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Hospitality functions and activities involves food and banquet servicers and products according to needs of customers as well capability of organization. The banquet management refers to designs of hospitality organizations for halls, restaurants, catering services and other events to meet the expectations of clients. The hospitality organization also involve food services that developed and offered according to demand of customers and geographical areas of locations. The report will examine the growth of conferences and banqueting industry of London and analyze the scope and scale of this sector in UK. For that report will consider the Lord Mayor banquet of London and discuss the caused the growth and analyze the factors that may influence the development. In the next task, report will critically assess the key strategic and operational issues involved in management of conferences and banquet. Moreover, report will evaluate the suitability of a range of food production system for event of wedding and style of food and beverages service as well as consider the menu planning consideration with limitation. At the end, report will assess the ergonomic consideration including facilities that used at hospitality event to make it successful and achieve the desired objectives that determined by top management.

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Growth of conferences and banqueting industry and scope of this sector in UK

In the current scenario, hospitality industry is growing with significant speed and contributing in GDP of UK. The use of technology and high quality infrastructure of locations has provided valuable support in development of this industry as well achievement of objectives. According to research, conference and banquet industry of UK has emerged as key element of hospitality. The major contribution in development and growth of this particular industry is travel and tourism facilities that offered by various organizations across the globe. British Association of Conferences has stated that, the business of conference and banquets have been influenced by travelling and business meetings of people which have positive impact on the growth. The facilities and services that are being offered by hospitality organization for events and special occasions are influencing the decision of target customers (Carson, 2013).

The disposable income of people has increased as they are spending large amount for such services and products. The key aspects of marketing and offers have significant impact on the growth of the industry that supporting to create awareness and increase the level of sales. The major focus of these organizations is on food and accommodation as the tourists are demanding such services. The scale and size of conference and banquet industry would be differ as small, medium and large segments that depends on capability and interest of customers with proper access of resources. According to analysis, UK is key location for conferences and planning events. The industry of UK is holding 8.9% of total conference worldwide as well having second position in top 10 nations for conference and banquets (McCabe, 2012). According to analysis of industry, it is been considered that UK conference and banquet industry has significant demand across the globe as well offering the customized services and products that influencing the decision of customers and clients. Across the UK, there are nearly 7000 venues and top brands of conference and banquets offering the services that have 64% contribution in development of this industry.

The future scope of this industry involves different sectors like restaurant, hotels, clubs, casinos and spa that have significant demand. For various events and activities the visitors and customers are booking the conference and banquet organizations (Rogers, 2013). The diversification of hospitality industry is helping to encourage the business as London is corporate hub of world people and business persons are travelling from across the world to UK. Hence, scope and demand of UK conference and banquet services is well as it offering employment and enhancing revenue for nation.

Analyze factors that have influenced its development

The UK industries nowadays have gaining a huge growth and success in the market. There are various factors that influence the development of the industries in UK but the major factors for the development of the industries are food and catering services, modern decision support system, fun, amusement and entertainment services, accommodation services, quick service facilities with the availability of every resources and latest technology like large conference rooms, digital services, etc.  The economic growth of the country depends on the rate of GDP, inflation, CPI, interest rate. Development in every sector is very necessary for the expansion and the growth of the country (Vij, 2012). The conference and banqueting sector is one that provides huge opportunities for the development. UK is the developed country which gives various opportunities for better development.

At present, culture is one of the most important factors for the development in the event management and banqueting sectors. Social culture determines the effective functioning of the country along with the industrialization. Industrialization in conference and banqueting sector gives many scopes for the sectors like hotels, clubs, restaurants, bars, casinos and caterings. There are some technological factors that have positive impact on the hospitality and development of this kind of business. The effectiveness of technology in conference and banquet is used for managing the information, developing communication and monitoring of the staff at Lord Mayor. For better controlling and decision making the technical tools have been applied by the management of Lord Mayor that supporting the process of improving performance and quality of services and products (Rozenaite, 2011). The hospitality industry mainly conference and banqueting industry is one of the fastest growing industry. There will be always a factor of misuse of information in the industry, so to avoid this it is important to utilize the resources properly and securely with the latest information security system. Development of any industry requires analysis of the strength, weakness and threat parameters that leads to the failure and success of the industry.

Additionally, the factors like taxes and trade restrictions, environmental and legal rules also have direct impact on development and planning of the conference and banquet. The consideration of issues and challenges for development will help to generate the revenue as well arrangement of resources ( 2013). The initiatives of government and events like World Cups, Olympics and political meeting have positive impact on process of development of this industry.

