BUS3001- Project Quality Management - Level 6


 Quality management would be including that process which is helping us to ensure quality and standards into the project like that of its design and implementing of the project. This is important as this would be having all effective and efficient aspects of projects so that the purpose and aim of project is completed that too with maintaining quality standards. In this current assignment we would be including various project management documents like that of risk management or procurement. Furthermore, we would be involving and identifying the value and impact of IS project management related issues.

Main Body

2.1 Explaining the key threats to improve quality in IS projects.

IS projects is the printmaking and books arts studio which is located into the city of Florida and is the public sector studio. They would also be providing various other services which are related to fine art gallery and printmaking or fine arts as they are having projects that would be having standards of quality management (Tonchia, 2018). If IS projects wants to maintain quality by ensuring success of projects that they are undertaking then they must be knowing what are the various threats and factors of success of that projects.

These factors that would be ensuring how project which is undertaken should be completed then they are to know how could they do this. Thus, by this they could make sure that no threats which might be not letting project in good and effective way to complete. There are some risk that are been associated with not having or allowing the quality management system to do better. It is important to identify  what are the factors that would be taken up as the challenges while planning or executing project development plan like related to cost, time or resources.

Time, cost and quality-

All these three factors are the major and most important one as factors like that of time or cost would be included or ensuring that project could be successfully completed. The challenges which company would be facing in organizations especially those like that of construction or other industries having long way process to complete the tasks. They should be first setting up the objective of firm and then trying to work according to that only so that their goal could be achieved on timely bases (Pheng, 2018). Cost is that factor which must be kept always in control so that it is not creating any issue or challenge in initiating or closing of that plan.


This also could be defined to as second most important factors which includes elements like that of human, capital and other things related to raw materials or tools and techniques used to initiate and close down the project. They are the tools or elements that are used to complete the project in the best possible way but company must be ensuring the success of what they have undertaken.


If the company is following the old age techniques or traditional one then they could never achieve what they want to that too in given time frame. So it is necessary to use and apply modern and new techniques like that of various software or project management plans so that they could ensure quality with timely completion.

Legal and environmental-

An association should manage law and enactment while setting out on a venture (JOSEPH. PHILLIPS, CBAP and PMP,  2018). Task work regularly includes working abroad and dependably incorporates the utilization of agreements. The association should in this way figure out which legitimate framework they will utilize for their task, on the off chance that they are working abroad. There will likewise be industry-particular enactment that must be taken after. A task does not exist in a vacuum; keeping in mind the end goal to convey fruitful activities an association must know about those elements (both inside and outside) that will affect the venture. For whatever length of time that an association is completely mindful of these difficulties and manages them suitably, they can without much of a stretch be overcome. The advantages of utilizing venture administration, by a wide margin, exceeds the difficulties. Through task administration you can apply an organized system which would then be able to be connected to ventures over an association (Heldman, 2018). Utilizing a repeatable structure will guarantee that staff associated with your association's ventures will have an unmistakable comprehension of the parts and obligations included, along these lines expanding the odds of undertaking achievement.

2.2 Identify and assess the value and impact of IS projects management related legal issues and ethnic cultural difference whilst working globally.

There are many companies of world that are operating on global level so it is common thing that they would be facing various issues that could be related to anything. But majorly there two difficulties which are problem related to legal and that of cultural difference.  Global project would be known to as taking our company on international level or dealing with outside their own country by different ways (Managing global projects, 2018). Company which are having their operations and working in more than one country would be suffering from legal and cultural issues. Like they need to have knowledge about issues or rules and legal regulations so that they are not facing any kind of problem within that country. Cultural issue would be that related to all working staff of company that are form different background and lifestyle so it is normal that they are having clashes on ideology or thinking.

Social Challenges

Presently for maybe the most evident hindrance related with worldwide undertakings: social contrasts. For local undertakings, it isn't even an issue in light of the fact that everybody is on the same social page. Notwithstanding, when a board room is loaded with experts from everywhere throughout the world, things turn out to be distinctly more convoluted. The way somebody dresses, the tone of his or her voice, and even the emphasis one places on a specific syllable can mean particular things. Moreover, sex parts, ethnicity, and class go up against various levels of essentialness crosswise over locales. A venture supervisor could accidentally harm a key relationship or misjudge an imperative mandate in the event that he or she has not set aside the opportunity to ponder the customs and standards of his or her worldwide business accomplices.

