5 Best Grammar Apps to Get Your Writing on Track

10 Feb, 2019 3034

College-goers are frequently assigned different paperwork throughout their study program they enroll in. The reason why they are given a lot of assignments is to assess their understanding of the specified topic and particular subject as well. Also, a well-drafted document strengthens their chances to score winning grades and excel in their career. However, the academic writing task is not as easy as pie. One needs to possess impressive writing skills, be very precise with their spelling and grammar, and make sure that all arguments tie together.

But, with the heaps of online or app-based grammar and language checkers available in the market, students can easily step up their game of assignment writing. Here, we have brought you a list of the five most popular grammar apps that will surely help you write a top-notch paper.

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1. Grammarly

Grammarly is probably the most popular grammar app that is available in an online and desktop-integrated format. Its proofreading resources can check against more than 250 grammar rules, and its built-in plagiarism-checker makes sure that your work is original. Grammarly lets you detect potential grammar, spelling, word choice, punctuation, and style mistakes in your writing. It tells you where you have made an error, and provides you alternatives so that you can enhance the quality of your work. It is compatible with both Windows and Apple. Its basic version is available for free, but its premium service comes with a cost of US$29.95 per month, US$59.95 per quarter, and US$139.95 per year.

2. Ginger

Ginger is a comprehensive grammar and language checker developed by Ginger Software. With an online, desktop, and app-based format, Ginger provides contextual spelling correction, detects phonetic spelling mistakes, and gives suggestions to make your writing sound effective and natural. A dictionary is also available at hand so that you can check whether the word you are using in a sentence is correct. It also comes with a translation ability for over 40 languages and has English practice courses that are based on your mistakes. The premium version of Ginger starts at US$29.9/month, US$41.97/quarter, and US$89.88/year.

3. Hemingway

Hemingway is a web-based writing enhancement platform that analyses your writing to make it lucid. It was named after Ernest Hemingway who was known for his clear and precise writing style. This app highlights the sentences that are hard to comprehend in yellow and those in red which are too dense and need to be rephrased. The web-based version is free, but the desktop app comes with a once-off payment of UD$19.99.

4. CorrectEnglish

CorrectEnglish is an advanced writing tool and an AI-powered spelling & grammar checker developed by a US company that evaluates US college applications. This online tool provides instant proofreading, alternatives, and feedback as you type so that you can improve your content quality in real-time. It offers your access to powerful research and word relationship tools that can further enhance your writing. CorrectEnglish comes with an inbuilt plagiarism checker that covers you for authenticity. This platform also allows you to save, revisit, revise, and share documents. With so much to offer, the premium service of this app costs US$120 for one year.

5. WhiteSmoke

WhiteSmoke is an all-around English mistakes detector and corrector that integrates with Microsoft Word and Microsoft Outlook to make your writing compelling. Its spell checker highlights incorrect spellings, words used in the wrong context in a sentence or phrase, and gives suggestions to make necessary amendments. The grammar checker analyzes your work and suggests alternatives. It explains grammar or punctuation errors so that you can learn from your mistakes. It is available at just US$9.95/month for web operation and US$14.95/month for the premium software.

So, these were the top five grammar apps that can help you get the perfect writing. However, none of them provide 100% accuracy. So, always make sure to get a second set of eyes over your work.

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