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Maintaining and developing an entity growth it is important to introduced some innovation. There are many organizations which are using different types of techniques and approaches for improving their existing performance. Introduce of internet is also considered as the innovative techniques which assist to entity for expanding its business activities and their performance. With the help of online ventures firm are becoming offering different types of products to its customers. The present report will make analysis on Apparel Brands which Australia based manufacturing company (Arnold. and Boggs, 2015). The firm is facing different types of issues and want to introduced it owns brand through online ventures for developing its business. This report describes the ways to target market, determining costs of products and also describes benefits to company to opening online ventures. Furthermore, this report also make analyses on issues which are faced by team members and provides corrective actions to them.

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Apparel Brands founded in 1901 and it is Australia based manufacturer and distribution of clothing and footwear company. From last two year entity is facing difficulties for operating it business activities. Market share of firm is continuous declining and labour is also increases. For ensuring its long term growth organization is planning to develop its own brand and sells to directly customers (Belbin, R. M., 2011). Apparel Brands is launching its own E commerce ventures which assist to them for developing its business.

Value proposition

It is a kind of promise to deliver value product to customers, develop effective communication and satisfying customer's needs. For an organization, value proposition means delivering high quality productsto its customers along with maintaining the profits of firm. Apparel Brand can use this concept of developing its E commerce venture. Entity can offer different types of clothing and footwear to its customers. Market of clothing and footwear in Australia is rapidly increasing. Price of products is based on consumer oriented pricing products. Apparel Brands charger higher prices of New arrivals and for casual items charged low prices. Firm will charge $10 for each custom T shirt which is low as compare to its competitors (Beloglazov, Abawajy. and Buyya, 2012.. Through this approach, entity can attract more customers in its business. The customers also get benefites by buying products from E commerce ventures. Through E commerce ventures tcustomers receive low cost products along with quality.

Target Market

There are several ways for targeting market. Apparel Brands can use various techniques. The best techniques which can use by the company for making its E commerce ventures successful is Market segmentation. With the help of this approach, they can target their customers in an effective manner. This approach assists the firm to develop its market and enhance the profits of organization. It includes three steps, that is, Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning.

Segmentation, Targeting & Positioning

It is based on different variables such as demographics, age, income and lifestyle of individuals. Apparel Brands is segmenting its market on the basis of age and income of its customers. Clothing and footwear products are generally consumed by young people who belong to 16 -35 years. Firm is also offering low cost products to its customers so that they can attract more buyers in business. For developing E commerce ventures, income of individual is also considered important factor.. The firm is offering low cost products to its customers along with high quality. The aim Targets Apparel Brands is Young people because most of the online purchasing is done by young people (Csikszentmihalyi, 2014). For attracting for young people who belongs to 16 -35 and they are offering low cost products to its customers. Entity is offering Custom T-shirt to its buyers and offering a range of footwear as well. Through this approach, customers get low cost products and entity can get maximum profits by rising its sales. For positioning its products, the entity is using price strategy. Apparel Brands is offering low cost products to its customers as compared to its competitors. For attracting more young people, business firm is also offering a wide range of products in clothing and footwear.

Gathering information

There are various ways to conduct information for setting up ventures. Apparel Brands can gather information by conducting market or can use the online research. With the help of market research, entity can receive valuable information (Da Costa, 2016). It provides in depth knowledge to the firm such as cost of products and identifying potential customers. It also assists them in targeting their market and customer’s preferences. frimcan also use online surveys for setting up the venture. Online survey gives detailed information to company such as the kind of product that consumers prefer to buy and their exceptions with online purchasing. Enterprise can also hire a consultant which provides all kinds of legal guidelines for setting up E commerce ventures such as laws and regulations that are set up for E commerce business.

Benefits from other expertise

Apparel Brands need to develop a network of expertise for developing its business. This expertise belongs to different fields of business such as finance, marketing, human resources and experts of law. Experts of human resource department assist company in hiring and selecting the skilled and experienced employees in entity (Gilmour and, 2013.). HR experts help the firm in recruiting talented workers which assist them in improving profits of business. Other expert who is imprortantt for the online venture is marketing experts who provides all necessary informations to business firm and helps to them for developing marketing strategy and promoting organization's products (Envato Market. 2013.) Marketing experts also assist the enterprise to gather relevant information about the market such as rival practices, consumer's preferences and their choices. On the basis of this information, entity develops market strategy and identify their potential customers. Finance experts assist company for maintain and record the financial information. It also helps enterprises for estimating the cost of products and services. Financial experts will also help Apparel Brands for craft creative solution for solving financial problems (Grilo and Goncalves, 2010). At last, the entity needs to consult legal experts which aid organization to make them aware regrading all important laws such as Electronic Transaction Act 1999 and other different types consumers obligations.

