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How to write a position paper

Do you want to learn how to write a position paper? If yes, then this blog will act as a guide to help you master the art of writing an intriguing document. It contains various information regarding the fundamental concepts and theories related to the position paper writing. It is required to do a thorough inspection of this post to cover all the necessary points and enhance your skill regarding the particular topic. The position paper is not an easy write-up to execute. It requires a logical approach and creativity to engage the reader into the content with complete interest. Go through the next sections and read each point with sheer focus to get a good grip on the information shared in the first attempt.

Basic Concepts and Purpose of a Position Paper

Do you know what is a position paper? It is a short document containing relevant information regarding an organization, individual, event, or subject. The purpose of this paper is to analyze the problem in a detailed manner and provide opinions. You need to give a strong argument and show appropriate evidence for the support. A position paper covers everything from the researching capabilities to the observation skills of the students. You will never get good marks until you manage to create a well-organized structure for efficient writing. The position paper helps the reader gain substantial knowledge about the topic in the best way possible. It also reflects on the vision of the writer to analyze the problem. The conclusion always settles the problem impact and tries to reduce it to the very best. The issue brief is what we call the part of a paper that contains a short answer to the main question asked in the content. It may seem like a crisp and easy document to write but, it is one of the most hectic assignments students face in university life. But no worries, this article has everything to solve the queries. Continue reading and, you will become a master.

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2- 6 Major Components of a Position Paper Template

6 ingredients go into the position paper template to make it a well-organized document. The components are as follows-

1- Paper Abstract

The abstract contains a brief idea of the position paper content. It is mandatory to present an abstract before the body to make the reader aware of the central idea. The experts recommend writing it in the future tense. It is because you are making the readers know what they will read inside the content.

2- Problem History

It is the background of the issue on which the entire position paper will revolve around. It is written after conducting in-depth research on the topic. You need to collect traits from the past to show the impact of the problem on the reader. A decent background column will make the position paper highly informative.

3- The Main Argument

It is the most significant component of the position paper template. It contains the central argument to cover up the description of the paper. You need to explain the content to help the reader understand the event in the best way possible. Present your thoughts effectively without missing any notable line. The main argument is also called the position, and it should not exceed more than three lines. So, you have to compress a cluster of data into crisp and meaningful statements.

4- Conclusion

The ending should give hope that the solutions provided will make a sustainable change over the problem. You can resent one or two more opinions in the end but don't make it too informative. The main aim of the conclusion is to showcase the efforts you made doing the formation of a perfect position paper.

5 -Appendices

You can add three or four appendices to help the reader get every point of the paper without any problem. The appendices can contain the happenings related to the issue, meanings of complex terminologies, a list of authors, etc. It is a reliable way to enhance the presentation of the paper and showcase your research strategies.


Attach the references at the end of your content. Mention the links of the website which helped you accumulate the content for the topic. You can also add the name of books and other media content from where you received the most relevant evidence.

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5 Steps to Write an Impressive Position Paper

Now, you are aware of the basics of a position paper. You must be eager to learn to write a perfect one on the first attempt, right? The curiosity ends here! Go through the following points-

1- Choose the Best Issue

Select an engaging topic to attract the professors and other readers to your content. Shortlist three or four points and later decide which one to go for. The best topic will contain ample information and resources over the web. You will get the highest grades if you can provide solutions and the best opinions on a challenging topic. Remember, the best problem will attract maximum debates because everyone will try to find a drawback. You have to present it with perfection.

2- Research Like an Analyst

The preliminary research will determine the impact of your topic. You need to look for relatable resources in the first few hours. You can shift to another issue if you cannot find sufficient data on the first one. The research should not get limited to the internet only. You can look for supportive arguments in the newspaper, magazines, televisions broadcasts, online videos, etc. The only thing to keep in mind is that the data must be original. Mistakes are not avoidable while mentioning the researched data as it results in marks deduction.

3- Challenge the Objections

Look the other way round. Start searching for drawbacks that can make your topic dull. Figure out counter-arguments that you will add to your content. As stated earlier, the best theme will stand against any objection. It should provide the best replies to every argument that tries to call it irrelevant. Find the holes and solutions to fill them up with the best content. You need to give your hundred percent to make the position paper effective.

4- Gather Factual Information and Evidence

The factual data highlights the influence of the problem over a particular community, organization, individual, or region. The numbers you attach must be correct. Cross-check them before submitting the paper to the professors. Separate the quantitative data from qualitative one and use them carefully. Later, the evidence you collect must get supported with powerful statements to strengthen your opinions. You can also use images and other proofs to imply the originality of your paper.

5- Make a Blueprint of Your Paper

After accumulating every necessary evidence and data, it is the showdown time. Combine all of the above points into a structured format. The outline is what you need to follow while filling the pages of your paper. Begin with an exciting introduction to make the reader fall for your content. Next, the body should contain five or six impactful points covered with the comprehensive information you have. Use a formal tone throughout the paper. Summarize every point at last in the conclusion step. The final touch will be the editing part, where you will use plagiarism and grammar tools to correct the document and make it spark in the examiners' eyes. By following all this, you will achieve the feat of writing the best position paper on the first try. You can analyze a position paper example to observe the use of above points in the content.

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