Purposive Sampling: Definition, Types & Examples

18 Feb 2022 2332
Understand Purposive Sampling Method in Detail!

Purposive sampling is used as a tool for gathering information from the research. It is a non-probability sampling technique used for both types of research- qualitative and quantitative. However, the experts of Assignment Prime has observed in many students that they do not know about this term. Also, when it comes to writing and doing the research for the assignment topic, they get confused and are not able to do purposive sampling smoothly.

Thus, if you are also facing the same situation, then you really need to read this blog further and know about the purposive sampling method easily.

What Is Purposive Sampling?

Purposive sampling is done for the group of various non-probability techniques that depend on the researcher which has a kind of people for doing the research. It can be like young, children, old, males and females or the organization, cases, events, and many more When comes to the purposive sampling technique, it does not take arbitrary units from a population to make a sample report for any statistical information. It needs a small group of people to create a sample report.

Now, that you know about the purposive sampling method, let’s move forward and understand its types.

7 Types of Purposive Sampling You Should Know Right Now!

Purposive sampling has a wide variety of types. You have to know all the types of it for having a piece of proper information to include it in the research.. So, below there are 7 types of purposive sampling methods, let’s know them one by one:

  1. Maximum Variation Sampling- This method is used for collecting a wide range of participants with different points of view to study a particular topic. The themes are uncommon and range from very typical information to those which are rare. The research which is conducted under this type exhibits large community-like behaviors, attributes, experiences, situations, incidents, and qualities. When you have to gather a broader and deeper insight into a topic and get all points of view, it is a central motif of the maximum variation sampling.
  2. Homogeneous Sampling - In this type of sampling, all the prospects that you have taken have similar or identical traits like same age, gender, employment, etc. However, it is opposite to the maximum variation sampling. So, make sure you select a small group of units to examine and analyze in the process of research
  3. Extreme or Deviant Case Sampling - When you get a special and a rare case to research, you can use extreme or deviate case sampling. As many say, it should be extremely special and deviant from the normal case. This type of case is used in providing significant information for a particular subject.
  4. Critical Case Sampling - In this type of purposive sampling method, you have to collect small samples that give the accurate results that you are looking for. You do not have to do in-depth research. They have to do the sampling of any important cases that have a piece of vital information to give the reader.
  5. Typical Case Sampling - Using a typical case sampling, you can study a trend that considers a high level or average level members of the affected population. For instance, if the average student gets affected by the education curriculum, then you would focus on the average student population.
  6. Total Population Sampling - As the name depicts, the researcher gets the surveys for the entire population of interest. For instance, the people who suffered from a particular disease, have similar knowledge skills, and many more.
  7. Expert Sampling - This type of sampling helps to get the information from individual expertise in the particular research field. It is used when you need an opinion from a person that has a high degree of knowledge. Therefore, it can be considered as a cornerstone of a research method.
These are the types of purposive sampling qualitative research you should know before writing the assignment on it. However, still if you are not clarified with these types and terms. So, let’s know them better with examples.

Examples of Purposive Sampling for Qualitative Research!

Here are the purposive sampling examples you should know for doing the qualitative research for writing the assignment. So, let’s read this blog further and know about them.

  • Before launching a new mobile product, an organization conducts testing to gather feedback from the market. For the sample population, the researcher chooses mobile phone experts to provide valuable feedback for product improvement and ask them if it is ready for launch.
  • Purposive sampling can also be used in the education field. Suppose you want to collect feedback from students on the curriculum set in their school. You go ahead to handpick an average number of students who can provide relevant information for your investigation.
These are some of the samples on which purposive sampling is done. So, now you must have understood the concept of purposive sampling. However, after understanding it, if you are still unable to include these methods in the assignment, read this blog further and get the solution.

Unable to Write Purposive Sampling Method in the Paper? Contact the Experts!

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