entire marketing activities and coordinating those marketing activities so as to influence the customers to choose the product over other competitors. Managers of McDonald's should be friendly & socially active (Blythe, 2012). This will make them to take decisions spontaneously. The key roles and responsibilities of marketing managers are :


  • To conduct market research: The marketing manager should carry out the market research to gain a clear understanding of what an organisation customer's really wants. This also involves the study of the organisation competitors so that they can develop the product that are superior and are valuable for the customer's.
  • Developing marketing strategies: They are responsible for developing the marketing strategies for the organisation. The strategies created helps in outlining how an organisation will promote its product and service to the target market. Managers of McDonald's should focus to create an effective marketing strategy that will help them in increasing their sales turnover.
  • Marketing information system: Manager of McDonald's should analysis the market and product with the help of marketing information system. Its play important role in gathered information of market and product which is helpful for knowing taste and preferences of customers.
  • Creating customer value, sanctification and loyalty: customers are considered as the person who are know as value maximizers. Manager of McDonald's should focus on each ad every factors which create satisfaction in the mind of cutomers. Crrating stratification among the customer play effective role in creating loyalty among them.


  • Customer relationship management: The marketing manager performs the function of maintaining the customer relationship management in the organisation. The marketing manager collects this information from the organisation customers data base to help create a customer satisfaction survey (Udachyna, Bandorina and Savchuk, 2017). McDonald's manager should analyse the negative feedback given by the customers and make a plan that will help in retaining and managing the relationship.
  • Identifying new business opportunities: Marketing manager should identify the trends with the aim of identifying new market areas. By doing the sales forecast they can estimate the future performance of the organisation's products. The managers of McDonald's should help the organisation in identifying the new business opportunities so that they can capture the market which is untouched by them.
  • Setting strategy: It is the responsibility of McDonald's manager to make the good strategy which gives great impact on sales of McDonald's. This strategy includes product strategy, market strategy etc.
  • Managing and designing integrated marketing communication: It is very important for the manager of McDonald's to design marketing communication because it play important role in creating awareness in the mind of customer's. This marketing communication consist of advertising, sales promotion , direct marketing and personal selling.

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P2 Explanation of how the roles and responsibilities of marketing relate to the wider organisation.

Interrelation between marketing with different functional department:

Marketing is a strategic discipline which underpins most activities of the business and is an essential ingredient of corporate strategy (Cabrera and Williams, 2014). The main element for any organisation is to coordinate marketing plans with the other functional departments of the organisation. In the context of McDonald's marketing department relates with the other functional departments so as to achieve the common objectives of the organisation. Relation of marketing team with other department is classified below:

  • Production team and marketing: The marketing department needs to work closely with the production department to ensure that the research and development is done in a way that it satisfies the needs of customers. The product is manufactures in the way that it meets the criteria as mentioned and specified by the consumers. Marketing team in McDonald's help them to identify the current market trends through which the product is created to satisfy the needs of consumers.
  • Finance team and marketing: In this the marketing department has to work closely with the finance team to ensure that there is adequate budget allocated to the research and promotion team. This department has whole organisations brief to ensure that all the business operates within its financial capabilities. This department wants that all the department works within the allocated budget. In the case of McDonald's the marketing team is highly dependent on finance department as they are the one who decides the amount of money that should be spended on the marketing of the product .
  • Human resource team and marketing: Here the marketing department should work appropriately with HRM department so as to ensure them that the person recruited has all the qualities and skills to match the requirement of the team. Here the HRM team recruites the person as specified by the marketing team. They find the employee which has all the skills and knowledge that are required in any marketing officer so that they can acheive the pre set targets.
  • Sales team and marketing: By coordinating with them the marketing department ease the work of sales team by connecting with the customer's needs and requirement's. Here the marketing team analyse the needs of the of the customer's and prepare the marketing strategy that helps the sales team to sale the product effectively. This helps the department in acheiving the sales target. The task of sales team of McDonald's is to generate maximum profit and revenue. They should be able to sell the customer's the new product invented.

