Managing Communications, Knowledge And Information


AC.1.1 Discussing the range of decisions to be taken (M1)

According to Borghoff and Pareschi, (2013, p.90), the decision-making process can be considered as the most important part in every business companies. The success of a company depends upon the decision taken by the managers.  Samsung wants to launch some products in the UK; therefore, it is necessary for Samsung to adopt a right decision. The effective decision can support the company to build a proper working team and management systems. Along with this company takes decisions to solve issues of the company. There can be some different decision-making process adopted by Samsung, the UK as strategic decisions, programmed decisions, non-programmed decisions, tactical decisions and operational decisions. Therefore, it can be said that by these processes Samsung can take a chance to make a right decision.  

Various information can be gathered through variety types of sources. Like the primary and secondary information. This information may be placed in a secure place as storage to use for the future uses. All the provided information can be benefited for an organization to achieve the business objectives regarding gaining the competitive advantage and earning a huge number coif productivity.

A.C1.2 Examining the information and knowledge needed to ensure effective decision-taking(M1)

Information and knowledge about the competitors of an organisation, demands of customers, feedback about the company are most effective part of the company (Schwalbe, 2015, p.45). This information is always helpful for each organisation to make proper decisions about their future. Samsung also should have some information and knowledge about these things, as the company wants to take some decisions. Over this knowledge, the company can plan their strategies to improve their business or the products of the organisation. Otherwise, the new strategies cannot give any positive results to the company. Therefore it can be said that first of all Samsung has to gather all knowledge about their rivals, a market value of their products, needs or demands of the customers. With the help of these things, Samsung can take effective decisions to impress the people of the UK.

1.3 Assessing internal and external sources of information and understanding(M1)

Internal and external information of an organisation may give a positive impact on the stakeholders of the company (Hwang and Yoon, 2012, p.123). External and internal information can help the organisation to gather whole details about a position of the organisation. There are some sources of internal and external information of an organisation. The sources can be identified with gathering information. This includes:

Personal and administrative information: In this information, the company can gather information about their personal works of the company. This information provides all details about productivity, distribution and so on. Samsung can find this effective way to understand their business.

The external sources include internet facilities, taking feedback. These sources can help Samsung to gather external information about rivals or their own company.

1.4 Justifying recommendations for improvement

Samsung is a popular company of Korea. The company has distributed their product among various countries of the world. The products of Samsung can be considered as demanding. Samsung should adopt some beneficial decision to get more profit in the UK. Therefore, Samsung has to find a way to gather internal and external information. It has discussed above that information can always help every company to take new decisions. It is impossible for Samsung to understand about their rival companies, products, positions, demands of the company without information. The manager of Samsung UK should take feedback about their products from customers; they may also ask the demands of people. This can help Samsung to improve their management in the UK.

Evaluating internal and external sources of information

External and internal sources of information provide the company detail information about each thing (Zsambok and Klein, 2014, p.190). Financial information can be considered as internal information. In this information, a company can get the details about their finance as taxes, profits, loss, expansions. Therefore, it can be said that this information source can give a positive impact on the company. The company wants to gain profit, so this source gives a clear idea about profit. According to There are some more sources of internal information. The information includes marketing information, administrative and manufacturing information. Along with this, the feedbacks, websites, campaign always have effectiveness in the company. Therefore, it can be said that the internal and external information sources help the company in their decision-making process.


2.1 Identifying stakeholders for a decision-making process (M2)(D1)

Stakeholders are an essential part of every company (Anderson et al. 2015, p.200). With the help of stakeholders, a company can plan their future and present as well. In a company, there can be two types of stakeholders as internal stakeholders and internal stakeholders. Samsung also have these two kinds of stakeholders and those stakeholders help the organisation to improve. The internal and external stakeholders can be:

Internal stakeholders are employees, manager. The external stakeholders are government, partners, bank, NGOs. Samsung has to identify their stakeholders and make good relation with the stakeholders. The good relationship with stakeholders helps the company in decision-making. Samsung uses their internal stakeholders to implement the new decision as the internal stakeholders can give proper help in a decision-making process.

