Top 100 Conclusion Starters You Never Knew Existed!

14 Sep 2022 1080
100 Popular Conclusion Starters - Clearly, In Summary, Lastly

A List of Good Conclusion Starters for Writing the Last Section of Essays!

The way for ending an essay is just as important as the hook used to capture the reader’s attention in starting. There are some conclusion starters needed to tell a reader the content is drawing to close.

However, many students are there who underrate the conclusion sentence. They do not know that these starters are the most critical parts of the essay to earn the lasting impression of the reader. It will help to enhance the English techniques to write the essay.

Therefore, let’s know the characteristics of effective conclusion sentence starters.

5 Characteristics of Effective Conclusion Starters!

When you are ending your writing, it is important, to sum up, the key points rather than stop abruptly. Conclusion starters are the way to tell the reader they have reached the end of the document. Now, let's know the characteristics of these before writing them into the paper.

  • It just is the first few words of the final paragraph.
  • It can be a brief concluding section.
  • The reader should be aware what they are going to read won’t provide any new information.
  • The reader should set their expectations for how it is going to end.

These are the characteristics of good conclusion starters. You need to read all the points while you start writing the last paragraph of the essay. After this, let’s know the starters that can help you to leave a lasting impression.

Top 100 Good Conclusion Starter That Leaves Lasting Impression!

Whether the student is in middle school, high school, or in university, someday they use conclusion starters to increase their communication techniques. So, let’s have look at the 100 best and effective conclusion starters right away.

  1. Finally
  2. In conclusion
  3. Thus
  4. To summarize
  5. I conclude that
  6. In a nutshell
  7. In closing
  8. In brief
  9. In short
  10. Surely
  11. To finish with
  12. To sum it all up
  13. To put it briefly
  14. Cutting a long story short
  15. On balance
  16. Overall
  17. Ultimately
  18. All in all
  19. Given these points
  20. In a word
  21. On the whole
  22. As shown above
  23. Eventually
  24. Based on the discussion above
  25. As a result
  26. Above all
  27. Altogether
  28. As stated above
  29. Basically
  30. As I see it
  31. As a final point
  32. In the final analysis
  33. For the most part
  34. All things considered
  35. For these reasons
  36. So, I have come to the conclusion that
  37. In effect
  38. In my opinion
  39. In the end
  40. To wrap it all up
  41. The summative conclusion is that
  42. The study concluded
  43. The broad conclusion
  44. Towards this end
  45. After all has been said
  46. I recommend that
  47. The informative conclusion is that
  48. Now you know why
  49. From now on
  50. Looking back
  51. I hope you can now learn that
  52. Last but not least
  53. In the future
  54. You should now consider
  55. I think I have shown that
  56. Without a doubt
  57. The time has come to
  58. I agree that
  59. I hope you
  60. To review
  61. Therefore
  62. Hence
  63. To finish off
  64. All in all
  65. As evidence shows
  66. As I already explained
  67. My final thoughts are
  68. It seems clear to me that
  69. It strikes me that
  70. There must be no doubt that
  71. I am convinced that
  72. It is obvious that
  73. My reflections on
  74. Based on the evidence presented
  75. The facts support the argument that
  76. My last point is
  77. My final question is
  78. To briefly review
  79. Do you realize that
  80. On the whole
  81. My conclusions are
  82. I would like to say finally
  83. One final idea
  84. It is worth re-examining
  85. The nexus between
  86. My final bow is that
  87. As this paper demonstrates
  88. After discussing
  89. Although
  90. While
  91. Since
  92. It is my conviction that
  93. I look forward to
  94. It is my sincere belief that
  95. The data indicate that
  96. Through this research, we learn that
  97. The research proves that
  98. That was the conclusion reached
  99. The summative end is that
  100. My verdict is that

Hence, these are some of the conclusion starters that would help you to leave a lasting impression on the readers. So, whenever you write the document, remember to use these conclusion starters essay words in the content.

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