The Developing Manager


Complexity may take place in the organization any time. Managers are proactive in nature and they find suitable solutions for improving the performance of organizations. Competencies of managers assist in managing people well at the time of changes (Dahan, Doh and Yaziji, 2010). Every business unit requires competent and qualified managers along with the leaders who can drive changes and take initiatives for the development of company. For the present report, Hilton hotel is being taken into account which is a global leader in hospitality industry and offers customers with authentic experience. Current assignment will discuss different management styles and leadership characteristic of leaders. Being a manager in the organization, own potential will be reviewed in this study. Importance of motivation in achieving the goal of company will be discussed in this report as well. Apart from that, career development plan will be created in this assignment and review of current performance will be done in this study.

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Task 1

1.1 Different management styles

Hospitality is the industry which provides services to clients and managers are responsible for increasing satisfaction level of them. The biggest competitor of Hilton is Marriott hotel as both work in the same industry and provide quality services to visitors. To achieve long term goal, it is necessary to adopt effective management style. Different management styles are described as below:

Coercive management style: It is also known as the directive style in which managers of organization make effective control over their workers. Managers of Marriott hotel gives command to their workers and force them to perform well (Jayawickrama, 2011). In this management style, it is necessary for the staff members to follow rules and regulations. People do not get much freedom, they work under heavy pressure. Sometimes due to pressure, employees feel demotivated and attrition rate gets increased in the organization. But when crisis situation occurs then directive management style supports managers in improving the situation of organization. Discipline and threats improve performance of employees and they develop new skills as well.

Active management style: It is another management style in which managers lead people from front. In this environment, employees feel comfortable as managers do not push them, they just encourage them to improve their performances (Zakarevičius and Župerkienė, 2015). Managers of Hilton hotel believe that if workers are happy and satisfied then they will stay in the cited firm for longer period. In active management style, managers focus on the quality of services and always motivate staff members to render quality services to guests.

Contingency approach: It is another type of management style which is adopted by the managers of Hilton hotel in complex situations. This style defines that managers have to behave differently in crucial circumstances as they cannot behave normal in the complex situations (Korobkina, 2014). Managers of cited firm may feel pressure because an individual is responsible to assign duties to others. People have to look upon their working performances. Managers need to have control over negative behavior of employees of Hilton hotel through job description. This can enhance the efficiency of employees and hotel can achieve its objectives significantly.

1.2 Leadership characteristic

The actions and ability of leaders to lead a team is called leadership. As Hilton and Marriott both work in the service industry, it is necessary for both of them to render quality services so that customers can get satisfied (Curtis, de Vries and Sheerin, 2011). Leader is the person who can lead and can motivate them to perform their duties well. By this way, objective of organizations can be fulfilled. Characteristics of leadership in both the hotels are discussed as below:

Autocratic leadership

It is a type of leadership which is applied by the leaders of Marriott hotel at the workplace. It is characterized by the individual control. As leaders are the people who take all decisions and do not involve employees in decision making process, they make choices as per their own choice and idea as well. Another characteristic of leaders of Marriott hotel is that they retain power and authorities. Perception of autocratic leaders of cited firm is that motivation comes by giving rewards rather than empowerment (Berggren and Söderlund, 2011). They believe that if authorities provide monitory benefits to workers then they will follow their direction and guidance. By this way, they will be motivated and would stay in the workplace for longer period.

One of the main characteristics of autocratic leaders of Marriott is that they get work done by giving punishments or issuing threats to workers. It helps them in giving better response to change which can take place in the external environment any time (Joo and Park, 2010). Apart from this, due to these leadership characteristics, leaders complete their tasks quickly.

Democratic leadership

It is the style which is adopted by leaders of Hilton hotel. Main characteristic of democratic leaders of cited firm is the distribution of responsibilities. Leaders of the hotel lead people democratically and they distribute duties among all workers. They involve them in the decision making process so that workers would feel involved at the workplace. Empowerment is another characteristic of Hilton hotel's leaders. They give power to staff members so that staff members would contribute well in achieving the goal of company (Budhwar and Debrah, 2013). It includes giving necessary training and education which can help in completing the tasks with efficiency.

Laissez-Fair leadership

It is another leadership style which is adopted by the leaders of organizations in which they believe in the capabilities of workers and give very little guidance to them. Characteristic of this leadership is that leaders provide necessary resources and tools to employees so that they can perform their work effectively (Renz, 2016). Power is in the hands of followers but final decision is made by the leaders of entity only.

1.3 Communication process in Hilton and Marriott

It is necessary in the organization that to have prominent communications process. Sharing of information in all level in effective manner is very important. The objective of the firm is to send message in appropriate manner so that actual meaning of it understand by the receiver.

Communication process of Hilton hotel

Hilton hotel has up-down communication process in which higher authorities send information to staff members and employees can revert back. In the Hilton manager adopts verbal and written communication method.

In the Hilton hotel managers conduct a meeting with staff members and they put their point of view in front of workers. In the official meeting authorities of cited firm ask point of view of employees as well, people suggest way through which working efficiency can get improved more (Racelis, 2013). They both coordinate with each other effectively and finally reach o a conclusion. In the verbal communication process right meaning of information reach to others, misunderstandings do no take place. If any person has confusion then they can directly ask to higher authorities of Hilton Hotel.

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Hilton also has written communication process in which small modifications regarding team structure and work load, new updates etc. are communicated via email. In the mail managers give all necessary detail about the modification so that no confusion takes place (Curtis and de Vries, 2011). If people have any thought then they can revert back to the mail and can resolve their quarries.