2.2 Making contact with those identified and develop business relationships (M2)(D1)

Stakeholders help the company in implementing new things in a company (Habermas, 2015, p.90). Therefore, the company has to make good relation with the stakeholders for their own profit. Samsung needs to identify their stakeholders, as there are two kinds of stakeholders. In a development of the company, stakeholders may help in different patterns. Internal stakeholders help the company in their processes and external stakeholders help the company in various different matters.

Samsung may make contact with the stakeholders by satisfying them. To provide satisfaction, the company needs to fulfill the needs of the stakeholders. Apart from this company can offer them good deals. Samsung can always be communicative with the stakeholders to make a relationship. The company also can help stakeholders in various matters that can be a cause of good relationship.

Ways to communicate with your stakeholders: various kinds’ media can be used to communicate with the stakeholders, such as uses the analogue system and use various digital platforms matched with their media using behaviour of the stakeholders.

AC.2.3 Involving those identified in the decision making as appropriate (M2)(D1)

According to Schank, and Abelson (2013, p.145), stakeholders always can be helpful for the company in various manners. Therefore, to understand the position or situations of the company the stakeholders need to understand those things well. After identifying the stakeholders, Samsung needs to allow their stakeholders in their decision-making process. In the decision, making process, the various stakeholders can implement various ideas and that idea can be helpful for the company to take the right decision. Along with this, the external stakeholders also help the company to take right decisions and protect the company from other social issues. Internal stakeholders help the company to serve those new plans. Therefore, it can be said that it is very important for Samsung to allow their stakeholders in the decision-making process.

Interest of stakeholders will be represented throughout the occasion: The psychological perspective of the stakeholder need to be entertained by the management of the organization in order ton keep motivating their staff. 

A.C2.4 Designing strategies for improvement (M2)(D1)

The strategies are stated below-

Customers- Affordable products, the experience of shopping are always important for improvement. The products of Samsung should be as per the need and demands of customers and market (Polanyi, 2012, p.156).

Employees- Increasing their reputations, providing bonus, safety, various good policies for the employees are always helpful for Samsung for further improvements.

Communities- Support to the community and various exhibitions are always helpful for Samsung.

Suppliers- Fair deal with the suppliers is always essential. Suppliers are always the main source of an organisation.

Government- Government has a crucial role-playing like many types of taxes; interest rates are depends on the government. Samsung needs to follow the rules of Government properly.

Process of making the event interesting and memorable for stakeholders: The management of any company can successfully implement any organized event. They can use innovative m\panning and strategy to engage their stakeholders in the occasion. They should keep the concern about the interest of their stakeholders. 

Post event reflection

After the product launch of Samsung S7, many customers have made their various opinion. Most of the customers made their negative comment on the various facilities of Samsung S7. The comments are like the battery problems, low performance, graphics issues and crashing issues. Samsung needs to improve the battery of Samsung S7 so that the customers can use the mobile for the longer period. Low-performance issues can be solved by providing extra RAM so that the speed of S7 can be better than before. For graphic issues, Samsung must use a better quality of graphics. Hanging is an important issue for Samsung. The engineers must provide some effective software to prevent hangings.

Evaluating individual strategies

For widening, the launching areas of Samsung internal can play a big role. With the help of internet, Samsung can make their launch worldwide so that all the customers who are interested in becoming the part of the product launch, they can easily participate. The excitement of launching new products of Samsung the customers can easily express by making comment through the internet. The live broadcast can also be taken for launching the new products for making with all the customers around the world. By live broadcast, the customers can be more satisfied after listening to the new features from the CEO of Samsung and it will be more reliable.


3.1 Reporting on existing processes of communication in Samsung(M3)(D2)

According to Nowotny et al. (2013, p.467), effective communications are always crucial for any organisation. Communication process has many key points like sender, encoding, transmission, decoding, receiver and feedback. The sender may be any individual or a group, which always start the communication. The skill, experience, and attitude all these reflect during communication by the sender. Encoding is to understand the meaning of message need to use some symbol; here sender must encode the message. Symbols liken various gestures, language or words. Transmission is the medium through which the sender and the receiver make communicate. Example like telephone, letters, report etc. Feedback is the understatement of the message by the receiver, which has been sent by the sender. All these processes are helpful for Samsung effective communication.

