CHCECE006 Assessment Answers: Support Behaviour of Children and Young People

15 Sep 2022 2038
CHCECE006 Assessment Answers

Where to Find CHCECE006 Assessment Answers Online? Here is the Answer!

Being a nurse you always have to be prepared for the worst and hope for the best. In their daily lives, nurses have to deal with all types of people and situations and if you are a student who is looking forward to making a career in the field of community health care and nursing, you need to be able to handle all types of patients and people accordingly. There are multiple assessment courses that students have to complete to get qualified for working in a certain field of medicine. CHCECE006 assessment answers are the toughest to crack and are a reason for trouble for a lot of students. The assessment deals with the study of how to behave and manage the behavior of children and young people. This age group is one of the most vulnerable and might become troublesome if not treated in a certain manner.

Assignment Prime is one of the only handful of assignment writing services that provide CHCECE006 assessment answers help for students to pass their papers with flying colors. In this blog, you will get all your answers related to your assessment based on children and young people's behavior along with free samples and examples that may come in handy for you while completing your assessment answers so make sure that you read it till the end.

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CHCECE006: An assessment of Support Behaviour of Child and Young People.

Children are as we all know, one of the most important and delicate parts of society and require extra care and diligence to be treated. The idea behind the CHCECE006 assessment is to make sure that students of nursing get an insight into the various aspects of nursing in a facility that focuses on kids and young patients. There is a huge difference between the way of treating and handling an adult and handling a child and to ensure that a student of nursing is proficient in managing the different aspects of child health care, passing this assessment is a must.

CHCECE006 Assessment is an important assessment that a nursing student has to complete to gain insights, knowledge, and skills that are required to be able to guide a sense of responsible behavior in toddlers, young ones, and teenagers. The study of this assessment is a necessity for budding nursing students who want to make a career in this field as children and young people are the most unguarded age group that can easily come in contact with various diseases and might require assistance.

Every individual has a defining personality. While working in a facility, you may encounter a lot of children with different personality traits and different behavioral qualities. Some might have disruptive behavior while some may have other issues. You must be capable of diffusing a situation that presents itself as trouble without losing your cool and ethics.

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Why is it Important to Complete a CHCECE006 Assessment?

The behavior of a child can sometimes be like rain on a sunny day, unpredictable and unexpected. They might be feeling stressed, frustrated, angry, unwell, etc. But do not have the ability to express what they are going through and hence it is reflected in their behavior, and you just can not treat a person without knowing their problem, now can you? That is why to get familiar with the unusual behavior of children and what causes it is an important aspect of a nursing student’s curriculum. The CHCECE006 assessment, as you might have understood by now is related to the study of how to deal with children and young people in a medical facility. If you are enrolled in a nursing course, then in order to become an eligible health care worker, you are required to complete this course. It is also important to complete an assessment on CHCECE006 as there are a lot of scenarios that students have no experience with or do not expect to occur but are casual in their field of profession. This course helps you, a nursing student to overcome all the unnecessary situations related to children and young people.

There are some concepts related to the support behavior of children and young people that a nursing student must be aware of in order to deal with them more appropriately. These concepts are -

