Business Skills


Business skills are necessary in order to run the business in an efficient manner so that success can be achieved (Crane and Matten, 2016). Some of the skills such as communication, time management, innovation, creativity and so on. Through these skills, small business enterprise will be able to perform their activities on large scale. Present report is based on Leveret hardware retailers and Mexican which perform their operations in United Kingdom. The below mentioned report is based on business skills which focused on the CV and covering letter. Further, it explains that how customer feedback can be written in formal explanation.

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Write a C.V. that would be appropriate for a specific job

CV is stands for curriculum vitae which is a summary of job qualification and achievements of candidates. CV for applying the internship at Leveret hardware retailers:

Curriculum vitae

Name: AP Sharma


Contact number: **********

Career objectives

To work in an organization where I can use business skills so that the firm will be able to achieve their specified goals and their overall performance can be improved. To secure a position in the enterprise so that I can enhance my learning skills along with the personal and professional growth.

Academic qualifications

·I have done my graduation in business management and currently pursuing masters in business administration.

·I have done a diploma course in information technology.

Project details

·I worked on a project in my graduation that is based on digitalization.

Technical skills

·MS-Office and MS-Dos

Personal skills

·Good communication skills

·Punctual towards my work

·Quick learner and hard worker

·I can do multiple tasks at a time due to my flexibility towards my work

·I have ability to take responsibility and can perform my task in work pressure

·Good leadership and teamwork skills

·Self- motivated and self awareness

·Customer management skills

Personal information

·Name: AP Sharma

·Date of birth: 13thDecember 1994

·Address: 94 lvy lane, Gainesville, London

·Fathers name: Mr. DP Sharma

·Language known: English and French

I declare that all the above information provided by me are true and these are based on my beliefs.

AP Sharma



Write a covering letter that would allow you to apply for a specific job

Covering letter is a kind of document that is attached with the curriculum vitae. In this, the candidate provide an additional information about their skills and experience so that employer can select that candidate for the internship. The covering letter of AP Sharma that is applying for the internship at Leveret hardware retailers:

AP Sharma

94 lvy lane, Gainesville, London

Contact number: **********


Date: 10thMarch 2016

Stuart Destreza

Leveret hardware retailers


Dear Mr. Destreza,

I am interested in the advertisement that you put for a management intern on you website. I enclose my CV for this profile as this is very much similar for my career. I would like to tell you that I am very exited for this opportunity.

I have done my graduation in business field and currently I am pursuing masters in the business administration. Along with these qualifications, I have some knowledge in information technology sector so I can manage the database of the company as well. Some of my personal skills are time management, creative thinking, good communication skills and self motivation towards my work.

I will be able to make the decisions for the benefits of the company so that they can achieve success in the market. Due to my flexible nature, I can do multiple tasks at a time so through this I can help the firm in accomplish their goals. I can take the responsibilities in order to provide the direction to other employees as I am very much enthusiastic and deterministic for my work.

I already enclosed my CV on your website. I would like to inform you that I want to attend the interview. Thank you for your taking time in order to select my application and I would like to hear you from in near future.

Your sincerely,

AP Sharma


Read the customer feedback for Mexicana Supreme and write it into a formal explanation

Mexicana is a food restaurant which offer products and services to the people of the country so that their overall performance can be improved in an efficient manner (Garrison, Kim and Wakefield, 2012). The enterprise provide an option on their website named as trip advisor. Through this, the food chain industry will be able to get the reviews from their customers so that further improvements can be made in order to increase their level of satisfaction. From the last few days, they are getting negative feedbacks on their website that will impact their brand image. Customers are not purchasing such products from their company. It is the responsibility of Mexicana Supreme to present all the reviews to their higher authority in order to solve the issues of the customers. They can present their reviews in an appropriate format such as:

Customers complaint about the quality of food and the services that are offering by the employees to their service users. According to them, smell of the food and taste is not good so due to this no one want to prefer these items. Along with this, consumers are saying that their no concept of the money back guarantee. The management have to focus on the quality of their services so that level of satisfaction can be increased among all the people who are using the services.

The another issue that is faced by the customers is related to the cost of the products. On the companies website, service users put the comment that they are not getting the products as per the value. Due to this issue, they are going to switch their preferences. This can be a issue for the management of the firm as they have to change their policies related to the prices so that they can attract number of customers towards their services.    

