Unit 14-Specific Needs in Health and Social Care s in HS-Level 3


Everyone has specific needs that are required to be fulfilled in order to maintain a good will and well-being of the people in society. Especially, in health and social care sector, the needs of clients or patients are required to be fulfilled in a better way that will help in better management of operations which will support in suitable rise in wellness of people (Stewart and Wild, 2017). For the report, NHS is taken as the organisation of context and various cases indicating the importance of wellness is been inducted. Report will lay emphasis on the concept of health and illness, behaviour and disability in health and social care. The care of individual needs and availability of various service is been analysed with current system for supporting individuals and impact of legal measures on health and social care. Different concepts of challenging behaviour and their impact on health and social care are evaluated in the report. Also, different strategies are described for working with challenging behaviour. Service on local level are identified and with approaches and the impact of potential developments are been analysed (Glasby, 2017).

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Main Body

Analysing concepts of health, disability, illness and behaviour in relation to users of health and social care services.

Health is defined by WHO as the state of complete physical, mental and social well being and not only the absence of any disease or illness. Disease and illness are the physical or psychological disturbance that are been caused by many internal or external factors. Many times a cause of disease cannot be diagnosed as the reason for it is caused by social factors.

Illness in behaviour implies to the manner a pererson react to another person or factor. It helps in monitor their physical attributes and interpret the symptoms to treat it using proper health and social care system.

Other than this, the Equality Act 2010 defines disability as the physical, mental or psychological impairments that have the considerable impact on individual's ability to perform on a daily basis. As per WHO, it is a complex situation which reflects society's attitude towards an individuals physical or mental condition. It has two models: medical and social model. The medical model involves the condition when the person is been disabled by its own impairments. On the other hand, the social model is based on perception of society towards a person with disability, it helps in removal of barriers to make the person independent and equal in society.

Health and social well-being is the concept very important and necessary for the individuals that are to be followed in the society. In the recent time, however the viewpoints related to health and disability is been changed in a very effective and efficient manner. Earlier, perception about need of health and social care sector is considered in case of emergency and requirements. But, nowadays, people prefer services for regular routine check-up. People have grown aware about fitness in their personal level as well as about the surroundings (Green and Thorogood, 2018). This helped a social worker and a GP to identify the bruises marks and injuries on Baby P, supporting his safeguarding for a limited period. This helped in improving his care measures and prevent the baby from further mutilation. The abnormal mutilation mark showcase rude and non-supportive behaviour towards child and also indicate symptoms of mental illness like hitting baby syndrome which is harmful and needed to be diagnosed and treated well. Baby Peter had faced a great deal of torture from his mother's boyfriend.

The councils and other governing bodies will look after the better handling of different operations that will lay a deep impact on the operations which will help in effective rise in capability and functionality of a health and social care organisation like NHS. This will help in taking in consideration different issues and problems that are faced by an individual due to an illness and in appropriate behaviour from their close ones and people around them which deteriorate their health condition and social wellness. Thus, in this case, organisations have to look after the better management of care measures to understand and fulfil their need and demands. This will help the firm to ensure their functioning and come up with suitable steps to meet special requirements of people (DePoy and Gitlin, 2015).

Analyse the care needs of individuals with specific needs and also assess how perceptions of specific needs have changed over time.

Perception is the development of mindset and attitude towards and person place or situation. The perception for disability is deeply influenced by the communities, environment and culture it sustains. The Darwin's theory of natural selection suggest that the individual which are disabled to cope up with their surrounding situations are trend to get extinct. In earlier days, people used to be reluctant to interact with people having disabilities. While on other hand, now the time is been changing and people or the society as whole is accepting people with disability. However, they are required to find proper measure to remove these barriers associated with perception towards disability.

The assessment of care needs is very important for safeguarding measures of an organisation. The health and social care institution and their workers have to work specifically in a better way to handle the cases like baby P or that of HL. In former case, institution was unable to forge any legal action against parents of baby P even after observing presence of abuse and mistreatment over him. While, in later case, health and social care institution misused and mislead Mr. and Mrs. E and had an ill behaviour with HL. Hence, in such situation, better assessment of understanding needs is necessary as in both the cases, concerning party is unable to communicate and explain their requirements. Baby P was an 8 months infant while HL suffered with autism, causing him unable to speak. In earlier scenario, people find it difficult to tackle such situations and thus, there was a mayhem causing severe consequence. However, in the present era, with the spreading of awareness about various illness and their assimilation measures, now people have become more concerning about fulfilment of the health and social care needs in a better way (Aveyard, 2014).

