IKEA is an international company which makes furniture, home appliances, and kitchen accessories. It has its headquarter in the Netherlands.; It is one of the largest retail company in the UK (IKEA. 2016).; The company designs self-assembled furniture. Ikea furniture and home accessories are practical and well designed (Rajappa and Raj, 2016). Company sue cabinet grade furniture grade MDF in all of its MDF; products. The present report describes new innovation that can be mad in the company. The study will showcase the innovation IKEA is trying to do. The present report describes a problem that can be solved by launching the app in the market. In addition, it also illustrates the profit that is associated with the launch of the app. The report will focus on project option analysis that needs to be done by IKEA before launching the app in the market. It will also highlight the recommendations that need to be taken into account by the company.


The aim of this report is to study the launch of catalogue app by IKEA.


Market globalization is continuously increasing these days. Due to this reason every company needs to make innovation in their marketing approaches to maintain a position in the market. IKEA is making innovation in its marketing by launching its catalogue application in the market. Catalogue application is a web application which helps a user to buy products online (IKEA APPS. 2016). This application will allow the customer and buyers of the home furnishing company to keep updated about the latest releases of products, furniture, and home appliances. This app will let a customer see how its products would fit in their homes and how they will look in reality. An app can list different categories of the product, product specifications. It will also include multimedia resources like videos and pics of the furniture and home appliances.

This app will use a print catalogue which is placed on the floor to get a rough idea about products fitness in real life. This will let user a real experience like they are trying the furniture product in their room itself. From this app, the IKEA can get customers to feedback about the product.IKEA can conduct research on the customer to determine the need and expectations of them so that the app can be evolved according to their preferences. By conducting research they can identify the problem faced by the buyers when buying furniture and questions they have in mind as if the product will get fitted in their rooms or not.IKEA is planning to launch the print version of the catalogue app which will feature more than 50 pages. A customer can scan with their mobiles to get supplementary information about the product (Martinez and, 2014).


To determine possibilities like strength, weakness, opportunities and threats of IKEA Catalogue mobile app swot analysis can be used for it. In SWOT analysis is a framework that helps in analyzing the situations and finding out the best solution.

The Strength of Catalogue Mobile App

IKEA has a solid financial position and good brand image in the market. Is also design attractive furniture products. Launching app will help the company in gaining more customer attraction (Cardamone and, 2016). Customers will have faster and easy access to a furniture store. They can see the product online and experience the real-life applicability of the product in their home. This app will make customer m easy to navigate through one product to another. By launching the app the company can easily give information about the product to their customers. Ikea would be able to achieve market leadership by launching an app.

Weaknesses of Catalogue Mobile App

It is difficult to identify the need and requirement of consumers due to which challenges will be faced in developing the app. A company will face an issue like the security of the app. After downloading the app there is a long subscription process. Due to which some customer will never download the app. Text displays on the app are sometimes difficult to read for a consumer, so this is also a weakness for the app to be launched. Poor mobile optimization would also be a problem for the app (Benmoussa and, 2015).
Opportunities for Catalogue mobile app: Mobile app market is growing very fast. So this is will be a proven strength for the app to be launched by the company. There is a huge market in demand for mobile application for everything that makes the life of people better and easy going. So there is an opportunity for IKEA by launchi

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