Research Project Topics Average-Graders Never Thought of

17 May 2022 22698
150 Research Project Topics

“Education or Corporate Life? Hospitality or Gender Discrimination? School or College Life? Friends or Family? Science or Technology? Security or Right?”

So much confusion!! How to choose research project ideas for my academics- a common thought every student gets when asked to draft a document.

That is why Assignment Prime's experts have compiled this blog with 150 interesting topics so that students can refer and complete their tasks without much struggle. So, let’s take a tour of this blog!

How to Pick Interesting Research Project Ideas?

This journey begins from the origin- how to pick interesting ideas for a research project. So, our experts follow some simple steps every time they have to select a topic and recommend you as well!

Step 1: Understand the Requirements

The first step is to understand the requirements. If you do not, you might choose research topics that are out of your genre. So, first, read all the requirements and understand them well to proceed with the blog.

Step 2: Pick Your Interest

The second step is to pick something of your interest. Here, now that you know your task's requirements pick a niche or theme of your interest that meets these requirements also so that it would be easy on you as well.

Step 3: Research, Read, Revise

Now, research on your picked theme, read more about it, revise if it meets your requirements, have good writing scope, suits your genre, impress your professor and other such necessary scenarios, and make a list.

Step 4: Analyze and Shortlist

From all the topics you noted down in the list prepared for the above step, analyze which are suitable and best for your current task. You can feel some are average; some are better, and some not up-to-the-mark. Don’t compromise here and cut short the list to only the ones you feel are approvable.

Step 5: Make the Decision

Now, this is the step where you make your heart strong and pick a topic. If you couldn’t do it by yourself, consider asking your friend, mentor, or professor for approval. This will give you a better insight into those topics from a different perspective.

Now, you have an amazing topic in hand from a bunch of interesting research project topics. But, in case you want a better or a trending one to impress your professor or score that A+, then you must read the below section.

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150 Trending Research Topics to Clear Your Confusion

Put an end to your search for interesting research topics here! Find the best suggestions from 15 different categories- topics for students from every field!


  • How to survive in an international business market?
  • Does the environment of a business impact its productivity?
  • What are the challenges faced in expanding a small business?
  • How can employee motivation impact their performance?
  • Explain the lawsuits for sexual harassment at work.
  • What is the impact of internal business communication on the company?
  • What factors affect the external image of any company?
  • How can leadership qualities impact the organization’s control?
  • Business consequences of excessive workload on employees.
  • What are the different ways to deal with a crisis in an organization.


  • Different laws for religious crimes in a country.
  • Explain the status of criminology in the future.
  • Are there too many loopholes for criminals.
  • How mass media affect the investigation process?
  • Explain the pros and cons of capital punishments.
  • What are the punishments for cases related to drugs?
  • Explain the practices that can be implemented to eradicate human trafficking.
  • How is terrorism treated as a crime in different countries?
  • Ways to deal with false confessions against crime
  • Everything about quantitative criminology and its learning.


  • Is education specific to any gender, or does all have equal rights?
  • Homework is a burden or boon for primary school kids.
  • Explain teachers and parents play a role in the student’s discipline.
  • Is time management an important subject for school students?
  • What are the benefits of peer counseling?
  • Explain plagiarism and dishonesty in school kids.
  • Ways to save kids from the distraction of smartphones.
  • How to make students deal with cyberbullying?
  • Should uniforms be practiced at school or dispersed?
  • How important is sex education and good-bad touches for students?


  • Explain different types of ecosystems existing on earth.
  • What is acid rain and its effects on the environment?
  • Explain green energy and how and where it can be used.
  • Global warming and how to get it back in control.
  • What are sustainable resources? Explain them in detail.
  • Explain the different pollutants found in the air around us.
  • How can environmental changes impact human life?
  • How to manage survival in extreme conditions?
  • Different ways of water management practiced in countries around the globe
  • What is the concept of recycling, and how does it work?


  • What is the impact of family conditions on students?
  • Reasons why parents' divorce cases impact teenagers the most.
  • Single child or siblings: which is better for the mental growth of kids?
  • How is child abuse improving with time?
  • How can family violence impact the growth of the kids?
  • Stages of grief observed after the demise of a family member.
  • Can the side effects of pregnancy result in bad parenting.
  • Mental stress in pregnancy can affect the child even after birth.
  • How can kids cope with the accidental revelation of dark family secrets?
  • How family counseling is becoming very crucial and important lately?


  • Why is physical fitness a must for everyone in today’s generation?
  • What are the outcomes of obesity in teenagers?
  • How to deal with the stress of Alzheimer's in seniors?
  • How to improve poor immunity in kids?
  • Diseases commonly caused due to infection and ways to prevent them.
  • Symptoms of poor mental health and ways to deal with it.
  • How to stay mentally fit during a teenager phase.
  • Precautions to be taken during various stages of pregnancy.
  • What are the vaccines toddlers must be given without a miss?
  • How to be cautious about diabetics running in hereditary?