There are several factors that states that the need is been emerged over the time. Various factors like Maslow's hierarchy of needs has considered many factors like physical needs, behavioural need sand psychological needs including love, self esteem etc. Some times, the individual like Baby P require specific care as he has not reached on a stage where he/she can convey need on its own. Thus, this give importance to the role played the care givers and care tackers at a health and social setting.

Other than this, it will help in better management of challenges that will support in coming up with a better outcome for problem or issue that occurs in health and social care setting. This will also involve the better governmental support that will help in effective increase in capability which will improve operations of their institution in a better way. Other than this, there are many operations which will aid in suitable rise in overall operational capability of company. The assessment of care needs is also necessary for health and social care employees to develop an insight and knowledge that will support in better rise ineffectiveness of the operational capability which will help in effective improvement in their service quality and providing of a good quality product and services to their clients and patients.

Nowadays, people have in-depth understanding of different operations and preventive measures that will help them to meet requirements of users in a better way. Although, with passage of time, challenges have increased in a very new way, but general awareness among people and health and social care workers. They will look after the suitable measures and handle a wide range of operations that will help in effective rise in capability and effectiveness of the operations. This will help in better management of challenges caused by the defrauding behaviour towards someone and being reluctant toward the rudiment necessities of an individual. It requires a patience full approach to assess, evaluate and come up with a prompt solution to an issue faced by people in a health and social care setting (Bowling, 2014).

Although with the passage of time, the challenges have increased in a very new way, but the general awareness among people and health and social care workers. They will look after the suitable measures and handle a wide range of operations that will help in effective rise in capability and effectiveness of the operations. This will help in better management of challenges caused by the defrauding behaviour towards someone and being reluctant toward the rudiment necessities of an individual. It requires a patience full approach to assess, evaluate and come up with a prompt solution to an issue faced by people in a health and social care setting. Other than this, the improvement in the functionality will help in suitable rise in operational capability of a firm that will support a better rise in functional structure and development of health and social care company. Also, the organisation has seen a very positive increment in operational functioning of the firm. This will help in suitable improving of various functions that will enhance the condition of patients like Baby P and HL, who are unable to convey their requirements to their care takers or other people. Thus, the employee's have to see through the better management of operations that will support a good rise in functional capability of health and social care home which will improve the better development of innovative products and services for the patients (Mirowsky, 2017).

Describe the services available in UK for individuals with specific needs.

In the social set up of UK, a wide range of health and social care measures are been taken by the organisation that will help in suitable increase in operational capabilities of the organisation. They will see through different measures, which improve the bonding with the patients and gain an understanding of patients need and requirements in a better way for a good understanding of different operations that are been developed by a health and social care firm to meet the operational capabilities of institution. It will help the firm to safeguard the rights that will help in better rise in capability and coming up with innovative solutions to the problems faced by a patient or a client to meet their needs (Lewis, 2015).

NHS provide a good and better control of the operations that will help in better handling of operation which are been taken in consideration by the organisation in a better way. This will help the organisation to handle a wide range of measures that will help the health and social care firm to improve their service quality. This will also help in suitable rise in functional capability of the organisation that will support a good development of innovative products and services.

Other than this, the firm provide a good transportation services to their patients and clients which will help in improving of high quality of services and better accessing of client to health and social care home. Also, proper medication, and nursing service is been given to the needy and requiring people, either free of cost or on nominal charges.

Explain the identified current systems for supporting individuals with care needs and then analyse the impact of legislation, social policy, society and culture on the ways that services.

The current system is although good in meeting the operational requirements of the organisation, still don't have the efficiency of that level, which will allow the firm like NHS to meet the functional requirements in a better way. This helps in suitable rise in operational capacity of a firm. Besides this the latest technology and testing measures are been followed that will help a health and social care employees, that will help in suitable rise in its efficiency. Other than this, to handle the cases like patients with special mental needs like HL. The NHS will see through in providing its employee's with a specific training that will help them to cater the requirement of autistic patients in a much better way (Beard and Bloom, 2015).

