Development of a Business Plan

Strategic focus

Aim of the business plan

The purpose of current business is to attract more buyers by including skilled and competent personnel. For this purpose, tour packages of the adventurous trip will offer to couples and a group of people. At this juncture, skilled and qualified workforce are hired by taking into account different perspectives such as language, cultural barriers and other related aspects.

  • To deliver excellent quality of tour services by focusing on expectations of buyers
  • To cover varied and adventurous trip by taking into account specific needs of buyers

Core organisational competencies

The core competencies of current business are to shed light upon preferences and expectations of customers. Nowadays, youngsters like to buy an adventurous trip in their holiday package which aid to increase their enjoyment. However, the business focuses on unique booking facilities under which at first client will send to specification related to preferences along with budget and then holiday plan will be prepared (Wallace and Webber, 2010). For this purpose, the skilled and competent workforce will be hired and retained. However, standard methods such as the internet are used for attracting staff who are proficient in English, French and Mandarin as well as many other languages. This would be effective for a corporation to understand the specific need of buyers and provide them with a great experience.
Organizational values

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The business focuses on a variety of services with the inclusion of highly skilled employees. For this purpose, the focus is laid upon recruitment and selection procedure whereby everyday recruitment can be done for attracting potential candidates (Finch, 2013). However, the company inculcates cultural diversity to provide the good working environment and maintain organisational culture.

Highest priorities goals

The top priorities goals of the business are mention as follows-

  • To increase visitor by 30% until the end of 2017
  • To raise tourism employment by 35% until the end of 2017
  • To enhance regional visitor dispersal by 30% till the mid of 2018
  • To retain staff to a significant level at the end of 2017


RACT destinations cover some tourist destinations such as Cradle Mountain Hotel and Strahand Village in Tasmania as well as many more wonderful destinations. It considered as a glorious capital city which in turn attract a number of buyers.

The corporate culture is very strong offering quality of services to a large number of buyers. The strong service culture of business makes it possible to increase the overall rate of return and achieve the set target on right time span.

Basically, RACT destinations business activities include investment performance and strategic direction as well as operation and financial. Along with that, tourism, motoring and other related services are also offered by the business.

The business is situated in Hobart is the capital and considered as the most populous city of Tasmania. Presently business is performing in a very good manner as total visitors during 2015 were 1146600 which increased in the current year to 1167900. Moreover, direct job during 2015 were 17500. It shows that customer is increasing at very slow speed.

The major strengths of current business are; good financial position and strong goodwill in the marketplace and coverage of a large number of destinations. It can be critically evaluated that weaknesses of business cover; low customer base and absenteeism.


Macro environment

The political situation in Australia remains stable with the inclusion of efficient and transparent legal framework. However, equal opportunities considered as the crucial aspect which must review by RACT destinations (The Royal Automobile Club of Tasmania Limited, 2015). Furthermore, the economic situation of Australia is also good as the rate of taxation and interest do not vary to a great extent. It would be effective for different destinations to operate a business successfully with increased rate of return. On the other hand, social factors such as customer preferences and choice are also important factors which must be considered by business (Drost and Chaney, 2014). For example, visitors of Tasmania have different preferences towards travel and tourism. Moreover, technological innovation must be implemented by a business in order to secure business for longer time span. Here, RACT destinations are using effective mode of communication with a view to render good quality of services to a large number of buyers. Moreover, legal factors are important which prove to be effective for RACT destination because they get full support from the government. In this regard, business need to ensure inclusion of skilled and competent personnel who comply with states rules and regulations (Migliori and et. al., 2014). In addition to this, environmental aspects like preservation of tree and securing natural beauty, etc. will be considered with the introduction of new holiday packages. It shows that new adventurous tour packages will be introduced with greater success as all external factor tend to support the decision of business.

Travel and tourism sector of Australia are outperforming in the marketplace. It is because during 2012-13 employment rate was 7.2% whereas industry value add is 4.3% (Sector summary 2014, 2014). However, local employment is also increasing but with slow growth. It might affect the performance of the business to a great extent.

travel and tourism sector

Markets, customers and suppliers

The market of Tasmania has several travel companies which tend to focus on tourist destination and grab the attention of visitors. Here, local suppliers are selected who can approach consumers. However, a business can access cost-effective sources of finance as well as other required material for offering services.

