Glenmore Hotel is a leading industry in hospitality and events sector. It believes that policy of diverse recruitment of expert staff is a key factor of success. But managing a team within cross-cultural leads to give a challenging role for management of a company (Bhatia, 2014). This report identifies the communication skills which already present in Glenmore Hotel. Further it highlights factors which lead to communication background and process for improvement also.

Analysis Section 1

Heading: Analysis of Good Practice


·It highlights points which shows an evidence of good practices in Glenmore Hotel

MB Paragraph 1:

·Topic Sentence 1: Policy of diverse recruitment is key success of business.

·Evidence: Glenmore gives employment to people that belongs to different background for getting their support in success of business.

MB Paragraph 2:

·Topic Sentence 2: Listening is considered as vital skill for intercultural communication

·Evidence: Max always keeps a pen and paper for making notes about orders given by seniors.

MB Paragraph 3:

·Topic Sentence 3: Empathy is vital for good communication

·Evidence: Jed an event staff concerns of respecting each other rather and make discussion about different items in menu with Max.

MB Paragraph 4:

·Topic Sentence 4: Including workers in decision-making activities

·Evidence: Jed reflects understanding skills by giving importance to make discussion about menu to Max.

MB Paragraph 5:

·Topic Sentence 5: Ask questions on a certain topic for developing innovative solutions.

·Evidence: Jasmine has shown the importance of skills by expecting questions from Helen’s side on task activities.


·Key communication factors concerns on good practices within Glenmore Hotel where every member work in systematic manner.

Analysis Section 2

Heading: Causes of Communication Background


·It describes causes which impact on intercultural communications.

MB Paragraph 1:

·Topic Sentence 1: High hierarchy leads to less communication between upper and lower management

·Evidence: Jed has disputed with Max who assists to make decisions about menu without discussion with Chef.

MB Paragraph 2:

·Topic Sentence 2: Attitude towards staff impact intercultural communication

·Evidence: Viven has mentioned that sales staff play vital role in identifying and meeting needs of customers. They sometime get late to arrival in meeting due to which they face rude or inappropriate behaviour of seniors over there.

MB Paragraph 3:

·Topic Sentence 3: Prejudge and racism affects relationship among co-workers

·Evidence: Viven has stated that Chinese people don't like to take services from black people. Due to this factor, Jasmine proves better than Viven in giving better services to customers.

MB Paragraph 4:

·Topic Sentence 4: Power and authority which a few person have leads to create barriers in effective communications

·Evidence: Jed and Max have authority to give commands to staff members in performing their duties. They never include perceptions of employees in decision making and develop proper interaction with them as well.

MB Paragraph 5:

·Topic Sentence 5: Individual identity impacts directly on cross-cultural communication

·Evidence: Jed is high-dedicated person and concerns on meeting target. While Viven focuses on creating changes to meet requirement of

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