Lawful Challenges

With couple of special cases, each nation has its own business laws, and a few nations, to be perfectly honest, are more business-accommodating than others (Cultural differences in projects, 2018). Outstanding business laws that influence worldwide undertaking chiefs incorporate the accompanying:

  • Protected innovation rights
  • Contract issues
  • Promoting and publicizing directions
  • Ecological gauges
  • Neighbourhood procuring rehearses.

While working in less-created areas, venture directors may likewise wind up managing an alternate lawful issue: disorder. Districts with less political steadiness may bear visit changes of initiative, implying that the proven laws that numerous experts consider a given may never again be a factor or ready to be depended upon. In these cases, the dangers increment, as do the odds for defilement and much peril. Whichever atmosphere an undertaking works inside, the worldwide venture director's capacity to explore the entangled web of controls might just decide a definitive achievement or disappointment of the task.

All these factors that are defined into the above paragraphs would surely be affecting the quality of project that they are making and formulating  (Dawes, Subramoney and Groom,  2018). These are having impact on the working and performance of people who are there which ultimately is affecting which quality of product or project that they are making. Cost would also be increased on this part as the people or workers would be wasting more raw materials and resources for this the company showed be taking actions.

2.3 Discuss project closing process and outputs and how they are used on IS projects.

Project life cycle would be defined to as that whole process including the steps that are taken to complete and finish the project that is been assigned to company. This is involving all resources, time, cost, people, project documents like that of PM plan, PM quality management plan, risk management and procurement plan etc.,

Project management plan-

This would be including various steps that are need to complete or close down the project that too with ensuring quality of that projects (Tonchia, 2018). There are steps like that of initiating, planning, execution and termination phase which are there.

Initiating- at this stage they need to identify what they need to do or what is the idea about the plan and working of that plan, what all resource that are available to us could be used. Mainly problem if any need to be identified in this.

Planning- this needs to be done the manager who is responsible for maintaining quality and lowering down the cost. All mission or vision of project must be considered before planning about and budgeting is the main element of this.

Execution- this step involve actual running or performing the task which have been planned out beforehand. Thus, this becomes the most important task for the managers to include all things like budget, resource and people and work with collaboration with all of them (Michener, 2018).

Closing- this is the termination or close down of the projects thus giving us the matter or element that would be used to summarise the project. This part would also be including controlling and monitoring stages which means that if there are any issues or wasting of resources are been taking place then they should control their work (Project closing, 2018). This also include process of closing including the following steps.

Conduct review meeting- this would be including meeting with all employees so that they could help management in identifying and correcting the things that are uncontrollable.

Documents lesson- including all lessons or learning that all teammates have learnt during the project management process or planning of it.

Update organisation process assets- to look up that whether all objectives and aim of project is attained or not and to evaluate on the bases of quality and budget of project to do the work as per deadline.

Release project resources- at the end they would be releasing what was actually done within the project in written form.

At the time when they are conducting their project management or plan they need to have or fill up certain documents that are called to as project management documents like that of PM Plan, PM quality management plan and Risk management.

PM Plan- this is the documentation which contain all steps that are necessary to conduct or planned out so that  nothing important could be left out and unnecessary things are not been included into.

PM quality management plan- this plan is that which is considering what all things or parts should be included within maintaining quality and standards of project which is on process or upcoming (Egerton, Atkins and Pirotta, 2018). This is the acceptable limit of quality that is typical or utmost important to maintained by company or employees while initiating project.

Risk management plan- this would be including all documents that are related to unforeseen risk and estimates of those risk that how much loss do they could cause for the company. This would be including all uncertain events like that of fire, theft or any type of accidents that are having equal risk of occurring but are not decided that when actually they would occur.


Towards the end it was made clear that if any company wants to make their presence in global level then they must be having knowledge of all rules which are related to legal requirements of that country and also about the cultural issues which would be faced by them. So they must be planning according to this and try to maintain their standards of quality which supposed to be better than the others in market. There are various documentation which need to be completed if they need to finish their task or project that they have undertaken on timely bases.


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