The value and importance of marketing roles:

Marketing helps in transfer and exchange of goods. Goods and services are made available to the customers through various intermediaries such as wholesalers and retailers. It is helpful to both producers and retailers. Marketing is also helpful in raising and maintaining the standards of living of the community as it helps in uninterrupted supply of goods and services to the consumers at a reasonable price (Caragher, 2016). It also creates employment. Along with this it helps the managers to take decisions with the help of marketing techniques. It helps the economy to become strong and stable as they results in innovation and employment.

Conclusion on interrelation between different departments in an organisation:

The marketing department is linked with the other functional department of the organisation in a close manner. The marketing department needs to coordinate with other department so as to achieve the pre-set targets of the organisation. If the departments are interconnected than it will accelerate the speed of work that the workers do. The information will be communicated accurately within the departments and if it is not understood by any employee then they can cross check with them at any point of time.

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P3 The Marketing mix of McDonald's

The business organisation with their different organisational goals apply different marketing strategies to achieve these goals. It is the foundation of any organisation to attract its consumer towards the purchase of its product. The large business organisation like McDonald's utilises 7ps of marketing mix in their marketing planning process to achieve the organisation objective (Dibb, and Simkin, 2013). McDonald's utilises the extended marketing mix in its organisation for the achievement of its goals and objectives. The marketing mix enables the organisation to determine their level of performance in the market, the firm used to compare the marketing mix tools of McDonald's is Subway.

Source: 7Ps of marketing mix 2018





It is the worlds leading fast food brand. The main products that the company sells are burgers, fries,chicken burgers, wraps, beverages and many more. To attract the customers they also offer the meals that involves the package of two or more than two products.

Subway is the famous brand that offers submarine sandwiches and salads. It is one of the fastest growing franchise in the world . The product offered by subway includes wraps, salads, baked goods etc. The best selling sandwich of subway is BMT.


The company adopts many techniques of pricing to sell its product in the market. They use cost plus pricing techniques for determining the price of the product. The products offered by McDonald's are relatively at a affordable price. The main of McDonald's is to provide the product at relatively lower price than their competitors.

The pricing technique followed by Subway is market orientation. The main aim of the company is to provide their customer with better quality of product at a price that is acceptable by the consumers.


The availability of the product and the service of the company must be easier for the consumer. So for this McDonald's has made a approach of opening as many outlets as possible so that the consumer gets the delivery of their demanded product promptly.

The head quarter of subway is situated at Milford, Connecticut, US. It has strong supply chain network. It has opened its stores in many part of the world through which the consumers can approach them easily. They have created the stores which are opened 24hrs so that the consumers are not effected.


The promotion process is one of the main tool that help the organisation in advertising their product and increasing their turnover. McDonald's uses various techniques to advertise their product in the market. They promote their product through magazines, pamphlets, electronic media etc. The company also offers discount coupons so that the consumers attracted towards their product.

Subway has used marketing strategy that helps them to promote their product in market. They promote their product through TV serials, they sponsor many programmes and games to promote their product.



People in any organisation involves the management, employees organisational culture and customer service. McDonald's employees approximately 97000 people. Any organisation depends upon the employees and the consumers so it is important for them to look after their wants. The company should provide them with the environment that provides them with ethical working environment.

Subway focuses on the employees and the consumers wants. The ratio of customer satisfaction is maximum as compared to other organisations. They have designed the workplace in a manner that promotes the organisational goals and working environment. They have planned a reward and recognition programme that enables the employees to perform in a better way.


The process includes the activities done by the company to achieve its organisational goals. The process that the company undertakes to prepare their product is transparent and is visible to the customer's.

Subway has crated the process that is highly customisable. The process through which the subs are prepared depend upon the taste and preference of the customer's. This help the company to make the product that is automatically liked by the consumers

Physical evidence

It refers to the area in which the product of the company are sold. AS McDonald's use the boards that are creative and use the pillar that gives their customer a sight that there is a outlet nearby. This help them to create a physical evidence in the market from those of its rivals.

The physical evidence of Subway is maintained in a way that it pull its customer towards them. To attract as many customer they have opened the outlet in the malls, complex and the business centres.


P4 Marketing Plan of McDonald's.

