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Plagiarism-Free Dissertation Help from Australia’s Best Academic Writers

PLAGIARISM- Does this word ring a bell in your mind? Of course, you will remember the numerous times when you scored poor grades due to ‘literary theft.’ Yes, it is a ‘theft’ or an ‘academic sin’ in the eyes of the professor. No professor wants his student to copy someone else’s work, and if he finds the same, he gives poor grades. And yes, let us not forget that a single trace of plagiarism in your dissertation writing task can make you repeat an entire academic year. In such a case, you require plagiarism-free dissertation help service to safeguard your entire year. 

Moreover, if you are thinking that you will submit a dissertation with copied content and pass the course without being noticed, then you are highly mistaken. There are many plagiarism-detecting tools available in the market which are used by the professors to spot the copied content. Such online tools compare the dissertation with millions of information sources available on the Internet to check authenticity. Therefore, it becomes necessary that a student write the document from scratch but, writing a dissertation from scratch seems to be an impossible task, provided you lack writing, reading, proofreading, and researching skills. In this scenario, only plagiarism-free dissertation help online services can be your life saviour.

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But here comes a big problem. There are thousands of websites in Australia which portray themselves as the No.1 writing help service providers. In this competition, many genuine websites remain overlooked by the students, and among them, one of the trusted and reliable websites is Assignment Prime. We are 100% against plagiarism which is reflected by one of the company’s policies. According to which, all the academic papers are written from scratch. In fact, we also deliver free Turnitin report to the students. Before we move on to our plagiarism-free dissertation writing services, let us shed light on the types of plagiarism that become a root cause for the loss of valuable grades.              

Plagiarism-Free Dissertation Helpers Explain Different Types of Plagiarism

Plagiarism isn’t a new phenomenon in the field of the academic industry. But, the advancement in the field of technology has now paved the way to discover the traces of content which is copied from someone else’s work. Therefore, it is necessary that a student have a brief knowledge of different types of plagiarism. Let us begin:

1. Complete Plagiarism

Also referred to as intellectual theft or stealing, complete plagiarism is a type of plagiarism in which the student submits the work of someone else under his name. As per the plagiarism-free dissertation writers, there is a 100% possibility that the online tools will show your document fully plagiarized. And, ultimately, your grades will suffer.

2. Source-Based Plagiarism

Using a source which is incorrect and does not exist also fall into the category of plagiarism. Moreover, if you have referenced just the primary sources and there is no presence of secondary sources in the bibliography section, then you have accidentally fall prey to plagiarism. Also, making up fact and omission of important information to give false impression also fall in the category of source-based plagiarism.

3. Direct Plagiarism

This type of plagiarism is also known as verbatim plagiarism. The experts in plagiarism-free dissertation writing explain that direct plagiarism occurs when a student copies the work of others without quotations. It is similar to Complete Plagiarism with a twist, i.e., here unless of copying the whole content, some section of the document is imitated.

4. Self or Auto Plagiarism

Termed as duplication, it is an academic sin committed by a student who reuses parts/section of his own document. However, many scholars believe that this category of plagiarism does not fall under the category of ‘literary theft.’ But, one thing is sure that if your professor finds out that you have used sections of your own document, then he will surely give you ‘F.’

5. Paraphrasing Plagiarism

The plagiarism-free dissertation online professionals believe that it is the most common plagiarism found in the academic writing of the students. Lack of research skills, insufficiency of time, etc., are some of the reasons due to which students copy phrases from previously-done work and do minor changes in it before including in the document.

6. Inaccurate Authorship

Commonly known as misleading authorship, inaccurate authorship is done in two ways- firstly, when a student refers to a person’s source but do not give the credits and secondly when a person gets credit without making any contribution in the dissertation.

7. Mosaic Plagiarism

As per the plagiarism-free dissertation writing services helper, mosaic plagiarism takes place when a student maintains the structure and meaning of the copied context same but uses synonyms of the words to make it look unique. The second name of this kind of plagiarism is patchwork plagiarism.

8. Accidental Plagiarism

There are times when a student commits plagiarism due to negligence or mistake. In such a scenario, he becomes the victim of accidental or unintentional plagiarism. But, since your professor doesn’t know that you have done it mistakenly, he will give you poor grades.

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As explained by the plagiarism free dissertation writers, these were the categories of plagiarism which hamper the grade of the students. If you are the one who fear to lose the valuable marks because of intentional or unintentional task of duplication, then Assignment Prime is the only website you can trust. Well, the credit of delivering a non-plagiarized dissertation goes to our writing process. The different steps involved in the process of dissertation writing are mentioned in the subsequent section.

How Plagiarism Free Dissertation Helpers Draft 100% Original Work? 

Our website and your professor have one thing in common, i.e., we can’t stand plagiarism. Due to this, the process of writing a dissertation followed by the experts consists of several steps which are mentioned below:

1. Choice of Appropriate Writer

First thing first, the process of writing a well-researched and formatted document begins with the selection of suitable writer having sound knowledge of the dissertation subject. As only then, he can make sure that the information he is providing is genuine and relevant to the dissertation topic.

2. Selection of Highly Qualified Researcher

The next step in the process of delivering a plagiarism-free dissertation online is the selection of researchers having extensive knowledge of the subject. They are responsible for referring to multiple sources to gather strong arguments. Also, the arguments mentioned in the academic paper will be just for backing-up the topic of dissertation.

3. Assembling the Information

All the information acquired after hours of research are compiled under different sections of dissertations, such as introduction, body, conclusion, bibliography, literature review, methodology, etc. This step eases the task of the writer and ultimately help us to deliver a non-plagiarized document before the deadline.

4. Beginning the Writing Process

The time has come for the dissertation writers to begin the writing task. The wordsmiths, experts in plagiarism-free dissertation writing, before beginning the writing task analyze the university guidelines to know the word count, formatting and referencing style, etc.

5. Time to Quality Check

The inspection of the document is done by quality analysts who overview it to verify whether the dissertation is genuine or not. Only after their approval, we will deliver you the paper. In case they are dissatisfied with the work, our writers will again write it from scratch.

Reading so far, you must have known that all these steps, when implemented sequentially, will deliver a 100% authentic academic paper. Therefore, choose our plagiarism-free dissertation writing services and take home a flawless piece of writing. What will further help you in trusting our services is the list of features that we offer to them. Keep reading to know more.

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