In the recent era, abusive activities with people who live alone are increased to a high extent. It has given chances to people to exploit and abuse others for financial gain or building sexual relationship (Dickinson and O'Flynn, 2016). These people are a threat to society and need to be punished. Along with this, it is very important to protect people from getting abuse or any other harm. So, nursing home provides care to them. It is their duty and role to safeguard those people who are threatened by such activities. Besides this, there are several laws and regulations developed by government to ensure that care homes deliver effective care to people. An effective management of professionals in health care can help in minimising abusive factors. This report will show why individuals are being abused and factors that lead to incidence of abuse.

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Task 1

1.1 Explain why particular individuals such as Bridget and other groups may be vulnerable to abuse or harm

People in society is are abused due to various reasons. This have an impact on their mental health for a long term. Besides this, if needs and demands of people are not met they involve in these kinds of activities to fulfil their needs (Taylor, Stevenson and McDowell 2018) In case study it is given that an elder Bridget was abuse by Mr. Y. he was living with Bridget in her house. So she was not dependent on him for financial needs. In absence of Mr. Y Bridget often drink alcohol. Bridget was having social. Also, absence of Mr. Y created a loneliness environment for her. But after an incident at hospital Mr. Y started emotionally abusing her. This affected her behaviour. Also, Mr. Y started isolating Bridget from her friends.

Besides this, elder people are soft targets for people to meet their needs. They are easily abused by others. Also, they depend on others to fulfil their needs. Apart from this, elder people remains alone and ill (Peckover and Trotter, 2015) This loneliness becomes the reason for change in their behaviour. It makes them frustrated that lead to affect their mental and physical health.

Another reason for getting abuse is poor conditions in which a person lives. This makes him to think about the reasons of those conditions. It changes their behaviour and makes him aggressive (Low, Roland and Chantler, 2015). Due to this person is does not communicate with other regarding what is happening in his life. Thus, in order to improve those conditions individual thinks a lot. This makes him suffer from depression. It rises incident of harming other in order to remain calm. Also, it leads to getting involved in abusive activities so that individual can be happy.

The risk of getting involved in abusive activities by elder people rises due to loneliness. In order to get involved with other person wants to remain engage in several activities. In this case also Bridget was abused by Mr. Y as he was living with Bridget in her house (White, Wastell and Waring, 2015) Also, Bridget was dependent on Mr. Y. for any kind of support . The relationship between them was also not so good after an incident that occurred at hospital. Besides this, they both was suffering from loss of their loved ones. So this affected their ment


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