Communication process of Marriott hotel

Marriott hotel is the biggest competitor of Hilton, they also make use of similar communication process in which all the elements like sender, receiver, message, etc. take place. Cited firm make sure that all the issues that are faced by workers are identified that proper steps are taken to overcome them (Du Toit, Cook and Brian, 2010). More specifically, management of Marriott hotel make use of few flow communication process in which employees of the firm has the right to interact with any workers. This is highly effective as it saves time and reduces confusion. When compared with any other communication process, then it includes issues related with consumption of time and also increase rate of confusion. Further, it raises the rate of coordination and with effective communication, the relationships among employer and employees are strong (Idris, 2014). This way workers are able to put on their full efforts in achieving the organizational goals and objectives.

1.4 Analyse organisational culture and change in selected businesses

Organisational culture define values and importance of organisation that contribute to the social ans psychological condition of an entity. Word define culture of any organisation like school, colleges, hospital, non profit organisation and many more. It include values and principal of employees and it also consist history, goods, market conditions, ideas, types of department and management programme. An organisational culture of a particular company is difficult to identify because it consists lots of things but if it becomes easier then its possible to be measure. A strong developing culture of Marriott hotel derive high employee motivation, trust, faith and loyalty. It increased team work under the Marriott hotel's various departments and projects. Also shaping officers behaviour at job for becoming organisation more efficient. A healthy organisational culture of Marriott hotel increase productivity, provide better opportunity of growth, team work, efficiency and reduce uncertainties or contingencies.

When a company doesn't create a healthy culture environment then it needs to change it. Change in culture may be compulsory for an organisation to make following changes:

Company's management- At Marriott hotel this change boost up its profit level and improve management also.

Provide better costumer services- If Marriott hotel make changes in costumer services results, it attract costumer and increase sale of the product

Achieve its goals and objectives- For achieving its goals and objectives Marriott hotel needs a change in its culture.

Make improvement in human behaviour regarding businesses- This change improve behaviour of employees of Marriott hotel.

Make changes in company's standards- Through this change Marriott hotel increase its efficiency and production as well.

Some changes in technology- Technology of Marriott hotel needs to modify for a better production level.

Innovative ideas- These ideas leads Marriott hotel in a profitable situation.

Technical knowledge- As a HR manager of Marriott hotel if I have these skill surely I collect more information related to technology.

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Task 2

2.1) Lead and motivate a team to achieve an agreed goal or objective

Goals give employees a framework for excelling in the work place, but some staff members may need assistance in achieving the goals. In relation to performing in a team individual commitment is highly important. In encouraging commitment, it is highly important that appropriate leadership style must be used to motivate its employees in achieving the objectives of the company . A team is basically a collection of individuals that possess a set of skills that complement each other (Gelbard and Carmeli, 2009). It is very important to monitor and control a team so that it can deliver the required level of performance and any deviation from the actual level of performance can be meet out. Jamie's oliver restaurant in covent garden , UK is one of the famous restaurant. The manager of the restaurant wants to fulfil the desired goals and objectives so that the restaurant can become number one. The manager of team should ensures that the work is equally divided in all team members. The manager has the following roles :

  • The manager should lead and motivate its team members. It shows the managerial ability of the team leader. The manager of restaurant should focuses on to lead its team members in such a way that it can provide its services to customers on time.
  • The communication process in the team should be strong. Demands of customers should be timely conveyed to chef so that their orders can be completed on time.
  • The manager should create a supportive work environment (Blades, Fauth and Gibb, 2012).
  • Proper training facilities should be organised for the team mates so that the can excel in customer services.
  • Pair up employees to reach the goals and objectives of restaurant.
  • The manager should use set own goals and objectives both for company and its team mates.

2.2) managerial decisions for achievement of goals and objectives of an organization

Role of manager is very vital in any organization to meet its business objectives. Manager is responsible for creating dedication towards work among its team mates. Proper communication between the workers and management helps in forming better decisions. At jamie's oliver restaurant, manager aims to provide better customer services. Managerial decisions are those decisions which are taken by manager to achieve the goals and objectives of organization. The managerial decisions through which objectives of Jamie's olive restaurant can be attained are as follows:

  • the manager of the team should motivate its employees to give their best to the work. managers should ensure that quality food has been served by restaurant to its customers.
  • Chef should also ensure to have proper and effective communication regarding orders of customers so that the demands of customers can be fulfilled at time (Cassidy, 2006).
  • Manager should ensure that Quality and hygienic food should be served to customers so that they can visit for the next time too.
  • Manager should timely appraise its employees so that they can be motivated to perform better.
  • Managers should ensure that proper training to chef has been given so that food and beverages prepared by chef is of quality nature.
  • Proper strategic planning should be framed by manager to ensure timely accomplishment of objectives.

Recommendation for improvements

  • Manager should establish proper food production system in which healthy and hygienic food is processed.
  • Chef should adopt cook chill food system which involves a system which is simple, controlled system of advanced food prepared designed to provide more flexibility in food service.
  • The manager should ensure that food quality and nutritional value , flavour and appearance (Forsyth, 2006).
  • Manager should also ensure that department of health guidelines on temperature are also followed.


From this report, it can be concluded that marketing plays vital role in making people understand about the type of products and services that are delivered by the firm. Further, leaders are important in order to make sure that all the roles and responsibilities that has to be followed by workers are performed effectively and efficiently. One should know about the type of skills and capabilities that they possess. As per the areas in which they lack, proper plan should be so that the area can be developed. Further, management should monitor their workers in order to identify the issues that are faced by them. Accordingly, proper steps should be taken with the help of which issues can be solved.

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