Steps for setting E commerce Ventures

Apparel Brands can use various steps for setting its online venture. There are several steps involved in setting E commerce such as website design, develop secure way for making online payments and promoting entity's products by o by establishing presences through search engines. Following are the important steps for setting E commerce ventures.

Register with Domain name

First step which is taken for the starting online venture is register with domain name. It is a unique address that guides users to browse organization's websites through its computer or mobile (Moretti, Todini. and Baiocchi, A., 2010). Apparel Brands need to register its websites with the domain name so that they can aware customers regarding business.

Websites design

For designing a website, it is important to create a clean and appealing design so that it can attract more customers to firm. Websites of company should include brand' logo and need to use effective color. Professionally design logo attracts more customers.

Using SEO

Apparel Brands also use search engine optimization which helps to them for increases visibility of websites. There are different types SEO are available such as Goggle, yahoo and Bing. The entity can use Goggle because it is considered as the best search engine because it has the highest numbers of users.

Payments tool

For online business it is also important to develop secure gate way for online payments. Online payments can be done through bu using different types of credit cards, debits cards and through developing secure gateway. The entity can also use PayPal for making and accepting international transactions.

Benefits of online ventures

Starting online business have many benefits for Apparel Brands. With the online ventures can expand its business, reduces cost and enhances productivity (What Is E-Commerce? 2015.) Following are benefits of online presence.

No geographical limit

Internet has no geographical limit. Apparel Brands is operating its business in only Australia with the help of online ventures the company can expand its business in other countries as well (Salas and Frush, 2012). At present, it running its operation in Australia only through online business they gather international customers and targets their customers in effective manner.

Reduces costs

Entity get benefit with online business. Its reduces inventory and storage cost of organizations and enterprise can enhances its profits. In online business entity does not require staff members for explaining product's' feature and their advantage to customers. So for Apparel Brands is considered as the cost effective approach and firm can maximize its profitability.

Improve productivity

Online business assists to company for improving productivity. Staff and employees need to be more skilled and experienced so they can attain their customers in better manner (Sawyer, 2011). The company can receives feedback from its customers and make review on its so they can improve its services. Online order entry systems make entity's service more advance so productivity of entity's improve through online ventures.

Determine Costs

There are various ways to determining the cost of products. Apparel Brands is offering $10 for one custom T shirts. The manufacturing company is using Cost Plus pricing. Following is calculation of Custom T shirts.

Cost of materials $3
Cost of labour $1
Overhead $1
Total profits $5
Desired profits (50%) on sales $5
Sale price $10 per T-shirt

This pricing approach helps to company for offering low cost products its customers. This method cover all overhead of manufacturing and also generated a percentage of profits. In online ventures the company is planning to give low cost products to its customers so they can generate more profits and increases their sales (Schniederjans,, Cao and Triche, 2013).


1) Issues and corrective actions for achieving team goal

In every company there are various types of teams are working. For achieving tasks it is important that team work together and if any conflicts should be solved by making effective commutations. Following are issues which faced by team of Apparel Brands in achieving their team goals.

Poor communications

Communication is considered as effective tools which assist to team members for solving problems. When employees are perfuming their tasks in team it is essential to develop two way communication between them. The team is facing effective communication. Team members are talking upon each other and not taking participation in group activities. All these activities are creating problems in team. Corrective actions regrading this issue is developing effective channel of communications and conduct meeting in for solving this issues.

Lack of Resources

The team is not receiving proper resources for completing their tasks. Team is facing issues for making utilization of resources. Apparel Brands does not make allocation of resources effectively. Team need fund and more employees for achieving tasks. Effective steps can be taken for solving this issues such as making proper allocation of resources and allow for fund to team. Entity can also provide guideline to its team members so they can fully utilize resources.

Lack of skills

Another issues which is faced the team is lack of skills Team members are not skilled and they are unable to perform their tasks (Zalabak. 2011.). Team need for skilled employees for competing their tasks. For making online venture successful it is important to hire skilled and experienced employees so they can perform their tasks for in effective manner. For solving this issues the entity need to hire more skilled employees who hold the technical knowledge and helps to the entity for improving their team productivity.