Apart from these issues, consumers are also saying that the chef of Mexicana don't know how to cook the enchiladas and they should change their chef so that customers will start choosing the services of the food industry. So, service users are satisfied with the menu of the company. So the management have to look over this issue of the consumers so that profits can be achieved and brand position can be improved at the global level.

Some customers are are start complaining about the manager of the enterprise that he is so rude and his behaviour is not good with their customers. In order to increase their profits, the manager added some items in the menu of the consumer so due to this customers don't want to come in the restaurant. The higher authority should take some strict actions against their manager so that overall growth can be improved. For this, they can hire an another experienced person who can handle all the activities of the company.

Another issue that is raise by the people who are using the services of Mexicana are saying that the restaurant change their menu. In that they reduce the variety of items and apart from that they increases the prices of the services. Along with this, customer services are not good and waiters don't even know about the menu. So due to poor services the company will not be able to build a strong base of their customers. So for this, some training and development programs should be conducted so that all staff members will be able to enhance their core competencies.

One of customer give his feedback on the website that there is very less variety of item in the menu and they all are very costly (Urban and Naidoo, 2012). In order to fulfil their own need they have to spend a lot and due to this they don't want to come again. Some service users are complaint about the coffee that is not good in taste. So that company should offer quality products at less prices in order to increase the satisfaction among all the people.



Unique selling proposition is a kind of marketing strategy that is used by the business organization in order to attract the customers towards their services. Through this, the firm will be able to gain the competitive advantage and along with this they can make their unique identity in front of all the targeted customers (Karlan and Valdivia, 2011). In order to gain the distinctive identity the enterprise can use differentiation approach so that people will be able to get the unique products. For this, the company can use some of the steps such as:

  • In the first step, the manager of the organization have to select their target customers so that they can enhance their sales (Wilton, 2012).
  • After selecting the audience, the manager has to solve the issues of people that they are facing regarding to the products of the company.
  • In the third step, the firm have to list out their all benefits that customers will get from the enterprise than any other competitors. Through this they will be able to achieve the unique selling proposition in the market.
  • After this, the business organisation have to make a promise to their targeted customers so that their level of satisfaction towards companies services can be increased.

Through this process, the entity will be able to achieve the competitiveness in the market and that will lead towards the success (6 Steps to Creating a Unique Selling Proposition (USP). 2017).


In today's era, social media is an important approach that is used by the business organization so that they can build a strong base of customers. In order to attract number of people towards their services, they can use many social networking sites such as Facebook, twitter, youtube and so on. Through these, the company will be able to share their ideas, services, thought with their customers (Crook and Waterhouse, 2013). For this, they can use a brief quotation such as social media is not an activity rather it is an investment of resources and time. Through this marketing approach, the enterprise will be able to enhance their position and growth in the market. Company can update information about their new products and services on the website so that consumers can get information about their latest services. The firm can sustain their competitive advantage in the market than any other market players. Along with this, they can maintain their relationship with their customers so that regular customer can be converted into loyal consumers.


Social media websites are used by the business organization in order to provide an advertisement so that they can attract number of customers towards their services. Hindle and Albarran uses the media groups such as radio, television and so on. These are not the social media websites and some of these are facebook, twitter, youtube etc. Companies can put an advertisement on these sites in order to recruit the potential customers who are looking for the job (Fleckenstein and Seeleib-Kaiser, 2011). Now people are using these networking sites so these are an appropriate methods that company can use in order to gain the competitive advantage. There are many advantages and disadvantage that are attached with this method.

Through these social networking sites, people can share their photos, videos as well as they can chat with the people. Connectivity is get increased through these websites. So, business organization can create a page on these sites in order to put an job descriptions with the vacancy. Along with this, they can also post about their new products and services. So through this companies will be able to get an advantage and they can improve their brand image (Robles,  2012).


From the above mentioned report it has been concluded that AP Sharma can apply for an internship on the Leveret hardware retailers. For this, he can create an effective CV with the covering letter. In the another case, Mexicana restaurant got some of the reviews from their customers that will negatively affect the brand image of the company. So, Mexicana Supreme can present all these ideas to their higher authority so that overall performance can be improved after resolving all the issues. Further, companies can achieve unique selling proposition after showing their all benefits to their customers. Social networking sites are important for the firm so that they can attract number of service users towards their services.


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