  • How is media playing a big role in today’s decision-making?
  • Is media influencing the public image of any situation?
  • What is the impact of media on teenagers?
  • Is today’s media biased towards any particular side of a story?
  • Can politics be influenced using media?
  • Is there really freedom of speech in media?
  • What are journalism ethics, and to what extent are they followed?
  • Media and what role it plays during wartime?
  • What are media disasters, and can they be prevented?
  • How can media be used for educational purposes?


  • What are the human rights applicable in Uganda?
  • What are the causes of American revolutions and the outcomes?
  • Explain the optimal benefits of public safety.
  • What is gender-based psychology and its role in custody battles?
  • Religions are a superpower: is this the right approach?
  • What corruption elimination methods can be used in politics?
  • What are the causes and peculiarities of civil war?
  • Explain the war crime legacy with an example of the Iraq war.
  • Conduct a brief study on political leaders and their personal ambitions.
  • How civil law court is different from mediation policies?


  • Conduct a deep study on social cognition.
  • What are the different types of disorders?
  • Mention the different attitudes presented by a person.
  • Study any phobia in detail and explain its causes.
  • How violence in media plays a role in children’s mental development?
  • Create a case study on an individual and research it.
  • What are the causes of social anxiety and ways to deal with it?
  • Effect of peer pressure on children and how to bring them out of it?
  • What is the impact of memories behind the behavior of an individual?
  • What is the reason behind a person turning into a serial killer?


  • Explain the history behind black churches and name some popular ones.
  • What are some similarities and differences found in different religious cultures?
  • Impact of Greek religion and myths on European culture.
  • Explain the role played by men in Christianity.
  • How are women in Islam influenced by the religion?
  • What are the effects of a forced religion on an individual?
  • How religion influences the growth of terrorism?
  • Is there a role of religion in modern-day politics?
  • Impact of yoga and health on religions.
  • Explain the concept of reincarnation in different religions.


  • Conduct a brief study on the history of print media.
  • What is the relationship between philosophy and art?
  • Explain the influence of the industrial revolution on art development.
  • What are the similarities and differences between Art Deco and Nouveau.
  • What is the scope of art therapy as an industry?
  • Explain the techniques used in art therapy.
  • Importance of art in student’s academics.
  • Explain the influence of pop on American culture.
  • How is Henna art developing overages?
  • What is war dance haka of the Maori culture?


  • How is nationalism a major issue in the 21st century?
  • Why is the holocaust considered the worst crime of European history?
  • How were women treated in the Soviet zone during WWII?
  • Explain the rise of power to Hitler.
  • How, when, and why did the Roman Empire fall?
  • Conduct a brief study on the police in ancient Rome.
  • What was the role of the Quran in medieval Europe.
  • Explain the common crime of medieval history.
  • Conduct an in-depth study on the progress of civilization.
  • Who were the kings and queens of Britain?


  • Choosing a suitable algorithm for machine learning.
  • Explain the working of artificial neural networks.
  • Explain natural language processing vs. machine learning.
  • Explain the process of how new vaccines are developed.
  • Conduct a study on food processing technologies.
  • What is yellow journalism? Explain it in detail.
  • How is social media creating a hype of everything?
  • Explain the use of blockchain in the banking industry.
  • What are the languages used for parallel computing?
  • How to eliminate phishing? Explain different ways in it.

Current Events

  • Explain the concept of partial-birth abortion and its consequences.
  • How is discrimination in education affecting the career of students?
  • Is social media making teenagers dumb or intelligent?
  • Medical marijuana: Pros and cons of using it.
  • What are the benefits of weight training over aerobics?
  • Explain the impacts of texting and cell phones.
  • List some most controversial political ads.
  • Ways to eradicate discrimination at workplaces.
  • Is learning better in only-boys and only-girls schools over co-ed?
  • Should usage of steroids be legalized?

Sports Activities

  • What is overtraining, how it affects sportspersons?
  • Traumatized past of athletes and anxiety levels during the game.
  • Is career development for women different in sports as compared to men?
  • How important is nutrition for top athletes?
  • Explain the difference between hockey in different countries.
  • Techniques and secrets that can improve team building.
  • How selfies at extreme sports can be risky for athletes?
  • How marketers use your sports behavior for marketing purposes?
  • How can social media motivate sportspersons?
  • Can sports be used as a medium to improve mental health?

These are some interesting topics for research project that can help you ins coring the best grades. You can use teel structure to describe your topic in easier and effective way. If you need more such ideas or suggestions on drafting the research project, you can visit our website. For more details, read the below section.

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