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A. Strategic and operational issues involved in the management of conference and banquet

For development of business and effectiveness of conferences and banquet in London, the consideration of strategic and operational issues is beneficial. The issues for Mansion house are financial, human resource, legal consideration and marketing of venue and services at workplace. The financial issues are having significant impact on development activities of conferences facilities and establishment of new equipments to encourage business. According to evaluation of business process of conferences and banquets of London like Mansion house and other hospitality organizations, it is been carried out that legal rules and regulations are shaping expansion of business and quality of services that management of these organizations are looking to offer (Jones, 2010). The legal rules like customer protection, safety and optimum charges are having significant influence on management quality of business of banquet like Mansion house.

The cancelation policies and minimum charges of booking are affecting the operational management of conferences as provision of booking before two weeks and deposit of some token amount is creating negative impact on the business of these organizations. For example, cancellation of booking within a week of event or meeting will charge the full amount of food and rooms. This kind of process and policies are having significant impact on the future planning and allocation of resources. Apart from that, strategic issues like marketing of location and facilities influencing the budget of organization. The cost of communication and offering the information about the products and services of Mansion house is increasing cost of operational activities to meet the desired goals. Lack of coordination with suppliers and activities of customer is affecting the process of working. It is very much important to lay down emphasis on various aspect related to the industry and its operations ( 2013). There are some more factors which are needed to be considered like licensing laws, hygiene regulations, pricing and packaging, discounting initiatives, health and safety at work, religious and cultural guidelines, etc. Designation of the authorities is one of the most important factors which would be reflecting an impact on the conference and banqueting sector.

B. Importance of delivering quality in conference and banquet operation and techniques that used by Mansion house

For development of business and planning of activities for meeting the expectations of customers regarding conferences and banquet services, understanding of quality and standard of maintaining the operation is essential. This industry is emerging as fastest growing sector in UK as well supporting the GDP by generating high revenue. In order to maintain and develop the quality in services, the management of Mansion house is using different tools and technologies like review of performance, collection of feedback from the clients and visitors. The performance of this industry and organization is majorly depends on facilities of setting, ventilation, ambiance and environment for organizing conference (Widjaya, 2015). The Mansion house is used as banquet services including two annual White Tie dinners that hosted by the Lord Mayor as well for events like Easter. For managing the quality, participation of human resources is important as it support in development and delivery of services according to needs of customers for conferences and meetings. The skilled human resource and prior knowledge about the utilization of other resources is essential for maintaining quality as well retaining the visitors.

The quality in delivery of services plays critical role as it increase reliability and trust of the visitors at Mansion house for utilizing it for conferences and meetings. The location and facilities support the industry as high numbers of participants in an events helps to meet the objectives. The creative approach of team efforts and use of trends in the development and delivery of services of Mansion house helping to maintain the standard in particular industry. The satisfaction with the services and the facilities being provided in the event to the participants increases the reliability of the industry in the market and attains a level of success (Korstanje, 2009). Different strategies like tie ups and the advices make the organization more effective and successful.  A satisfied client would surely recommend the hotel and its events.


A. Suitability of range of food products system and style

The hospitality organization Hilton has got order of complete the event of wedding with consideration of current trends and facilities of food and beverages. For that particular event, the management of Hilton hotel is looking to use cultural and social elements that will influence the effectiveness of food and other services. The planning of food and beverages for particular event will requires the analysis of needs of client as well food culture that a social group follows in their diets ( 2009). The range of food and beverages will involve Aubergine, eggs and onions, chopped herring as these are the traditional one, mushrooms in smetana, aubergine pate, herring salad with alcohol and soft drinks to meet the food requirements of clients. The main course meal will be include fish together with Rossel Fleish,Pepper Holishkes (stuffed peppers), Cauliflower Latkes (fried), Pompishkas ( potato puffs), Carrot Tzimmes Sliced and vegetable dishes considering the Asian food process.

In addition to this, the range of food also involve desert like rolled pastry with apple, nuts and jam date, pudding with mix noodles and fruit ice-cream. This kind of food range and menu will help to meet the expectation of visitor and influence the utilization of material. The major concern of Hilton hotel is on less waste of food and other products which is more important. For that reason, everything would be eco friendly. This kind of food range and planning of optimum utilization of existing resources will help to meet the banquet objectives as well influence the brand image of Hilton to get more order for event and food services.  It would provide a relaxed feeling to the guest with a soft music and soothing environment ( 2010). The fragrance all over would make the guest feel good and encourage them to adopt the same nature in future prospectus.  The cost of food and beverages would be around $ 2000 for whole event which will include inventory and transportation. The food must be healthy enough excluding the junk and unhealthy food.

B. Factors needs to be consider

For organizing banquet event, it is important for me as a manager to consider the following factors that will influence the planning and effectiveness. According to given scenario, I am working as a manager within hospitality organization in which an event is going to be organizing. For success and feasibility of event I would consider following factors:

Economic environment: For planning and development of banquet event, it is important to consider the economic environment of organization and local areas. By analyzing the economic situation, the decision about the prices of products and services going to be stated as well help to maintain the profitability in the business. The changes in taxes and currency exchange policies will influence the budget planning. Hence, prior consideration of economy will support to meet the client objectives.