The equality act 2010 will guide the local authorities to have the suitable system in place. The local authorities are been supported by government in order to gain a proper output on care services and thus prevent any sort of harm to a child like in case of Baby P. his death showcases the incompetency of the health and social firm to save the child's life. Also, it will help in avoiding absence of the health and social care services will lead to the identification of proper measures to handle such individual cases.

For the cases like Baby P, specialised child care zone and foster parents or homes are been developed by local authority and health and social care bodies, with rise in functional capability of an organisation. This will ensure the better upbringing ad safeguarding of a child and prevent any sort of illegal behaviour or abuse. Such measures are highly beneficial that help in better rise in satisfaction and comfort level of the patients and clients. Also, NHS includes and possess a better emergency management system that will help in better rise in functional capabilities of the organisation that will help in suitable increment in the operational capacity ad meeting of functional requirements of the organisation in a better way.

Other than this, various legal operations and policies are been utilized by local authority and the health care firm like NHS, which will help in better safeguarding and involvement of the practices in the firm. Some major legal operations that are been taken in consideration are:

  • Health And Social Care Act, 2012: It involves the better usage of measures and policies to provide the good quality health and social care services to everyone in need. This, will help in setting up of various guidelines that will help in suitable rise in capability of organisation and ensures a smooth and fair distribution of different resources that are been used in health and social care service.
  • National Health Service Act, 2006: This legal policy ensures that proper health care services, regardless to the diseases, patients and their economic background is been used to have a better share in operational and financial improvement in the firms and thus will help in suitable increasing in functioning of the operation in a better way. This will also help in suitable allocation of funding and services that I been allocated by the organisation and thus will help in better rise in functional capability of the organisation (Thompson, 2015).
  • The Community Care (Direct Payment) Act 1996: it allows the people with disabilities to receipt their community care services in order to receive money for buying their own services. It helps the individual to get a control over the services they receive and offer a greater choice fr the people with learning disability.
  • The Disability Discrimination Act 1995: it helps to prevent the discrimination against the people with disability. It prevents the denial of services and guide the services providers to make suitable adjustments so that the people with disability can use their services. Besides this, it helps the individual to take the appropriate legal actions against the discrimination. However, the major drawback it posses is that certain extent of age discrimination for children's in schools in certain cases.

The socio cultural factors also plays a very crucial role in handling of wide range of operation that will impact health and social care services. The positive ad supportive mind set of the people, health and social care and medical staff, family and friends help in suitable rise in functionality will help in suitable handling of wide range of operation that will help in better growth and implementation of services in a better way. Also, it helps the firm to meet requirements of their patients and clients.


Concept Of Challenging Behaviour.

Challenging behaviour is known as behaviours which have many challenges, it defined as culturally abnormal behaviour such as frequency, intensity and duration. It is the process which used to be called difficult and problem behaviour (Alexander Haslam, 2014). Changes in nature of parents and children's are a challenge that impact on communication and relation with the other person. For example, HL cannot talk and take help to the other person for doing their basic tasks like dressing and washing clothes. It was the biggest challenges for Mr. and Mrs. E to handle them and understand their needs and demands. HL attend day centre once in a week but after three years they live with both of them their regular driver collect straightly form their home. Thus, the another driver take HL with different rout which make them agitated. That is the reason for change in their behaviour which reflect in various ways.

Challenging behaviour involved many risks to people health, it is a functional activity that serves an intent for individual. Self-injurious, stereotyped, Non-person directed, aggressive, violence, disruption and excessive self- stimulation are the types of behaviours challenge. Each and every person in the world have different behaviour and nature which is very difficult to understand. This process will be done by communicating to the other persons that help to interpret their needs and wants. Like HL many people have constricted capacity to learn something new or different skills which make them aggressive. Individual maintained their nature but group behaviour is the biggest challenge that need more effort to understand. They have no limit to manage, this will change according to social environment and economic environment. Most of the changes should be happen when family members do not treat their children's properly and cannot give them proper attention.

According to case study HL behaviour get challenging for other peoples when they feel changes in their daily basic routine. The another things is that he couldn't talk that was the only way to communicate with family and friends which create the biggest problem for them.

