Introduction to Teds Team Case Study

Team working is an essential aspect by which company can improve its performance and productivity(Crook and, 2011). In the following question, importance of team working and its impact on the business performance has been addressed. In addition to this, skill for effective communication, team conflict resolution has been also addressed in this report. By use of various skill and knowledge, how leader can resolve the team conflict has also systematically defined in this report.

List of knowledge Ted should have in attainment of organisation goal and objectives

As per the give case scenario Ted Richardson, the senior security officer requires to deal with issue or conflict and make appropriate strategy to resolve that. By meeting of Ted with Simon, he was cleared to Ted that he have responsibility of lifting the morale of the security staff, and resolve any conflicts in the workplace and create a mindset of commitment and ownership among the security staff. In order to attain the objective with related to the Australia University Public hospital, Ted must have following knowledge-

Team working

In order to attain the objective of Lombaard Security Services Pty Ltd in relation to AUPH, Ted must have effective team working knowledge and skill. By this knowledge, he can develop an effective team and attain the organisation objective in collaborate manner. In addition to this, by use of this knowledge Ted can also improve the quality and productivity of working at the workplace. In the team working, team member can share their idea, knowledge, suggestion, opinion etc to each other so that the productivity of working and speed can also improve (Bae, Song and Kim, 2012). Hence, Ted must have skill and knowledge about team working so as it can develop an effective team.

Dealing with conflicts

This is another major knowledge which required in Ted Richardon. He must have knowledge about dealing with conflicts and issue among the team members (Acker, 2012). He must know the criteria to resolve the issue and find out appropriate solution among the team.

Motivation skill

Motivation skill is one of the required quality in the Ted by which he can able to motivate and encourage team member for desired objective. Once Ted will able to encourage and motivate the staff member for their performance then they will automatically take initiate for higher performance and attain the business objective within time period.

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This is another major knowledge required in Ted by which he can able to manage and accomplish task within team members. With assistance of this knowledge Ted can effectively monitor and control the performance of team members.

Effective communication

Effective communication is another major knowledge which required in the Ted. With assistance of excellent communication skill Ted can able to driver and share his knowledge, idea, information and message to team members. In addition to this with help of this skill, Ted can able to inspire team members.

List of communication skills that Ted needs in order to communicate information, deal with team conflicts and resolve issue to ensure team

As per the give case study, Ted has decided to draft a plan to change the culture of the security team and facilitate teamwork. He realised that team is dysfunctional and its working is responsible for attain the goal of organisation. In order to attain the objective of company with respect of AUPH, Ted required to focus on improve his communication skill so as he can able to resolve the conflicts and issue within team and motivate team member for higher productivity and efficiency (Avery and Jing, 2011). Following are list of communication skill that needed in Ted to communicate information and deal with conflicts and resolve that-

Verbal communication skill

This is that communication skill under which individual have ability to successfully communicate information like idea, thoughts, opinions and updates in verbal manner. It is a soft skill which does not come naturally in everyone it just develop by good practice. Ted required this skill for interact with team members , customer, manager and other people at workplace. With help of this skill, Ted can share his knowledge, message and information related to business to team member. In addition to this, while any conflict occurs on the workplace then by sue of this verbal skill he can analyse the issue and find out the best solution for organisation (Arnulf and, 2014). For instance, while any conflict occur at workplace then Ted conduct personal interaction with team member and analyse the situation for find out the best solution.

Writing skill

This is another major communication skill which required in the Ted for attainment of the objective. It is kind of writing skill which required in preparing the emails, report, letters, applications etc. With assistance of this skill, Ted can able to send an effective business letter, applications and report for business purpose. While company design new rules, regulation, policies and practices then this communication skill will assist Ted to define these aspects to team member. In addition to this while any conflict situation arise at workplace then Ted can develop the solution and place iton the notic broad with effective writing skill.

Listening skill

In the communication skill, listening is another major important skill which required in Ted. It is an ability to actively listen and incorporate other views in the communication. By effective listening, Ted can able to understand issue and conflict of team member related to business. In addition to this, by effective listening, Ted can also able to analyse the situation about conflict at workplace and find out appropriate


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