Quality of food:

For event food services and products are playing critical role to influence visitors and brand image of organization. I would make concern over quality of food and beverage as per the demand of client and availability of raw material (Luxenberg-Eisenberg, 2013). This kind of food range and menu will help to meet the expectation of visitor and influence the utilization of material. The major concern of Hilton hotel is on less waste of food and other products which is more important.

Human resources:

The success of banquet event is majorly depends on the effectiveness in operation and understanding of human resources at workplace. For event planning and implementation, I would evaluate the needs of numbers of volunteers and supervisors who can maintain the delivery of products and services on time. For that purpose training and allocation of resources will perform on the basis of knowledge and experience of individual about the hospitality operations.

Needs and estimation of guest:

For planning and organizing the banquet event, I will consider the needs of clients about decoration, food, beverages and timing of the particular service delivery (Daniels, M. and Loveless, 2013). The scheduling of tasks and activities will help to maintain the flow and overcome the delay in services. Moreover, list of numbers of guest on particular day is required for developing the food products and services. Prior analysis and planning of guest and resources will support to meet the objectives more professional manners.

Availability of resources:

Before organizing the event and meeting the objectives, it is important to analyze the availability of required resources that have significant use in development of products and services. The planning of food and beverages, decoration and lighting for events need the resources and quality raw material which requires prior booking (Rozenaite, 2011). The checking of availability of resources helps make feasible plan for event.

C. Key menu planning consideration and limitations

For planning the menu for event following consideration would be used:

Follow up of dietary requirements:

The main consideration of food planning would be on dietary requirements of clients and guest that are invited in event. It will include fish together with Rossel Fleish,
Pepper Holishkes (stuffed peppers), Cauliflower Latkes (fried), Pompishkas (potato puffs), Carrot Tzimmes Sliced and vegetable dishes considering the Asian food process. The variety of ingredients and flavor will also been considered for developing the menu and planning the dishes in events.   

Life style and allergy concern:

The planning of food for event will requires the consideration of lifestyle of visitors and clients. The food culture and geographical conditions are been analyzed during the planning of menu (Whitfield and Webber, 2010). Additionally, inquire about the food allergies and intolerance will also be important for managing the raw material for developing the food and offering to the guests.

Sticking to budget:

The planning of food menu for event will have major concern on the budget of client as the ordering of raw material and utilization of resources would be done according to financial capabilities. The prior consideration of budget will help to develop the estimation plan for processing the dishes and use of raw material (Widjaya, 2015).


Availability of resources:

Before organizing the event and meeting the objectives, it is important to analyze the availability of required resources that have significant use in development of products and services. The process of menu planning is affected by availability of resources that are important for developing in distribution of food. The planning of food and beverages for events need the resources and quality raw material which requires prior booking. The checking of availability of resources helps make feasible plan for event.

Environmental condition:

In food processing and managing the quality, environmental conditions plays critical role as moisture, humidity and cold have direct impact on the food planning (Pantelidis, 2012). The management will have concern over this limitation for planning of food menu.


A. Ergonomic consideration for hospitality event

For the success of event of wedding following are the key ergonomic consideration that needs to be evaluated by hospitality organization:

Indoor air quality:

In banquet event, the indoor air quality is important issue for facility that has direct impact on the health of guest and productivity of volunteers. For this organization needs to focus on carpet section, ventilation and smoking privacy ( 2013).

Safety and security:

The priority of hotel management is to ensure quality of safety and security at event to protect the guest and staff members from any accident and injuries. The consideration of health and safety regulation is important for banquet management organization to meet the safety objectives.

Signs and information display:

For the success of wedding event, it is important to establish the proper sign boards and information displays for easy convinces of guest to reach the particular place. The navigation and safety signs that provided for guideline will promote the quality services provision of Hilton hotel (Vij, 2012).

Kitchen and reception areas:

For event, it is important to provide separate kitchen for processing of food to avoid smoke and dark environment at celebration areas. Moreover, reception area is also needed for greeting of guests and see-off. This kind of ergonomic consideration will influence the effectiveness.


From the above study, it is been considered that conference and banquet management are key part of emerging hospitality organization in UK. Report has provided information about the scale and scope of conference and banquet industry of London as well as analyzed the factors that may have influence over development by considering the Lord Mayor case of London for conferences. In the next task, report has assessed the strategic and operational issues in effective management of banquets. Moreover, report has proposed a hospitality event for production of food planning and beverages services as well analyzed the menu planning considerations and limitations. At the end, report has assessed ergonomic consideration for event of wedding at Hilton hotel.


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