Challenging Behaviour Impact On Health And Social Care Organization.

Challenging behaviour influence on health and social care institute and company which create difficulty for them during provide well-being treatments (Dixon-Woods and, 2014). Related with the case study Peter's mother was arrested in the charge for abusing their children. Tracey Connelly was an aggressive woman who hit their own child and scratches on the side of the head. Thus, after that behaviour peter was died in London, he was only 17 months old. The main reason of Tracey activity are developed in their childhood because she marries with drug user and drinker he has abusive and violent nature that make peter mother battleful. Thus, these type of people affect health care organization they harm other people as well that is very dangerous for every one. Like peter mother and HL most of individual have that type of problem that create many issues. Such as self-injurious, aggressive and mental disability patients will be very difficult to handle by HSC organizations. It is very challenging for them and the other people who are taking their health care treatments.

This thing will impact on organization entire management and their functions. It is difficult for them to manage that kind of candidates who are mentally disabled. Changes in behaviour of people affect the other persons who live nearby their houses and the place where they stay. It may caused by various kinds of factors such as biological and psychological that highly impact on other as well. Thus, according to these specific person health and social care institutes need to understand their behaviour and try to find out the reason behind it, which helps them during treatment. They need to trained their staff members for facing any situations that will be create by the aggressive and violence patients. Companies want to hire more employee's and take help to highly professionals expert that know each and everything who to make control over metal and disable individuals. That make changes in other behaviour and they also try of act like them.

Strategies For Dealing With Challenging Behaviours.

HL was the autistic man that care being carers by Mr. and Mrs. E who give their full support and understand their needs. Thus, health and social care organizations handle many people who have different behaviour and aggressive in nature that are harmful for everyone in the society. They use many strategies for working with challenging behaviour that help them for managing. Strategy is a program of activity that are planned to execute long term goal and objectives.

  • Proactive Strategy is one of the best process that use by the health and social care organization to assure that particular person got what they want and need in their daily basic routine just like HL. These institutes help them through teaching proper communication skills which help them for expressing their thoughts and ideas (Han and, 2015). The entire effort attempt to fit people with the environment instead that support them in adjusting themselves with other individuals.
  • Reactive Strategy are configured tom keep person and those around them harmless form injury. They give better way to react faster in condition where individual is anxious and distressed and more liable to show challenging behaviour. Most of the health and social care organization apply this strategy inside their function for understanding people better and make them comfortable within the environment. The aim of reactive strategy is to control over condition that create by risk with presentation of particular individual behaviour or eradicated.
  • Active Strategy are not planned for long term period and use as temporary tool. Health and social care organizations basically apply this activity to return person to proactive state where they feel normal and behave nicely to other individuals (Stokes, 2017). In HL case reactive strategy work effectively which make them able to understand their nature and make changes in their behaviour.


A) Evaluation of services for individuals with specific needs.

Individual or adults with specific needs require special treatments from society and services from healthcare organisations. Healthcare set ups need to cater these patients with extreme responsiveness and attention (Beard and Bloom, 2015). The healthcare systems has different functionaries to facilitate such patients and individuals by providing different services.

Employment: There are numerous of agencies and organisations that provide jobs to individual with disabilities. The individuals have variant options to get empowered and self dependent with the help of such organisations. There are number of technical assistance centres that provide guidance to such individuals to increase their employment skills.

Education: There are various departments that provide adequate facilities for education to such individuals. NHS has advanced guidelines regarding various aids and tools that are highly feasible and accessible to the patients with mental disorders, certain disabilities.

Recreation: Recreation centres provide increase the level of participation and confidence within such individuals. Recreation facilities like Art classes, Music therapy, Fitness club, Dance classes and many more. Recreation services helps to upscaled their psychology and positive thinking towards life.

Counselling services: These services are provided by numerous of centres to provide health advices, suggestions, motivations and other required guidance to the carer and family of the concerned person. This interactive session empowers and aware people regarding particular mental health issue.

Educational and employment services are greatly influencing the behaviour of individuals with special needs. This system developed by functionaries build high level of participation among the patients. NHS has stratified care services and free guidelines to encourage and deliver required support to the patients required specific needs. It has the facilities of support equipments to cater the individuals with disabilities. Other than this, it also provides certain transportation facilities for people with disabilities.