  • Disruptive Behaviour - You might have often encountered children behaving impulsively, throwing tantrums, getting angry without having any regard for consequences or safety. Why do they behave like this? CHCECE006 assessment answers can help you understand this and can also enable you to deal with such occurring situations.
  • Behaviors of Concern - Though children are considered to be innocent people, they might not behave like one. Sometimes children behave in a manner that can cause stress and worry for a parent or a caretaker. Such behaviors are called the behaviors of concern are not very common in children but require appropriate assistance to resolve.
  • Diffuse Situations - There are times when children can go overboard and situations might get out of hand. As a community health care worker who is responsible for taking care of children or as a parent you must know how to diffuse these situations.
  • Organizational and Standard Procedures - The CHCECE006 Assessment also helps you understand the standard protocols of working in a child care is also helpful for parents as they get to learn all the organizational practices which might come in handy for them while dealing with their child.
  • Effect of Learning Difficulties on Behavior - Not every child is blessed with good learning capacity. There are a lot of children who face trouble in learning or gaining knowledge. This can introduce irritation and other behavioral effects in children which must be handled delicately and efficiently.
  • Strategies That Can Help Support and Redirect Behavior - The assessment helps you gain some insights into children and young people's behavior so that you can easily help them recover as well as neutralize their behaviors. In this unit, you get to learn a lot of strategies that can help in redirecting the behavior of children and young people.
  • The Communicative Function of Behavior - What will happen if you wanted to share something that is bothering you but couldn’t? A lot of infants and young people are unable to convey exactly what they feel due to any reason which makes them behave unusually. The assessment helps you to deal with such a situation in a responsible manner.

All the concepts mentioned above play a significant role in helping a nursing student to understand the causes of different types of behaviors in children and young people. When you write CHCECE006 assessment answers, you have to know about all of these concepts as these are the core of your task as a community health worker.

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How to Answer a CHCECE006 Assessment? | Explained by Writers

The assessment includes information about various aspects of dealing with children and young people.CHCECE0036 assessment is majorly focused on enlightening the students about handling situations that might arise due to the inappropriate behavior of children, the assessment provides a deeper insight on how to -

  • Contribute to an Environment to Make it Safe and Supportive
  • Apply Positive Support Techniques While Helping Children.
  • Assist in Developing Strategies that are Appropriate for Support Children.
  • Implement Such Strategies that Can Help in Dealing with Children Who Require Extra Support.
  • Keep Track of the Implemented Strategy and Gain Necessary Feedback.

All the above-mentioned techniques combine to form a CHCECE006 Assessment and require a student to understand all these points to pass the assessment.

The CHCECE006 assessment answers can be written in a format that is defined by the assessment itself. There are a total of 6 sections in the assessment. Let us take a look at all the sub assessments that you need to complete and what do you have to do to pass them.

Assessment 1 - Short Questions, Multiple Choice Questions, True / False Problems.

This is the very first assessment that you encounter in a CHCECE006 unit and includes all types of short answer questions, multiple-choice, and true or false questions. You need to answer these based on your understanding of concepts and the criticality of problems.

Assessment 2 - Real-Life Scenarios and Case Study.

You are asked to analyze a case study based on which you will have to answer a few questions that follow it. Read all the points given in a case study carefully and try to put yourself in the given scenarios and apply the concepts that you have studied for your assessment. You must use your own words to depict your point of view in the answers.

Assessment 3 - Research Activity

In the third section of your CHCECE006 assessment, you have required to carry out thorough research on a given topic and answer the following questions based on your research and understanding of the topic. Having the concepts of the assessment clear can be a vital point for you if you are looking forward to completing your research efficiently.

Assessment 4 - Reflecting Your Self, Personal Journal

There might be a lot of personal incidents in your life that may come in handy in your professional life. This section of your assessment requires you to complete an exercise based on reflective journal writing that is used to evaluate your understanding of a topic and express your thoughts and ideas about the subject.

Assessment 5 - Observation By a Third Party

This is a practical assessment that is usually carried out by a third person while you are supposed to be working on your placement. This requires you to work professionally and evaluates your behavior from a third-party perspective.

Assessment 6 - Work Place Observation

This is the last assessment that you need to complete and it is also of a practical nature. You are required to demonstrate your skills and knowledge according to the tasks which will be given to you by your workplace observer. You will have to complete all the duties given to you as your assessor will make the judgment based on whether you were able to complete all the tasks from the checklist with efficiency or not.

Once you have completed all your assessments, you will become CHCECE006 certified. It takes a lot of stages to complete your CHCECE006 assessment answers. If you want to pass it, you have to complete all the assessments with efficiency. However, not everyone can complete it by themselves. Are you one of those who need help with their assessment? The next section is just for you!

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