It is a business document which outlines the marketing strategies. It is defined as the blueprint of the future objectives of the organisation. This enable the people to learn about the product which they tend to buy (Dudu and Agwu 2014). It is a road map providing then with the directions towards reaching their business objectives. McDonald's also uses the marketing plan to launch the new products in the market. This enables them to secure their future opportunities in the industry.

Company introduction

It is food retails chain which was established in the year 1954. The organisation is working in the more than 120 countries around the globe. The company is best known for their burgers and the nuggets that they offer. In some countries the company provides home delivery and in some parts of the world they provide outlets which are opened 24hrs.


The mission of the company is to provide their customer's with best quality of the product and services. They want to provide their customer's with the environment promoting hygiene and unmatched quality of the product (Malhotra, Birks and Wills 2013). The vision involves that the customer's perception is the one main thing that will always guarantee the product success. Their vision is to become the best service provider restaurant in the world.

Marketing Objectives

The main marketing objective of the company is to focus on the service delivery time. As the customer's don't have much time so the company should make an effective food preparation process that will enable them in decreasing the time of preparation. The smart objective of McDonald's includes the following:


The main aim is to be specific for acheiving customer loyality and expanding the brand image worlwide.


This involves the strategy according to which the fututre objectives that set by the management are measure. According to this statics McDonald's review that the policies implemented meets the objective of the organisation or not.


The percentage of market control should increase by 15%.


The objective can be realistic if they are able to cover the objective as defined above by the marketing managers.

Time Duration

In order to acheive the objective the time period should be of 6 months..

New product

The new product that is to be developed by the organisation is pizza. As the company is only dealing in the burger industry they should prepare pizzas so as to capture the target market.

Target market segments

McDonald's uses demographic segmentation strategy and it takes age as the basic factor for segmentation. The major targets of the company are the children and the youngsters. The main strategies used by the company includes

  • Market penetration: McDonald's has planned the marketing penetration strategies by implementing few interior market promotions techniques. They have also launched few advertisement campaigns for the customer's in each country.
  • Service or programme development: They give intense importance to make their service good so that it can reach the customer's in a prompt manner (Mueller et. al., 2015). They have analysed the market and developed the customer care strategies by taking their feedback that will help them in increasing the number of satisfied customer's.

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Marketing budgets

Marketing budget


1st year

2nd year

3rd year

4th year

5th year

Initial money









13000 a basic mark









Marketing outlay












Sales publicity






Direct selling












Swot analysis

Strengths: They are the market leader in both domestic as well as international market. They use economies of scale to achieve their target of cost reduction. They are capable of generating high revenue and sales because of their market position (Pike and Page, 2014). They have launched the new products in the segment that their competitors are find behind of thinking.

Weaknesses: As the market has saturated it has become difficult for the company to expand. The innovation process of McDonald's is very slow which is lagging them behind their competitors.

Opportunities: They can provide their customer's with internet access at their outlets and make their outlets more attractive. They can use the advanced technology to serve its product in a better way.

Threats: As this is the global organisation the fluctuation in the currency in the market give them major threat. People in the market are nowadays becoming more health conscious because of which they are facing decrease in the sales turnover.

STP analysis:

Segment: in this cutomer are segmented according to age and the income. In this the taste and prefrences of customer is changing according to the age and income. In macdonald have some changes in menu while having the franchises with a new country.

Target: The target of macdonald is kids, teenegers, families. In it define what type of customer macdonal target.

Positioning: The position of macdonald is very good at intial stage. They have devloped unique image in the mind of their customers.

Monitoring and control: This process highlights the different appraoches that the marketing manager applies in identifying the budget and implementing them. Here the marketing manager analyse the bugdet implemented and make steps that control them. This helps them in fulfilling the gap that is between the standard and the actual budget.


From the report it is successfully concluded that the marketing function and strategies are required by every organisation in the world. For the development of the organisation and to expand its business it is important for them to carry out good relation between different departments of the organisation (Pike, 2015). The main objective of the management is to understand the needs and requirements of the customer's. If the company uses any wrong means in implementing marketing plan than it may result in serious trouble to the organisation so it is recommended to the organisation to develop a plan that will increase their performance.

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