B) Approaches and interventions to support individual with specific needs.

Individuals or patients with specific needs required different ailments and therapies to improve their mental health. The hospitals may undergo for a different approach to tackle his condition (Brunet and, 2016). There are number of formulated approaches and interventions to support autistic patients such as different behavioural therapies.

Behavioural therapies: It specifically focuses on the activities of patients, monitor it and improve the unhealthy behaviour of concerned individual (Do and, 2015). This therapy is effective for the activities like self destruction, substance abuse, sleeping disorders.

Development intervention: It mainly emphasis on the continuous development of concerned individual physically or mentally. It involves various health check ups and assessments to get to know any type of deficiency in the body.

Cognitive behavioural therapy: It imparts it focuses on the negative behaviour of an individual and gradually increases their level of acceptance, positivity and thinking capabilities.

Rehabilitation: This therapy strengthen the internal system of the patients and restore their functional or mental abilities by implications of certain medication, exercises or therapies.

Individuals with certain physical disabilities may get depressed and can be motivated or treated by certain cognitive behavioural therapy. As in the given case, the subjected individual HL was suffering from autism, who could have been treated by proper application of CBT and related therapy by his carers in the healthcare set up.

C) Evaluation of intervention strategies for individuals with specific needs.

Many interventions have proved to be effective for the treatment of individuals with specific needs. There are number of interventions including regular speech therapy, behavioural therapy, CBT, development interventions and regular communications.

Behavioural therapy increases the stability and thinking capabilities among individuals with specific needs (Glasby, 2017). Such interventions help to regulate the disparity between thoughts, behaviour and activities of the individuals.

CBT highly focuses on the negative behaviour of the individuals and increase their social participation, engagements. The effects of CBT can be highly visible to the patients with high level of anxiety, extreme mental disorders and high level of aggression.

Rehabilitation therapy directly stimulate and activate the recovery process of patients. It directly imparts positive impact on the self esteem and increase their concentration. Apart from physical rehabilitation, Cognitive rehabilitation and psychotherapy increases the functional and reasoning abilities of the patients with autism and different mental illness.

Development therapy generally utilized or imparted on child health to reduce the existing deficiency within them (James and Jackman 2017). It is a broad concept that includes various techniques and systems to cater different patients by the application of various development models.

Rehabilitation and Cognitive behavioural therapy are the most effective. These therapies are highly dependent upon the behaviour of therapies as well as the environment of healthcare organizations.

Like in the given case, HL was extremely traumatized in the hospital where he was detained. Such situations negatively impact his mental conditions. Ineffective and unstandardised protocols to therapy may lead to negative impact on patients. The therapists have to be attentive, positive, self controlled and warm while treating such individuals.

D) Discuss the impact of emerging developments to support individual with specific needs.

Many countries have special reforms for the patients with mental illness and disorders to cater the patients with high level of care. The introduction of various legal regulations and acts such as Mental health act, Principle of convention, Human right act, The Welfare Reform Act etc. facilitates the adults or individual with special needs (Brunet and, 2016).

Emerging technologies and support system for individuals with specific needs has delivered them utmost strength and access. Different language systems and classes have strengthen the memory of autistic patients. The analytical skills of individuals can be monitored and increased by professionalized and creative system of learnings. Other than this, the other developments for such individuals high mobile software, high tech gadgets have made their life easy and sustainable (Thompson, 2015). Enhanced support from public sector like availability of ramps for disables, availability of proper signage systems have provided them the right to equality.

NHS has efficient and effective mental health facilities and services to cater such illness or for variant of psychological disorders. It has specified way of treatments and suggestions for such individuals. Its formalised structure of services has provided help to numerous of persons with specific requirements. It has provided free outlet and service guidance regarding home care, utilization of public transports and many more.


From the above report it has been clear that various therapies and acts that facilitates individuals with specific needs highly depends on the behaviour of employees. It has also suggested that various challenging behaviours can be managed by proper implication of certain proactive strategies by therapists. Apart from this, the study has also described that utmost important laws and legislative support that has catered the mental illness selects appropriate therapy to treat the patients and treatments must be focused towards the overall development of the patients.


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