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Gender Socialization Sample

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Gender socialization is the process in which sociologist can define that why male and female act like in different ways and also they have different type of social roles. It is the process where society may decide the individual role of male and female like men have traditionally being expected to strong, quite aggressive while women have been expected that they are sensitive and nurturing in nature(Bunnell, 2016).

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1. Various sociological concepts

There are several type of sociological concepts that affect the gender socialization in many ways like human behaviour and actions(Endendijk and et.al., 2017). This process is include the behaviour and interaction of the individual men and women in the way of society's culture or language, norms and values etc.

Various sociological concepts of the Gender socialization is given below:

Society culture: As according to its name social culture and languages of the different cities, can directly affect the behaviour and action of the each individual who lives in the society. There are several factors like social interaction, socialization, dress and cultures etc. that affect the freedom of the each individual either men or women(Green and Jakupcak, 2016). Theories and behaviours which are surrounding to the minority and majority groups and ageism, racism and discrimination are the major topics of sociological concepts.

Social structure: Structure are mainly considered the several factors of society like arrangements of roles, organizational structure, cultural symbols and many more. Social structure are describe in individual role sets of male and female, status sets, that continuously affect the social culture(Reidy and et.al., 2016).

Inequality: It is the main factor that consist social stratification, race, ethnicity, these are the major concept of gender socialization. Social stratification is known as the unequal position of male and female in the society culture in which they have different roles in society in terms of wealth, property, cultural products.

2. Key points of gender socialization

  • Gender socialization is the main process in which society taught each individual either men or women that how to behave in social culture and about their roles. This is mainly depend on the biological sex.
  • Gender stereotypes is the result in which society can expect that each girl and boy have their certain roles and that roles are socialized from their birth as well.
  • In this process society direct the men and women that how they behave according to their role and it will reflect their culture. According to the socialization each individual instruct to behave in their own norms and values(Strapko and et.al., 2016).


As per the above discussion, it is clear that gender socialization is very major factor that directly affect the social culture of the society. In this case, socialization instruct the male and female that they have to behave in their own norms, values, and group of belief or membership. Gender socialization is the process that affect the social culture even before the birth of the child, Moreover most of the gender deferences are affected by difference in socialization, rather than biological facts(Stoet and Geary, 2016).


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