Personal and Professional Development Plan at Workplace


Personal and professional development are the both key elements play its major role to enhance the individuals skills and knowledge that help in the career growth and their personal skills also enhance. It is phenomena in that the whole process is done by follow various practices in the workplaces as the personal development concept means that increase their professional skills through training programs to perform the its duty and responsibilities in the job in an appropriate manner. The NHS adopt the personal and professional development plan to increase the individuals skills as well as capabilities so they can done their activities and provide healthier services to its patients. In the research project, there is a discussion on personal values as well as principles in the HSC and also evaluating the personal culture as well experience that impact the service user in the organisation (Russell and Korthagen, 2013). In addition, in the research report there is also a discussion on changes or new development occur what impact the health and social sector face these challenges. The care worker analyse its current skills with the help of SWOT model and also KOLB learning style to know the strength and weakness. Produce a development plan for some time periods to enhance future growth and also make a revised plan as well as make performance analysis after implementation of plan. Further, the professional relationship are studied with the other individuals and also personal effectiveness are evaluating regard to promote and support of rights and also make solution to resolve dilemma problem. The last portion in the research project there is a discussion on contribution of care worker with the other worker and also describe the impact of limitation in the work in the NHS.


1.1 Comparison of own personal values and principles in the workplace

Personal values that means that dignity, creativity, attitude, independence and also courage etc. that influence people to contribute their efforts. For example, in the HSC organisation if the employee have a good personal skills that means they have a better creativity skills then they deliver best services in a better way ( Sutherland, Howard and Markauskaite, 2010). Therefore, on the other hand if they have a friendly nature then they deliver services to its patients in a happy way. Whereas, principles that are mainly include in the health and social care that are support, equality and diversity in the workplaces that make environment healthier. In the workplace of HSC a principle of support are follow by me in that way that I deliver service to the patient in right manner that is my own personal values and culture. The principles that involves values, knowledge, experience and beliefs etc.
I am a care worker in the health and social sector that means the patient share private information with me so, it become responsibility of my to keep all the secrets privately. However, my duty is to take care of the service user by record the personal data in safe manner so, that no other third party use it. Beside this, the another principles is a rights for this my personal values and beliefs is that I raise up my voice if there is any mislead policy implement in the workplace. I will arrange the meeting to communicate views as well as opinions with other individuals so, they are aware about and deliver better quality of services to its clients.
The principles of equality in that I have to follow the rules and regulations in the discrimination act as all the people are to be treated equally and healthcare service available to the patients in a fair manner ( Shortland,2010). Therefore, some people are oppose with the firm's principles as the patient have a another culture and the service are belong to other culture this may create unhealthier environment in the workplace. Thus, my contribution in regard to this is a open-minded I serve the various health services to my patient without any discrimination that my positive attitude.

1.2 Assessment on personal culture and experience influences own role in supporting user of service in the workplace

The people are come in the organisation have their own culture's values and beliefs in the health and social care that may impact highly on the other people in the workplace. Whereas, the experience help the staff worker to make specialist and gain depth knowledge in a particular field in the organisation (Shortland,2010). Thus, there is my own personal culture as well as experience role in support the service user in the health and social care sector that has been discussed below-

Personal culture:- In the NHS the individuals working in the organisation share their different behaviour pattern, opinions as well as customs that are shared in the group of people is known as a culture. It is vary from one person to another person in a group there is a difference in the culture's characteristics that involves are the language, education, working experience, religion, gender and age etc. Thus, the culture takes a important place in the health and social sector as it assist the individuals to provide the better quality of services. My culture value and beliefs taught me that I have to treat with the clients in equally as it gives the all other workers to express theirs ideas and learn them not to discriminate any people who are from other background.

Experience:- The experience aid the care workers to give the proper treatment of various diseases and illness as they know the individuals to engage with the full knowledge as well as become expertise to control the diseases. In addition, the guidelines in the health and social care sector provide the information about the several diseases that give the proper understanding to the patient about its diseases (Hamza,2010 ). The experience people know how to deal the cause of illness or diseases in the initial stage. Thus, it gives an opportunities to the me to enhance my skills and become perfectionist that give me to treat with patient in better way. Also, it resultant into gain my knowledge from the different experience to treat with the different patient with several diseases.

1.3 Discussion on new development and changes to own personal values affect the work in the organisation

The change or new development in the legislations and regulations, policies, values and principles etc. that highly affect my care worker role in the NHS. For example, any change in the discrimination act 1975, The carers equal opportunity act 2004 and human rights act 19980 etc, that affect my own personal role (Brody and Hadar,2011 ). Thus, changes in the discrimination act as it becomes my own responsibility not to treat unfairly in the workplace due to apposition sex. Along with that, the various laws status and rules in the carer act influences my own role as a career worker that I have to perform function and various activities under this act. Also, give the opportunities to the authorised people to express their wishes, needs and train them whenever they required.

