Personal And Professional Development In HND Hospital


Personal and professional development is a process which stresses upon the overall skill development of an individual. This report is based upon HND hospital which provides healthcare facilities across UK. This report includes approaches to self-managed learning along with their benefits. Also, it comprises of ways in which lifelong learning can be done.

Evaluate approaches to self-managed learning in relation to your personal life and your workplace.

Self managed learning is a tool used by individuals to develop and manage their skills in order to carry out the activities required to be performed within the workplace (George, 2015. It is a significance tool which assists in overall skill development of a person and need to be considered by manager of HND hospital continuously.

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Some essential approaches for self managed learning are given below:-

Conferences and seminars: These form a significant approach by which individuals that are an active part of an enterprise can develop their personal and professional skills. Manager of HND hospital finds it to be an important measure by which they can enhance their current level of skills.

Internet: This is yet another important approach through which managers within an organisation cam enhance the skill quotient of themselves and their employees (Forde and et. al., 2016). By accessing internet, managers of HND hospital can learn information by way of reading data in journals, books and articles.

Social network: This tends to serve as a linking pin between the manager and employees of HND hospital. In this regard, manager of this entity can start a social media group to carry out interactions within workplace.

Evaluate the benefits of self-managed learning to the individual and organisation.

Self managed learning can be referred to as a process through which individuals as well as a business enterprise takes any kind of corrective course of action which are required for the achievement of short and long term goals and objectives of company (DiPaola and Wagner, 2018). In this regards, it has certain advantages for the employees as well as HND Hospital and these are stated below:-

Benefits for employees: Self managed learning tends to help an individual by providing them opportunities for growth and development of their skills in order to carry out the activities required to be performed at workplace. Further, it assists in effective and efficient functioning and operations of HND hospital. It is a highly flexible process which can be altered as per the workplace requirements at any point of time.

Benefits for business concerns: Self managed learning proves to be an immensely important tool for every business enterprise as it plays a significant role in reduction of costs for carrying out the operations of business (Dias and Cadime, 2016). Also, it aids managers and leaders of HND hospital to develop as well as enhance their existing levels of skills to lead the team in an effective and desirable manner. This renders a competitive and strategic edge to HND the hospital and assists in their overall business growth.

Propose ways in which lifelong learning in personal and professional contexts could be encouraged at the work place by your employer to support your future goals.

Lifelong learning is an important element of behavioural characteristics of an individual. This is a process which stresses upon continuous and perpetual enhancement of knowledge and skills of an individual which are key to achievement of their personal along with professional goals. It is a structural process which tends to vary from individual to individual as the personal and professional needs of every person are different (Carpenter and Krutka, 2015). It is a significant approach which proves to be a huge success for managers of HND hospital owing to the fact that with this assistance, they will be able to tackle the complex and difficult situations in an effective and efficient manner.

The significance of adopting lifelong learning is mentioned as follows:-

Self directed learning: This refers to an approach through which individuals combat issues related to facing any type of critical or complex situations which may hamper their working. This method tends to be feasible for the employees and managers of HND hospital in case a new change has to be propose and introduced.

Continuous professional development: This refers to a development technique through which managers and leaders of HND hospital carry out learning process. Besides this, it also assists in increasing the existing level of skills and performance efficiency of employees.

Reflect critically on own learning against original aims and objectives set in the development plan

As manager in HND hospital, my aims as well as objectives were to effectively enhance my own competence and skills against aspects under which I lacked efficiency. These factors were collaborative skills as well as time management skills. I am quite familiar with all these skills, yet, I require to develop them effectively to enhance my learning and professionally develop my personality. Such skills have a prominent role in an individual's life in both personal as well as professional facet. To effectively evaluate the same, I have set 10 points as the marking criteria for these skills. It is quite evident from the examination above that collaborative skills are needed to be enhanced. For instance, I have rated myself 6 out of 10 when it comes to collaborating with others and hence, it is required to be developed. For the same, I would be attending various courses which would help me improve the same. Another aspect which needs to be developed are the time management skills. Above, I have rated myself 7 out of 10 in respect of managing time given to tasks and carry out crucial and complex activities within due time. To improve this skill, I plan to take complex time bound activities and set up timescale for each task. Further, I would be taking training sessions to learn how to prioritise tasks on basis of their immediate nature.

Communicate in a variety of styles and appropriate manner at various levels

Communication refers to effective transferring of knowledge, ideas as well as information within a workplace. It is quite an important aspect which facilitates effective working within an organisation. Various types of communication that are used in HND are as follows:

  • Non-verbal Communication: This communication undertakes transfer and sharing of information through methods other than verbally. These can be complementing to verbal communication which could help receiver understands the message in a better manner (Ahmed and Ward, 2016). Such communication include postures, gestures, facial expressions, etc.
  • Verbal Communication: When transfer as well as exchange of ideas happen verbally, this remarks as verbal communication. Language and words play crucial role in this type of communication.

There are various styles too which are used in HND Hospital which are discussed below:

  • Controller Style: Leaders play a crucial role in this style as there is a straightforward communication which takes place by the leader to subordinates. This could be used to give them orders or in motivation (Althauser, 2015).
  • Analyser Style: A sharp and organised manner set the basis for this communication and could be used by HND Leaders get involved in acquisition of information with effective examination of facts.

Select solutions to work-based problems

There are various problems within HND hospitals which require to be dealt with in order to provide a smooth framework for the firm to function upon.

Following are two problems as well as their potential solution:

  • Communication: Within the hospital, there was a serious lack of communication which caused effective and important information to be misinterpreted. This is because there was no structure for communication (Avidov-Ungar, 2016). The solution to this problem is that, the firm must opt vertical and lateral communication techniques as well as written communication to transfer important information.
  • Motivation: Another issue which rose in the firm was lack of motivation. Employee performances were decreasing substantially and required standards of healthcare were not being met. This required the firm to find appropriate solution which could develop and enhance their performances. Thus, the firm must opt effective appraisal systems and a reward based structure to allow employees in enhancing their relationship and engage with the firm in a better manner.


On the basis of above report, it has been concluded that an individual should carry out continuous development of one's skills in order to make them compatible with the requirements of workplace. Further, it is assessed that life long learning should be encouraged within an enterprise to ensure timely achievement of goals.


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