Competitors and their products

There are different types of products and services offered by business such as tourist destinations, transportation and other. The major competitor of new adventurous services in Australia includes Australia One and Council of Australia Tour Operators and Casey Australia Tours. These different tour operators provide a variety of services which create competition for the business.


The product portfolio for current business is to introduce new adventurous trip by hiring skilled and competent personnel. For this purpose, on the job and off the job training will be provided so as to increase their expertise (Hughes and Carlsen, 2010). However, the services are delivered by targeting upon youngsters particular focus upon couple and groups. The features of services are explained as follows-

  • Customer preferences will be known in advance related to tour packages
  • The current products consist of different types of travel services
  • The present product will derive benefit in term of higher customer base because of personnel with higher skills will be added for rendering services
  • Adventurous trips will not have adverse impact on environment, in fact, RACT destinations focuses on meeting demand of buyers by discovering new destinations and developing the same
  • All the regulation related to the development of tour packages and other aspects are considered.
  • Employees will be hired on local as well as the International basis on the basis of specific terms and condition. This term will provide extra monetary as well as non-momentary benefits for personnel.

Current situation

The present state of travel and tourism sector is showing a slow growth rate of visitors. However, they issue might be related to the poor marketing of products and services because of less skilled personnel. In this respect, a corporation can use effective strategies to attract more buyers and increase their attention towards natural beauty of Tasmania.

Key product, strategies and market issue

The key strategies applied for increasing sales turnover of the business is an association of personnel who have knowledge of the diverse field. Furthermore, a key product such as adventurous trip will be offered by them. It can be critically evaluated that, higher competition in the marketplace might affect the performance of new services (Zeppel, 2012). This is because a team of newly hired personnel will be involved in designing new tour packages. Due to this, business needs to select cost-effective sources of human resources. For example, the internet is referred for selecting suitable personnel. At the same time, referral group will be considered as a key strategy to approach potential employees for better performance of business.

Performance measure and targets

The performance of new services and associated personnel will be measured on the basis of SMART objectives. It reflects that increased customer base and a higher rate of return are considered as the potential aspects. It focuses upon selecting appropriate strategies so as to deliver good quality of services to a large number of visitors.


The marketing of new services that are related to the adventurous trip will be done by using upgraded technologies. In this regard, internet and mobile applications are used so that accordingly all customers can be targeted at a time. Apart from this, newly launched services are promoted through effective advertisement so as to attract potential employees. Moreover, social media marketing will also be done so that youngsters across the globe can be informed related to the availability of good quality of services. Not only are this but services promoted with the help of effective strategies like discounting.


The new adventurous trips are introduced in the marketplace after conducting different kind of research and development activities. For this purpose, market research is conducted under which potential buyers are approached from gathering primary data,. Furthermore, secondary data are also collected by conducting PESTLE analysis. At the same time, competitor analysis is done so that strategies adopted by them can be tracked in order take appropriate action.


The total packages of services include country club Tasmania, Tassie Bound adventure tours and adventure island tours as well as Bonorong wild life Sanctuary will be included. These attractive destinations are designed in a package and accordingly, visitors will be communicated with the help of effective mode. In this regard, particular mobile application of adventurous trip would be prepared and promotion of the same will be done on social media and other related. In this regard, following mentioned sources are needed-

Project manager 1
Finance manager 2
Marketing manager 4
Human resource manager 1
Staff 5
Total 13

In order to deliver the adventurous trip, different other aspects are considered such as the need of one computer system and quality control system. For this purpose, project management techniques are applied in order to control the quality. At the same time, research and development activities are carried out so as to accomplish task related to delivering good quality of services. In addition to this, risk management is applied for assessing the issues which are being faced while rendering good quality of services to end users.


Supply chain plays important role travel and tourism sector under which business focuses on arranging a different kind of facilities. However, hotels and other related resources will be availed with the help of long-term contract. Owing to this, travel agencies, restaurants, hotels and tourist destinations are key suppliers who play a major role in delivering good quality of services. Thus, key strategies will be establishing long-term contract with hotels and restaurants. Moreover, new hotels and destinations are discovered.


