Health And Safety In The Social Care Workplace


Health and safety in the social care work place signifies the importance of health and safety safeguards to be taken into account to ensure the sustainability of the organisation in the long run because today's world is getting aware and  becoming health and social conscious. This report gives the general scenario of the policies and procedures that Synergy Health organisation need to follow as per the various legislatures framed and declared by the UK government and assess the responsibilities of every organisation towards health and social care in work place.



In today,s world government of UK is seriously working on the social and health safety in the work place and thus framed and declared various policies to ensure their freedom regarding their religion, ethnicity, political beliefs etc. As per Data protection Act 1998, every employee of Synergy Health Organisation are free to have their own beliefs and culture and thus organisation do not have right to compel the employees to disclose their personal information regarding their beliefs and ethnicity and do not face  inferiority in front of others. Synergy Health Organisation is responsible to keep all the personal information secure and confidential until the employee himself gives consent to disclose. As per Health and Safety Act 1981, the management is responsible to give primary first aid to its employees , thus Synergy health organisation should have effective provisions of equipments and  resting rooms to give the basic medical facilities to all their employees and every employee should be well known of these arrangements and facilities. Management of the health and safety regulation 1999, enforce the Synergy Health organisation to ensure the co-operation and co-ordination between employers and the self employed sharing a workplace so that no disharmony occurs in the work place which would affect the patients and the attendants who are already in worried and tense situation. This act also ensures that every employee should get their task as per their competence and physical capabilities.  No one should be forced to work beyond their competence which would affect their health and demoralise them mentally. They should be properly trained for the extra work they need to perform. Thus, Synergy Health Organisation need to ensure that all the necessary legislatures regarding health and safety has been enforced in the organisation because in today' world it' not just the profits which ensures the long sustainability but social goodwill of the organisation also ensures the sustainability.

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Organisation structure of the Synergy Health Organisation includes the employers, owners, supervisors, workers, contractors, suppliers etc which collectively responsible to eliminate health and social risks within the work place. They are also legally responsible to detect the health and safety risks and correct them effectively as soon as possible. Its not just the owners and employers who are responsible to remove the health and social hazards but the employees are also equally responsible to work together it this direction. Synergy Health organisation is working on the same policy, here every employee, supplier, contractors and others closely associated with the organisation take effective steps to resolve the health and safety problems by proper consultation with the management. Management ensures the safety working environment and ensures that employee do not faces the hazardous condition and complex situation in performing their task which would harass the employees  and thus demoralize them.  Management of Synergy Health Organisation have employed the expert supervisors which could trained the workers effectively and improve their efficiency so that these employees could encourage their colleagues to do the same. Every employee should also be self aware of his own rights and duties regarding health and social care. They should be well known of the legislations and legal standards  of the work place and should get clear interpretation of the same with the supervisors and management. Management do not work on the floors so they are not aware of the unsafe conditions in the work place so the workers should inform about any unsafe conditions pursuing in the work place to their supervisors and confirm the necessary changes have made to remove such hazardous conditions. Workers should wear required personal protective equipment and should avoid the negligence regarding the health and social safeguards. Thus, Synergy Health Organisation need to develop its organisation structure in such a manner that they ensures the health and safety policies and procedures implementation.


Synergy Health Organisation should maintain their work place in such a manner that it could become peasant place to work in. They should ensure safe and healthy environment by framing safety policy statement and implement it effectively. Management of the organisation should be well aware of its legal duties and is responsible to ensure the health and safety of the  employees, volunteers, contractors and others closely associated with the organisation. Synergy Health Organisation should ensure the clean and infected free environment in the work place so that the patients, attendants and even staff members could work in healthy and safe environment as  today every person is aware of the health and environmental issues, so they are very much conscious about the same. The health organisation has the priority to provide infected free medical equipments like injections, needles etc. The Synergy Health organisation need to also keep close eye on the competence of every workmen and should allot the work to them accordingly so that they can give their best without any harassment and hesitation. Organisation need to make regular assessments of the health and social risks present either in  the work place  or  in the activities performed by the employees  and resolve such problems as quickly as possible. Synergy Health Organisation is the health organisation that includes the infected disposals so the organisation need to ensure that every work men should use protective equipments to discharge those infected disposals in such a manner it do not affect adversely the health of the employees and even environment. Thus, these are some priorities the Synergy Health Organisation should keep into account to sustain in the long run.


The above report gives the scenario of the importance of the social and health care facilities in the work place in Synergy Health organisation keeping in mind the various legislations like Data protection Act 1998, health and safety act 1981, health and safety regulation 1999. Synergy Health Organisation has its own priorities to ensure the health and social safety in the work place and need to frame safety policies and implement it accordingly.


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