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Six Most Benevolent Rulers of History

Six Brave and Kind-hearted Kings of History

Throughout history, there have been many kings- some of them were dictators, some were cruel militants, while others were kind towards their countrymen and made numerous reforms to improve their lives. In this blog, we have mentioned about a few rulers who are still remembered for their welfare schemes and policies.

1) Suleiman I of the Ottoman Empire

November 6, 1494 to September 7, 1566

Suleiman I was the longest reigning king of the Ottoman Empire. In his 69 years of rule, he worked extensively to maintain law and order in the kingdom. He also encompassed most parts of the Middle East, Southeastern Europe, and Rhodes. Moreover, he made education free for every child by opening many schools and educational centres throughout the empire.

2) James I of England

November 6, 1494 to September 7, 1566

He was the first emperor who ruled over England and Scotland together. Under his rule, literature and the fine arts flourished a lot as he allocated special funds for them. He also made many reforms for the welfare of women and children. During this period, the British East India Company expanded its business all across the world through sea routes.

3) Augustus of Rome

January 16, 27 BC  to August 19, AD 14

Augustus Caesar was one of the best emperors in the history of Rome. He was popular for his diplomatic policies that were focused on a peaceful coexistence with the neighbouring states. He also made immense development in the field of military policies and reforms. Moreover, he is remembered as the founder of some of the most beautiful cities of Italy such as Verona, Rome, Bella Napoli, etc.

4) Victoria of the United Kingdom

June 20, 1837 to January 22, 1901

Queen Victoria ruled the British monarch for 67 years. During her reign, the British Empire expanded to encompass most parts of Africa, Asia, and North America. The United Kingdom flourished under her reign, and it was during this period that many scientific and cultural reforms took place throughout the world.

5) Louis XIV of France

May 14, 1643 to September 1, 1715

Under his reign, France became the most powerful country in Europe by extending its territory to the neighbouring states. He ended the socially inculcated feudalism in France and modernized the country. During this time, the military and fine arts flourished. And, he also made developments in the field of infrastructure by making roads, hospitals, bridges, guest houses, etc.

6)Meiji of Japan

February 3, 1867 to July 30, 1912

He became the Emperor of Japan at the age of 14. But even in his teenage, he was quite mature in his making administrative decisions and policies. It was due to his contribution to the progress of science and technology that Japan emerged as an industrial powerhouse by the end of the nineteenth century. He is still revered by Japanese.

They were some of the best leaders in the world history. What made these leaders famous are their philanthropic policies that were focused solely on the prosperity and well-being of their citizens.

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