The government of UK gives a support to the carers in the health and social to express their view freely (Mwalongo,2011 ). Therefore, it highly impact my role I express my views towards the people that include stakeholder, shareholders, other members to enhance the care plans. Beside this, there is also change in the perception, values and beliefs in the person that impact the NHS if any, changes regard to personal values of my own that create loyalty as well as respect. It gives me a motivation to provide the better quality of service to the patients and assure them to feel comfortable in the organisation. The change in the trust also gives the positive environment and make strong relationship with the peoples by deliver better health services.


2.1 Assesment of my own current skills capability and learning style with the SWOT model

In the NHS my role in the organisation as a care worker so, there is a need to analyse the current skills with the help of SWOT model and Kolb learning style that are discussed below-

The Kolb's learning style help me to know my current skills I usually learn from experience from outside the NHS so, I adopt assimilating learning style in the workplace. Thus, the most of the people learn from different styles that are reading, writing and watching that can be known as linguistic learning style (Von Haenisch,2011). Therefore, I basically adopt these style in some situations that help me to deliver better quality of services to the patients and I also done various experiment that make me more practical in some situations. In addition to this, the theoretical learning styles does not work on me very effective as I learn from writing and reading I forget various things after reading.

2.2 Holistic development plan for the short, medium and long time goals

Personal development plan is relate to future for time period whether it is for six months or for 1 year or more than one year. In that PDP it is very essential to set own objectives regard to future and also engage with the current skills ( Gil,2013). Thus, with these skills the person enhance their knowledge and skills in future time period. Here, there is a PDP to enhance my skills as well as capabilities in the NHS that are discussed below- 

2.3 Montoring the progress against plan as per the needs of health and social care practitioner

The performance are review is a very significant to attain the goals the various performance appraisal are adopt by the NHS to set the target for short and medium time period. As, we also make a path to attain the objectives by attend the training programs or apply leadership style and also conduct meeting with various types of patients. The performance is regularly monitor by the senior member in the workplace and at the end of time period performance reviewed and make a revise development plan accordingly ( Klieger, Ben-Hur, and Bar-Yossef,2010). For example if I am not overcome from weakness such as ineffective in communication that means this training session is not perform positively that means goals are to be set for longer time. I need to done more hard work on it to improve my communication skills. Thus, being a child care practitioner there is an important to the whole process and it is necessary to make a revised plan to attain the set target and objectives. 

Revised plan for care pRussell, T. and Korthagen, F., 2013ractitioner

2.4 Evaluation the effectiveness of the development plan

Development plan play a significant role as it enhance the skills and knowledge in a particular field. The effectiveness of these plan can evaluating by concerned with the people in the NHS are the doctors, other staff member and patients. I will get various suggestion regard to development in the skills and the qualitative measures is use to know the performance after implementation of plan. Thus, the result that I get is positive measures that are valid and reliable to the set objectives in the plan. As I can see that there is a improvement in my performance after implement of plan and the patient are highly satisfy with my healthcare service too. Along with that, the weakness are overcoming that helps me to solve various problems in several different situations and the ability to interact with the other become effective by attend the course in communication as well as adopt problem solving techniques. Therefore, there is is a advancement in the leadership, decision making, communication and problem solving skills etc. are going to improve with the help of development plan.


3.1 Explain the nature of different professional relationship in the NHS

The professional relationship in the NHS with other members in which working members make relationship with the other people, service users, worker with other agencies, any authorised people in the health and social care sector. Thus, they mainly focus on the various principles that firm have to follow. Their is a various nature of relationship as a professional with others in the organisation that has been discussed below-

Relationship with the service users- The service user are to be treat fairly and respectfully in the organisation and the person who are free from problems have a right to choose any kind of healthcare services when they need. The care worker provide the appropriate care to its patients or clients without any hesitation ( Russell and Korthagen,2013). Along with that, it is a right of the professional healthcare workers is that not to discriminate any other members that is not allowable in the NHS while they deliver any health services. On the other hand, the various professional that includes social workers, cares and doctors of the health and social care sector that the service are to be deliver in confidently. In addition, they have a right to not disclose the personal information of any other people to any third party and other information that directly harm the its clients. Their will be full liberty with the patients by the care specialist, services users and also carers.

Engagement with the co-workers- Better understanding with the other staff members establish in the workplace and make healthier relationship helps the workers to done the work as team as the team working always ensure that the work are to be done in great efforts that leads to attain the objectives directly ( Throop and Castellucci,2010). The individuals involve in the NHS are mainly includes heath care workers, carers as well as social workers share their views and opinions also knowledge with all other individuals regard to job to deliver better quality of service. The people have to respect with the other culture people in the organisation by respecting and accept the knowledge with others. Further, the individuals have to work together to make environment healthier as the employers and other provider of service not to discriminate and harassment with the other individuals.