3.2 Designing ways to improve appropriateness(M3)(D2)

The most effective ways of communications include telephone, memo, meeting, fax, email. Communication can be improved by many methods available (Viio and Grönroos, 2014, p.1085). Repeating any message several times can improve communication. One to one communication is also important for transferring messages. Active listening is very important to understand a message. Then after listening any message need to be taken across with the proper intention like honestly, straightforward, openness are made by an individual. Handling of communications problems is an essential method. Need to resolve any issues like conflict or misunderstood during communication should be resolved effectively. All these methods help to improve the communication in Samsung.

Process to  improve communication system: In order to improve communication system an organization must have to assee4s the existing fault of their e communication system then implement actual media for make communication with their stakeholders. 

AC.3.3 Implementing improvements to ensure greater integration of systems of communication in Samsung (M3)(D2)

Hingley et al. (2015, p.101) stated that communication mainly occurs when there is any need to inform any person. It is very important to integrate the communication with the organisation system. Various communication planning can be included. For understanding the current situation of both the internal and the external situation, communication is an essential part. To define the specific goal and objectives and for this, it is important to focus on how to achieve. For defining the target audience of communication and for this reason it is important to analyse and listing. To identify the main idea of the messages that are to be sent to the target customers but the message will be simple to understand. It is very important for Samsung that what kind of strategy they need to take for communication.

Channel of communication with local community: Convenient media used by the local community, such as regional paper and magazine, Moreover radio can be an effective tool to communicate with the local community.

A.C 3.4 creating a personal plan to improve communication skills

Swot analysis for communication process:





· Provide information

· build knowledge

Creates biasness by ant media


Improve the development process of any country

Can manipulate the psychology of the people

In order to improve the communications skills for Samsung, there are much skill are created like the skill of listening need to improve. They need to give concern for the emotion of others. Communications never are judgemental (Mullins et al. 2016, p.567). Encouragement is very important for Samsung for communication. Need to treat all the people equally. Most importantly need to resolve the conflict or misunderstanding. The positive attitude is always an important plan for improving the communication skills for Samsung. Stress minimising is always helpful for Samsung for improving the communications. It is important to make complain only if the front person does not listen properly.

Evaluating personal communication skills

Strong communication skills are always required for improving the communication skills of Samsung. The plans are stated below-

It is very important to improve the skills of listening. By improving this, Samsung can be much more improved. Need to understand the emotions of others and need to give importance. Another plan is as it needs to encourage others. Need to treat people equally. By resolving the conflict, the communication can be improved of Samsung. A positive attitude is very helpful for Samsung for improving the communication. Stress is always a major barrier for communication so Samsung must keep this in their mind.

The strategies are taken for improving the communications for Samsung are highly effective and beneficial.  Transmission and feedback these are the most important for Samsung. The reason is that by feedback option the sender will be able to understand the message sent is successful. Transmission is another realistic and essential matter for Samsung. The medium for communication always plays the most crucial role by which the communication can be made. Though all the strategies are taken for improving the communication skill of Samsung are relevant and appropriate.


AC4.1 critically investigating the potential benefits

After the above analysis, there are many benefits have been found for the betterment of Samsung. Most importantly, the information about the internal and external matter is really essential steps for improving the benefits. The management of Samsung must gather all the information of internal and external sources so that they can understand every situation and future opportunity as well. Based on all these information Samsung can make their growth systems for higher than ever. The feedback options are always important for an organisation. The customer's demands, needs are always helpful for Samsung to make their products as per the requirements of the market. Samsung must keep in mind that the satisfaction of the customers always plays a key role in the success of an organisation. Samsung has to provide sufficient service center for providing better facilities to the customers. The various communication plans and strategies are always helpful for Samsung. Communication has a big role for an organisation. For various types of customers like verbal and nonverbal customers and those, belong to many languages, different culture- to face and deal with all these. The various training systems are very important. The active listening plan is always very crucial for Samsung because they have many customers and to listen to all the customers actively is a bit difficult, so the training systems are always beneficial for Samsung. During communication, the various processes like positive approaches, the absence of fear and equal treatment for all the people, not to complain often all strategies that can make a big impact on Samsung. Samsung needs to resolve all the issues and the conflict related to their products. As early Samsung can resolve these then the growth will be always high.

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