Sustainability refers to maintaining the the constant performance level of the business firm. Sustainability practices refers to the activities take place to protect the global and local resources and establishing the eco friendly activities in the business. The company now a days exercise these activities to protect the environment. Companies need to apply these practice for the future aspect. Sustainability practices in tourism refers to the environment, economic, socio culture in tourism development and company need to considered these three aspects into the business. The enterprise try to balance these three dimensions for the longer sustainability.

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The company which is chosen for this report is Marriott hotels which is UK based company. This company deals which the accommodation facilities. Marriott gold coast is one of the premium hotel destination. It is having the white sand beaches, water falls and 304 rooms. Its the perfect place for the romantic gateway. It is having all the amenities which customer wants and gives them the new experience of travelling

Sustainability Issues

The company is facing many issues regarding the sustainability and company need to make policies to over come these challenges. The Sustainability refers to the process which aims to provide the satisfaction to the society. The organisation try to save all the resources which contribute in the future. If the company is using the resources and get exploit those resources for the business development and this growth can not be sustain for the longer run. These factors mainly includes the natural, cultural and social resources. In accommodation and travel industry three are main three dimension of sustainability. These factors are describe as below.

Environment factors

This environmental factor involve the impact of the property of hotels on the environs around the hotel premises. If company should try to protect the environment around the hotel and they should damage it by harm full activities. For the sustainability development company need to take care of the surroundings. The company which is taken into consideration is Marriott gold coast which is the hotel destination. They face the environment issue while making the holidays plans. The destination place should have the healthy environment like greenery and hygiene environment which can satisfy the customers. . The company take measures to prevent these negative impacts like they use the bio fuels, making the company websites in more eco friendly manner to over these challenges. If the company continuous destroy these factor the development is not for longer run.

Social factor

It refers to the factor which reflect the development of people in which the company is operating its business . The can should use its resources by which it can serve its local community(Bebbington, Unerman & O'Dwyer2014). The enterprise should try to contribute in the living of standard and living condition of the community by giving different place where the can explore. The company should also brings the changes in the infrastructures where the community lives. This can help the company to sustain the development for the longer run. The destination place gives the new experiences to the people and also enhance the standard of living by providing extra ordinary services. The holidays destination place encourage the people to come from difficult at one place and it brings the get to together of different people from the world.

Economic factor

This factor is also very important for the sustainability of development. The company should have good economic condition so that they can serve their customers in a better way. The enterprise try to provide good facilities to their customer. The company make sure that the customer should have the amount to pay for the services they are getting and according to the customer budget the company should customise the holiday plans. Sometimes the customers are not able to afford the the prices of the travelling. The company make sure that they are getting good services when they stay in the hotels the company should brings the awareness among the customers to use the water resources and other resources to serve best in the society. Marriott is using the solar syatem so save the energy and reduce the cost it also protect the environment.

Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria for Hotels and Tour Operators

GSTC is one of the criteria for the hotel accommodation companies to ensure the sustainability practices. GSTC help to mange the global sustainability standards. This standard can be increase by the spreading the knowledge among the shareholders and stake holders. In GSTC there is two of criteria that is destination criteria and hotel operator criteria. These are the guiding principal for the hotel operator company to protect the natural and cultural resources. Destination sustainability brings the tourist to visit the different countries. This criteria help to market and bring the awareness of the sustainable destination. In this company use the hotel industry to make the trip of the holiday. This GSTC helps to reduce the negative impact on the environment. GSTC make the principals according to the very developing and developed country because the main aim of GSTC is to spread the information among the people so the guidelines is formulated in common language. In this process there is need of adhere codes and standard setting codes. The alliance authority provides the guidelines to mange these activities to brings the sustainability in all the sectors.

As there are different culture, customs, environment, law these criteria adopt the local common condition for all and there is additional criteria for the particular locations. According to the Marriott gold coast they are certified by the GSTC as they serve the guidelines to its stake holder about the environment protection, cultural factors and others. They have the product which Marriott serves to its customers to encourage the eco friendly, cultural, customer health and safety and others. This can help the company to sustain its business operations for the longer time.

The Ecotourism Australia ROC and ECO certification criteria

Hospitality is sector which more use its resources in the optimal level. To accommodation company try to minimize the impact of the activities on the nature and eco tourism is providing the certificates to those companies those who serve their customer in better way without harming the environment. Ecotourism also them the countries to learn them to how to use the resources wisely and help the local community to change their living condition. To get the certified in this criteria company should have the more than 50% environment friendly operations. The tourism products should be bookable. The should able to meet the ethics practices required by the eco tourism. The company need to regular meet the customer expectations. The company should follow the principal of the sustainability practices by passing from all these criteria the company gets the eco tourism certified.

Marriott can choose any one of these criteria to maintain its sustainability the company should follow the GSTC criteria as it is having the high scope and it is applicable on the various international countries. The guidelines which are made according to different countries. So company gets the opportunity to increase its sustainability by having the multi operations in different countries also company gets the chance to serve communities. Marriott gold coast choose the eco tourism certified criteria to serve its customer by protecting the environment. Company use these certificate in the advertisement that they are LEED certified hotel in US. They also reduce the use of the resources and Improving the environment over 10 years. They using the many technique from that the get the sustainability in the market. organisation also introducing the many green programs to initiate the property practices. The heating system used in the swimming pools of the hotels can save the money also give the environmental friendly practices. Marriott hotel can replace the electricity with the gas so save the energy and use in the laundry and catering. It helps the hotels to reduce negative impact on the en


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