5 Best Ways to Deal with College Bullying

24 Jul 2017 4614
College Bullying

Whenever we hear the word ‘Bullying,' we think of a kid getting picked in the school’s playground. Being in the college, it’s hard to imagine someone being bullied as we often believe that it is not high school anymore and the concept of bullying is over. However, this is not the case as bullying is something harder to deal with in the college for the students living away from home. College bullying can be life threatening experience for the scholars. But it can be managed using proper steps, and thus one can considerably save oneself from the consequences.

Here are some easy tips that can assist you to prevent yourself from being a victim of bullying. Let’s get going!

Confront Your Bullies

Whenever you encounter any student engaged in bullying, do not feel afraid to speak out. It is not wise to directly complain to the college administrator or punish the culprit as stigmatizing the child in front of others will increase his/her bullying behavior even more. You can talk about your problems and try to be positive until and unless it is not physical or verbal abuse. This way you will able to build kindness which is an excellent way to counteract all the bullies.

Take In Charge

Bullying is something which finds its way regardless the age of the students. It gets more irritating with age, as students in college often feel that it’s cool to perform physical abuse. These days, cyber bullying is also one of the popular ways in which scholars perform texting, stalking or ill-treating other batchmates. But you must’ve heard of the saying- “Prevention is better than cure.” It is important to be strong and stand up for yourself to manage or deal with such situations. Just keep your calm and take charge to fight with the situation.

Speak Out In Difficult Situations

It is better to not behave as superheroes all the time and think that situation is under control. If you’re are always being teased or bullied, then don’t keep it all to yourself. Bullies can be dangerous as they are not done with just a single incident. Start by sharing the case with your college professor, administrator, counselor or any other comate. It will be beneficial for you as it can prevent you from doing anything which is not permitted in your college.

Try To Help Others

You can join a club which deals with ragging and other related activities in your college campus and helps other students fight against similar issues. If you have witnessed someone bullying any of your classmates, then do not ever walk out assuming that it’s not your business. Instead, help them to feel safe and secure. It is your responsibility to deliberate a few steps to regain control whenever you see emotional stress building in you or your friends.

Learn Conflict Management

Conflict can easily spring up when there is a bully in your classroom or college. Thus, be aware of some efficient methods of conflict management that can help you to protect yourself and others from the situations caused by bullies.

Simply by instilling these discussed points, you will be able to handle the bullies. If you are a victim, then stand up for yourself and share the case with the higher authorities of your college. Collectively you can make your college a jubilant place to be.

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