Plagiarism and Its Consequences


Plagiarism is serious offensive activity in many educational institutions. It is that process in which an individual make dishonesty or stealing someone other ideas to complete their work. For determining plagiarism there are different level has been set which measure the level of plagiarism done by person (Angélil-Carter, 2014). The present report is based on the plagiarism and its consequence. This report make analysis on the different types of consequence which faced by student due to plagiarism . Furthermore, it provides recommendation ways to minimized the writing mistakes so academic integrity can be maintained.

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Plagiarism and Its Consequences

Plagiarism is wrongful appropriation and stealing and publication of another author's ideas or expression. It is considered as the academic dishonesty and breach of journal ethics. In many educational institutions considered it as serious crime e and in many institutions several types of punishments are also set for their students.

Due to increases s in use information technology, this crime has also been increased. In the education institutions such types of offense includes penalties, suspension and even expulsion. In the academia world, plagiarism by students considered a very serious mistakes that many results in the failing grade on particular assignment or even in the entire course (Gallant, 2016). There are different types of polices made on plagiarism for students. Following are the consequences of plagiarism.

Consequences for students level 1

There are different type of level set for the plagiarism. As according to the each level penalties are also mentioned . In the level one of plagiarism includes poor use or understanding of referencing, and convention. The level one generally apply to those students who does not have knowledge how to write the answer correctly and how to formatted questions. During the writing any type of the academic paper students use different material from various sources. Some text or martial may be copied (Gullifer and Tyson, 2014). So that part is considered as the plagiarism. So for avoiding such type of mistakes= it is important to make correct references in the plagiarized part or paragraph so it can be minimized. . This type of work generally inadmissible in academic institutions. In such type of work plagiarism appearer due to poor understanding of references or indirect quotation. Due to the lack of knowledge regrading the paraphrasing skills such type of the plagiarism occurred. In this type of mistakes generally, educational institutions provide resubmitted work. In which the students needs to make proper alternation in their work as per the guidelines provided by them (Hagen, Potthast and Stein, 2015). In this student marked without penalties. Generally this type of plagiarism does not count as academic misconduct.

Consequences for students level 2

The level 2, it is considered as the academic misconduct. This type of plagiarism is occurred at that time when students know what is constitutions plagiarism. Such type of activities are appears when the individual copied the material from another sources or try to copied the entire source. Level two is appeared in only that case when the entire paper coped from other sources without making any type of alterations.

It mainly includes use of direct quotations, failure to acknowledge private or public domain sources and Paraphrasing without appropriate recognition. In such type of plagiarism academic made many types of penalties (Harris, 2017). Under this level individual get chance to resubmitted their work by making some alternation in the academic papers., but as penalty educational institutions deducted marks of students as per their polices and producers. So in order to avoid the level second person should note that to avoid the copied the entire section from nay type of material. Along with this they need to make proper citations of their work in the plagiarized paragraphs and need to make rephrase their work in effective manner. By applying all these techniques plagiarism can be avoided .Plagiarism Generally such type of plagiarism comes out when students copied more than 20% material form other sources.

Consequences for universities

It can cause to the students fail in the class and even they may be expelled from the college., but there are some other consequences which are also levied with the educational institutions (Hu. 2015) It not effects the student's reparation but also effect the college . There are many colleges which publish student's research, if they use some other person 's work then it may harm reputation the college and their integrity. Following are the consequences of the plagiarism on universities.

Plagiarism prevent learning

Submitting someone others work may prevent student from learning (Harris, 2017).College provide assignment to their student so they can make their classroom learning more strong and helps and explore new learning in effective manner. But if student make any type of cheating in form of plagiarism then it creates negative impact on their education . They cannot learn about the structure and citing sources. Along with this it also prevents to develop effective communication and writing skills.

Decrees the credibility of research

In the college, there are many types of research papers which provide to students for conducting research (White, 2013). If student make use of plagiarized source then credibility of research can be decreases. It can make research results more polluted if they are taken from the unknown sources. With the plagiarized research papers students does not provide the correct information which may also ruined reputation of authors as well.

Create distrustful environment

In the college or universities not all the students are make plagiarism. There are some students who make their assignment plagiarism free by conducting extensive research as per the guideline of their institutions, but if college allows plagiarism then it may create negative environment in the educational place and bring bitterness among students.

Apart. From the above reasons there are some other reason as well (Wilcox, Cameron and Reber,,2015). Plagiarism does not provide ethical practices so for the universities, it is important that they avoid such practices from the workplace and maintained integrity. For creating positive environment in the college it is also necessary that to

Consequences for future academic integrity

Academic integrity refers to the moral code and ethical policy of academic. There are many colleges which make ethical standard in their educational environment. It is basically include cheating, plagiarism and maintenance of honesty in research paper or other rules related academic publishing.

There are many students which involved in the plagiarism and many other types of activities which may ruined reputation of college along with academic integrity. Following are the consequences of plagiarism for future of academic integrity.

  • In many universities there are separate committee are developed for the maintained of academic integrity. In order to avoid the plagiarism they make polices and producers. This polices and producers provide opportunities to students to make appropriate decision (Gullifer and Tyson, 2014). If the plagiarism occurred then relationship in between college and students can harm and reputation of academic integrity As
  • Another consequence of plagiarism which effects academic integrity is that qualification of student also get harm. Academic integrity includes different aspects such as to maintenance honesty on the research paper (Hagen, Potthast and Stein, 2015). If they can plagiarize their research paper then it may harm the reputations of the research paper and along with scholar. In many research's paper it is found that proper referencing is also lacking and they are not provided the useful information about the research so it may effects academic integrity. The future integrity of academic are effects, students can not learn to apply their knowledge and skills. Along with do not learn actual purpose of their education.
  • The last Consequence which effect the academic integrity is that, avoid the ethical practices. Plagiarism means to stealing someone 's other work or material which comes under the unethical practices (Gallant, 2016) .Aim of the academic integrity is to make students aware about ethical practices. So it is important to that plagiarism must be avoided and for that strict polices should be develop.


Summing up the above report it can be concluded that plagiarism and it's practices may create many types of problems for educational institutions and their associates. With increases in use of information technology such practices are also increases. Many institutions have set their own polices and producers to the so they can minimize such practices. It is the biggest offense which attempt by the individuals and damage reputation of the institutions. At last academic writs should adopt such practices which minimize plagiarism which helps to maintain academic integrity


In order to avoid the plagiarism there are many types of practices which can be adopted by the individual or educational institutions. It helps to them for preventing plagiarism and remains ethical. To Following are the recommendations, which needs to taken in to account for maintain for academic integrity.

  • The very first step which is taken by individual for avoiding the plagiarism is that use of proper citation and references. With the helps of such practices plagiarism can be minimized During the writing the academic paper it is essential that give proper references to each part so plagiarism so no plagiarism appears in paper and integrity can be maintained.
  • For writing the research paper student take references from many types of sources such as journals, books and internet. In such manner after obtaining information from the sources, they need to make paraphrase of that information. Read information and then try to writs it in own words. Develop a practice to not use more than two words in sentences and if anyone uses more than two words give quotation in that sentence.
  • The last recommendation is use of quoting, paraphrase take lots of time. To manage to writing the research paper use quoting so plagiarism can be avoided along with this use lot of references to avoid the plagiarism.


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