3.2 Evaluate your personal effectiveness in promoting as well as supporting the rights of individuals in the NHS

In the workplace of NHS it becomes a necessary for the individuals to promote and support the various right in the organisation ( Lago,2010). The contribution on the promote the right are done by me in a effective manner so, the user of service become comfortable and share their problems in a desired manner. Here, there is various rights that are promote and support by me as a care provider in the organisation to the individuals that has been discussed below-

  • Kept the private information as a safe: The people are very much concern about their information that the information are not be disclosed as it become my duty to support them by record the private information as safely. The patient information are to store in the proper documentation and kept them in a locker so, the other third party cannot misuse it.
  • Equality: The rules and regulations regard to humanity provide the priorities to the patients in equal manner (Lago,2010). Thus, I feel that the promoting done my me in effective manner and also behave with the patients in the positive way.
  • Freedom:- Give the opportunities to all the individuals workers to express their views and opinions freely without any hesitation that make a environment positive in the NHS. Also, provide the opportunities to grow by enhance their career and there is not bound as the workers as well as doctors done its duty freedom.

3.3 Discussion on ways to resolve problems encountered in professional relationship in the workplace

The major problem in the NHS that are relate to dilemmas that are arise mainly in the relationship as a professional. For example, the abuse, risk, ethics, conflicts among values and principles, disclosure and values for other etc. Thus, in the professional relationship there is a highly arise in the issue of dilemmas that means the individuals does not know what they actually done in the workplace ( Visser,Evering and Barrett, 2014). For example, the people in the organisation usually sometimes they cannot take decisions as they put various types of questions that are can be said it ethical dilemma. The person with have no physical disabilities can take a decisions on medical they can refuse or accept and patient bill etc. Therefore, as we can say that the professional can be ethical dilemma if they make sure that the there is a responsibility and duty to save the life of the patient in the NHS. The doctor gives the patient that they have a right to accept the death and beings new life in most of the cases they have a right to choose their wishes by the doctors.

The another major problem of dilemma is that are mainly arise in terms of patient's private information that can be disclosure by the doctor in the health and social care sector. The NHS follow the Data protection act legislations and it is a responsibility of care workers that not to disclose the patient information to any other third party. Further, the another duty of service provide is that the patient are not abuse by the workers ( Gil,2013). Thus, there is duty to make protection on both that the information not to be disclose with any other person or outside the health and social organisation. Also, protect the people from the abuse that arise by the other person that makes the environment healthier.

assignment help


4.1 Evaluation the effectiveness of your own contribution when work with other in the organisation

A team is an important that can be help in for achieve success in accomplishing a goal. Whenever I work in an organisation my contribution towards workplace in foremost important build a healthy relationship with subordinates and top management in NHS. Make sure organisation environment is friendly and healthy. I can help to resolving the conflicts between employees and being a good employee. I always be smart about my goal setting in NHS. In business environment I promote co-operation towards achieving the goals. In an organisations communication is a most important factors in successful teamwork. I always use effective and efficient communication with my subordinates because effective teams exist where members are able to share information to each one of them. I make sure never build a communication barriers in an organisation ( Glogowska,Young,Lockyer and Moule, 2011). I always focus on a communication channels and provide a specific information to each one of them . I can improve also my communication skills and performance ability towards my works. As in team most of the times I conduct a group meetings to given them chance for express his ideas and creative new strategies for fulfilment of goals, motivates to subordinates and provide some benefits on the basis of work performance. I can properly take discussion about the team growth and discussion about the problems arise. I give them chance to improve skills and doing work efficiently. As a team leader I given the freedom and authority they need to make necessary decisions. I make sure in an organisation never comes a biasness and discrimination with the employees. All these factors are create a healthy and friendly environment in an organisation and help to accomplishing organisational goals and objectives.

4.2 Explanation on how the limitation of work role impact on work with the others

In hospitality services there are so many limitations so that limitations create a major issue on the patients. One big limitation in hospitality is form filling , before form filling nobody can operate their patients. Registration form is mandatory in service sector that impact is affected to patients. Most of time patients suffer a critical problems and nobody can operate without filling form. In that situation patients will die at that point. This is a main problem in hospitality industry. One more limitation is in hospitality is large disciplinary system , that can be influenced to other subordinates or other clients. In some case there are some friendly behaviour with clients in hospitality industry is needed because of this patient recover easy and as earlier ( Russell and Korthagen,2013). As per the current situation most of the hospitality industry have to work on older technologies. so that can be affect the treatments and providing services. This limitation had to create not good enough image in market . In that case most of the patients are not satisfied with the services. Some time unskilled employment is affect to organisation growth and limited source of recruiting is also limitation of the service industry.


Summing up the whole report it has been concluded that the NHS face the dilemma problem in terms of abuse and disclosure of patient's information but they are resolve by them to follow the ethical dilemma. Also, the care take face the problem in the workplace as there is a lacking of skills in problem solving, communicating and leadership skills that are resolve through personal and professional development plan to overcome from these weakness. The care worker in the workplace analyse their skills to know with the help of SWOT model and also Kolb learning style as they are practical person they learn through experiment and experience. Further, the personal and professional development plan play a very vital role in the NHS as they enhance the knowledge, skills and abilities of the individuals in the HSC that involves doctors, care workers and other staff members etc.

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