Know Everything About Paraphrasing: Complete Guide for Students

12 Feb 2022 641
all about paraphrasing

Writing a document for academics but can't understand a bit? Sometimes the topics given to students are too tough to understand. This is when they prefer using sources online for information but unknowingly fall for plagiarism. If you do not want to fall for it, then try an online paraphrasing tool.

Wondering what it is? In the following sections, let's know about paraphrasing and a paraphraser in detail through this blog by the experts of Assignment Prime. So, let's get started!

What Is Paraphrasing and When to Do It?

Paraphrasing is the process of presenting available information in own words. This is a practice where the writer/student has to read the available information from sources, understand it and present it in their own words.

This paraphrasing is commonly done during researches when there is more information to add to the existing topic. It can also be used to rearrange the information and emphasize better on the topic. And if the available content is complex or complicated, then the paraphrasing practice can simplify and clarify it.

Now the concern here is how to paraphrase a document without getting plagiarized. So, read the below section to understand that better.

How to Paraphrase a Document? | [With Example]

If you are writing a document, and want to paraphrase any content in it, then here are some steps to follow:

  1. Read the original content multiple times to clearly understand it to know what that text is actually trying to convey to the reader. You should at least read the same text over and over two to three times to get it clear.
  2. Every time you read the content, try to note down key points which you feel are important. Then, when you have read multiple times and noted multiple key points, you can observe some repetitive key points and some new ones.
  3. Now, draft a short piece of information based on the repetitive key points and your understanding of the content. Make sure when you are writing this, you do not refer to the original content.
  4. Once you are done with it, just go through the whole content and compare it with the original content. This helps get a better idea of the content you wrote and the original one- whether they are similar or not.
  5. If you find your content resembles the original one a lot, then try using synonyms, changing the form of words, and using a different sentence structure.

These are five simple ways using which you can paraphrase a document without getting plagiarism in it. Now let's take a look at a piece of content and how it can be paraphrased into a similar but different content at the same time.

Original Content:

Lexi is a high school student who just transferred to the countryside with her parents, who lost their job during the recession and are determined to start working on farmland they own here. They are about to live with Lexi's grandparents till Lexi gets admission to California. Lexi wasn't looking forward to this because she disliked her grandmother totally for her weird behavior, but she had no other except to stay for the next few months.


Paraphrased Content:

Lexi is a high school student who recently moved to the country with her parents, who lost their jobs during the recession and are eager to start farming on their property here. Lexi's grandparents have agreed to house them until Lexi gets into a college in California. Her grandmother's eccentric behavior is one of the reasons she doesn't like her. However, she has no other option but to stay the next few months.

Now you can clearly see the difference in the above two text formats- original and paraphrased. But if you have no idea of paraphrasing, then don’t worry; we are here to help you!

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What to Do If You Are Not Good at Paraphrasing? Know Here!

If you are new to paraphrasing and are bothered if you could do it well or not, then leave your stress to us. Assignment Prime has got the coolest paraphrasing tool for you.

All you need to do is, go to the "tools" section and click on "Paraphrase." Then in the opened window, copy-paste the text or upload the document you want to paraphrase. Finally, click on the "Paraphrase" button. Within minutes, you can download the new document with paraphrased content.

Now that you see this is an easy process, why not give it a try? Our professional paraphrasers are here to assist you round the clock; just give us a call or drop a mail!

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