Lack of creativity

There is lack of creativity in team members and they are unable to giving better ideas for completing tasks. Creativity helps to team members for performing tasks in better way and also enhances productivity of teams (Arnold. and Boggs, 2015). It's also assist them for creating opportunities to completing tasks. The corrective actions for solving this issues is to increase creativity and logical thinking of employees by conducting different types of team activity.

2) Resolve team performance issues and implemented corrective actions

For Solving the team performances issues they are conducting open sessions of its employees and workers and will ask to their problems for solving their issues. There are various types of issues which are facing by the team such as poor communication, lack of resources, lack of creativity and lack of skilled employees in team. Foe solving this issues we are going to conduct meeting in which we are asked to them their problems regrading team and also asked to them for giving suggestions for solving issues (Beloglazov, Abawajy. and Buyya, 2012.). We will also suggest corrective actions and ways to implementing those actions so team members can perform their tasks and assists to entity for achieving their business objectives. Following are ways to improve work performance issues and actions to solving those issues.

Develop effective communication

The team is facing issues regrading making effective communication. Team members are unable talking to each other and because of this issues so many conflicts are arises (Ecommerce Tracking. 2014) There is communication gap in between team members and they are unable to performing their work on time and it also decreases performances of employees. Fo developing effective communications we can conduct different types of team activities which assist to team members for knowing to each other and increases trusts in between them.

Improving skills

The team is facing issues regrading to lack of skills of their employees. Team members are not skilled and does not have hold any kind of experienced in online ventures. For making online ventures successful it is important for the entity for the team to add some skilled workers in its business (Moretti, Todini. and Baiocchi, A., 2010). For improving skills of employees team is going to provide training to its team members and also conduct different types of classes so they can improve their skills. Further, steps are also taken such as hire new workers in team who have technical knowledge in setting online ventures.

Enhances creativity

For enhancing creativity in team they are conducting Brain storming sessions for its employees. Through this session they will receive creative ideas and solve complex problems. Is also helps to them for improving creativity of its employees.


The team is facing issues regrading allocation of resources (Schniederjans,, Cao and Triche, 2013). Due to lack of proper allocation of resources team members are unable to perform their tasks. It's also reduces their performance and making them unable achieve business objectives.

3) Report of corrective actions taken by team

There are different type of issues that has been identified within the group. Due to the issues there were problems in performing the tasks that has to be performed. In this context, one of the main issues that is faced within the team is lack of effective communication (Zalabak. 2011.). Due to this problem, it increases confusions and workers fail to perform their part of role in an effective manner. Further, members within the team does not take initiative to know each other and due to these issues the team effort is not their and this also affects the quality of work. Another issues that is faced within the team is lack of skilled workers. Each and every worker possess different set of skills and capabilities. However, due to lack of interaction members do not develop their skills from others. Moreover, there are also issues in relation with lack of resources. In order to preform any type of work it requires proper tools and equipments so that the work can be performed in an effective manner. However, within the team, it lacks proper equipments (Schniederjans,, Cao and Triche, 2013). Moreover, due to lack of proper communication, it becomes difficult to get proper innovation that can be applied with the team.

In order to overcome these type of issues, there are different set of activities that are determined with the help of which there will be an effective team spirit and the issues that are faced by them will be solved. There will be groups activities planned. This will enable the member of the team to raise their interaction with each other. This way they will get to know each other. Further, they will be provided with proper training, this will enable to develop the skills that workers within the team lack. Before providing them training, they will be monitored and the areas in which they will be identified (Moretti, Todini. and Baiocchi, A., 2010). They will be provided with training. This will be helpful enough to develop the develop their performance level. Further, there will be brain storming session will be conducted, this will be helpful enough to know the perception of member within the team. As per the suggestion provided during the brain storming will be considered and appropriate steps will be taken through which the issues that were faced in the team will be solved. This will enable to improve the performance of the team.


From the above report it is concluded that by launching its own online ventures Apparel Brands is improving its business activities and developing its market. The company is offering custom T shirts and foot wears to its consumers with low cost. The main aim of the is to offers low cost products along with good quality. For expanding its online ventures the entity is targeting youth people who belong to age group of 16-35. Enterprise is also focusing on developing a network of experts people which assist to them for making their business for advance. It is also concluded that organization is using cost plus pricing methods for determining prices of its products. There are various types of issues which are effective performance of team For solving those issues the entity is also taking corrective actions. However, team is need to hire skilled employees for improving their performance.


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