Here's What Your Handwriting Unveils About Your Personality

18 Dec 2020 5241
handwriting analysis

When the ink hits the papers, the words unveil complex directing and inner workings that are happening inside the writer’s body, mind, and spirit. In simple words, the handwriting of a person reveals a lot about his personality traits. Rolland Martuso, in his novel Handwriting Analysis, has said, “your handwriting is a photograph of your psyche.” He has explained that our handwriting is similar to our body language.

From physiological conditions, like hypertension and schizophrenia to personality traits like aggression and dominance, graphologists can decode a lot of intricate details about your personality just by studying the size of your letters or how closely you space words. Go through some of the most common handwriting features that we have mentioned below and learn more about your personality type.

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Letter Size

The size of your letters can tell whether you are an extrovert or an introvert. Compared to a standard lined sheet paper, if you write small letters that don’t touch the top line, then you have a shy, introverted and private personality. You can also be a meticulous perfectionist. On the other hand, if your letter goes over the top line, then you are gregarious, outgoing, and a bit showy. You enjoy being the center of attention. However, if you have average size handwriting, then you are well adjusted, flexible, and adapt easily to change.

Word Spacing

The space between your words also gives clues about your personality. If you leave more spaces between your words, then you prefer to stay alone or with a few close ones. You don’t like crowds and need your freedom. But if you are a person with narrow spacing, you may be intrusive and love being with others. Since you try to cram too much into one day, you tend to have poor time management.

Writing Style

Your writing style too plays a significant role in revealing your traits. If you write a lot of pointy letters, then you are smart, ambitious, and intense. You are hard on yourself and probably your biggest critic. If you tend to have a lot of round letters, then you are creative, flexible, and artistic. You like to stay away from conflicts and probably be a people pleaser. If you add a high flying end stroke to your letters, then you may be an attention seeker. And, you tend to be a private person if you write all letters in caps.

Dotting i’s

The way you place a dot over your i’s too reveals aspects of your personality. Those who put a high dot are very imaginative and think outside the box and those placing it off to the left, believe in procrastination. People who draw a circle instead of a dot have a bubbly and childlike personality, whereas those who use a dash tend to be critical individuals. Organized and emphatic people put the dot right above their i’s.

Crossing t’s

If you cross your t’s in a way that looks more like a crucifixion, it means that you believe in self-importance and have no problem in making yourself a priority. A high cross denotes that you are a bit arrogant but tend to be committed to your work. If the bar is longer than usual, it suggests that you are focused, determined, and know-how to get things done. You are stubborn and might lack focus on long-term goals if your cross is short. Well-balanced people with generous spirit place a bar right in the center.


Your signature gives an insight into how you like to present yourself to people around you. If your signature is illegible, it means that you don’t like to reveal yourself too soon and prefer maintaining your privacy. People can think of you as a secretive and aloof person. If your signature is legible, it indicates that you are confident and comfortable in your own skin. Adding flourishes suggest that you are someone who likes to act better than who you really are.

Connection of Letters

Many studies have shown that people who connect their letters when writing are very logical and take decisions that are based on facts and experience. However, if their letters are disconnected, they tend to more imaginative and impulsive, and most of their decisions are based on intuition.

Pen Pressure

This feature of handwriting gives insights into your health and willpower. While heavy pen pressure suggests good health and great commitment, light pressure denotes physical weakness, sensitivity, and empathy. Soft pressure also means that you might lack vitality. Very heavy pressure is a sign of anger and tension.

Writing Speed

People who write quickly are impatient and don’t prefer to waste time; be it any task. On the other hand, people who take time in putting down their words are self-reliant and methodical.

We tend to hide under the masks we wear all day, but our true selves can be uncovered through our handwriting. So, now that you know all the handwriting features, take out a paper, write a simple sentence, and see if what the studies say is accurate for you!

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