According to the analysis of internal and external environment, it can be said that proposed business needs to focus on quality and risk management. It would be effective to reduce potential risk related to issueswhich are being faced by customers. Apart from this, financial management is also done by approaching cost effective sources. However, cost effective sources are considered in all business activities whether that is production, HRM and marketing or finance. This in turn management can reduce cost of production and increase overall rate of return.


The stakeholders included in current business will be shareholders, employees and customers as well as suppliers and government as well. All these stakeholders are approached by using effective mode of communication such as formal meeting and social media marketing as well as other related aspects like E-mail. Apart from this, annual report of business will be presented in publicly available parties so as to related stakeholders can be collected all record. It would be effective for them assess the performance of business and new strategies. Moreover, ideas and suggestions of stakeholders will also be taken so that business can bring improvement accordingly.


In terms of organisation and management, it can be stated that a team of personnel's will be developed. In the modern era, organisation and effective management of business operations are very essential for companies as it results in accomplishment of business objectives and aims in the best possible manner. In order to sustain in the highly competitive marketplace, the selected business enterprise will keep carrying out changes in its management practices at regular intervals. It can also be stated that participative style of management will be used and the services will be delivered with the help of a vertical organisational structure.


It can be stated that at the time of carrying out business practices, it will be required by the proposed business to take care of different social and environmental factors. In the modern era, the competition among businesses in the travel and tourism industry has become highly intense and therefore it is no longer easy for firms to attract new customers and retain the old ones. Social impact on the operations of proposed business will be that the firm will need to make modifications in the present services as per changing need and demand of people in the market. This will support in developing sense of satisfaction among customers and will also contribute to long-term development of the proposed business. On the other side of this, it can be argued that while delivering travel and tourism related to services the proposed business will need to ensure that no negative impact is created on the environment. To retain the workers, the democratic style will be used, and decisions will be taken on the basis of views and opinions provided by them. The rationale behind this is that it will support in getting the best possible and reliable information as employees are the one who comes in direct contact with customers. Therefore, the proposed business will be able to gain more accurate and reliable information.


The main and most important risk associated with carrying out business operations is related to changes in taste and preference of people in the market. The proposed business may start facing issues and challenges in increasing sales in situations where the demands and needs of people in the market tend to change drastically. Apart from this, changes in the economic environment all across the global is another key risk associated with the proposed business. In order to mitigate or deal with all the risk mentioned above, efficient risk management systems can be developed by the selected business enterprise to offer different tour related services to travellers in the country. A change in the norms and regulations that is developed by government and tourism authority is another major risk which is associated with the introduction of new services in the marketplace.


It can also be expressed that at the time of carrying out its business operations, the proposed business will be taking care of areas such as corporate governance. Here, the interests of all the key stakeholders involved will be addressed in the best possible manner. For example, customers will be provided with services according to their changing demand, employees' views and opinions will be taken into consideration, etc. Other than this, the proposed business will also make sure that the interest of stakeholders such as investors has been taken care of and satisfied in the best possible manner. It can be expressed that all these practices will contribute to long-term growth and development of the proposed business.


  • Revenue of business is expected to increase by 20%
  • Marketing and promotional expenses is assumed to rise by 8%
  • Expenses on development program is expected to increase by 12%
  • Wages and salaries is predicted to rise by 12%
  • Maintenance expenses is anticipated to increase by 1%
  • Interest expenses is considered to be charged @ 15%
  • Budget for retention of workforce is also arranged under which business will focus upon increase their expertise and offering them reward as per their performance


The sources of funds will be retained profit and a bank loan. It would be effective for RACT destination to gather appropriate money for launching new services and hiring potential candidate to deliver the same. These resources are selected because the time taken to acquire the same is very less where management of business will not face any issue. Apart from this, retained profit can be acquired in relatively less time span. In addition to this, the majority of a fund will be used at the single time in order to design package and hiring employees. Apart from this, strategies are applied for retaining existing staff for which monetary and non-momentary reward will be used. This aids to retain personnel for longer time span and determine growth and success of business. Therefore, selected sources of finance are most effective for implementing the business idea.


The current business plan will be done by taking into account objectives and aim. However, any improvement will be made on the basis of results or information extracted from consumers. This proves to be effective in accomplishing long as well as short-term objectives. However, continuous monitoring will be ensured with the help of modifying current strategies in the light on feedback and suggestions from related parties. 

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